Tuesday, March 29, 2016

A Matter of a Few Degrees


It's Elder Frame!

So, it's been a super great week!

One of my favorite people got baptized on Saturday!  In Visalia Jose Luis Hernandez and his wife Miriam were married and baptized!  It was AMAZING!  I have so many great memories with that man! He's been in contact with missionaries for 10 years!  It's a long story but in short, he changed A LOT and he's one of the strongest members of the church that I know of now!  Their baptism and wedding were one of the best memories I have in this life now.  Quoting Preach my Gospel "this is the most satisfying work that [I have] ever participated in." To top it all off Jose Luis told us that he and his family will be sealed for time and all eternity next year on the 26th of March so we'd better come back! It will be my pleasure. The blessings that come from missionary work are just the best.

We also had a super awesome training on Thursday about a matter of a few degrees and Alma 37:6 "...by small and simple things are great things brought to pass....."  It's the small things in our lives that will make or break them. President Uchtdorf's talk A Matter of a Few Degrees given a while back was a huge part of the teaching also.  Prayers said on a daily basis, scriptures studied, a kind word spoken are but a few small things that can be done to correct our course to put us on the straight and narrow path that leads to eternal life.  Every single thing we do in our days either invites or doesn't invite the spirit.  The small things add up quickly and if we don't make sure the adding us positive we could be in for a lot of trials.  So the invitation to us as missionaries was "will you correct your course by changing the small things you do every day?"  We committed to it and it's something we've all committed to do by being baptized.  Continual progression and improvement is what we promised to do to become more like our Savior.  Will you commit to correct your course by the small things?  Put yourself on the path just those last few degrees?  It's going to be hard.  The spirit will be honest with you and it might be things you love.  But if you do it, I promise you you'll see a new light in your lives.  You'll feel God's presence in your life more.  You will develop charity and love.

Love you all.

Elder Frame

So awesome!

Great member we knew!

Almost selfie with Sister Clark.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016


 How is everybody?  (Not a hypothetical question. You should really let me know.)

So it's been a great week here in the California Fresno Mission in the Kerman ward and branch!  I love it so much!  Great members!  Great investigators!  Great area!  I'm really enjoying just working!  

That's something that's been on my mind lately.  As thoughts have been on home with Madi arriving and the date of my release looming in the not too far distant future I've thought about work.  Why work? The thing I've learned on my mission and that I've come to know is that by work we are converted. We have to put our faith into action to have any type of converting experiences.  If we don't act or do, or in other words work, we don't have any converting experiences and leave the way open for Satan to enter in.  Idleness is the devil's playground is a true statement.  We choose what we are through what we do.  If we don't choose ourselves, than Lucifer has more than a couple of appetizing suggestions for us.  So what do we do?  We work!  We work on reading our scriptures because we know therein lies protection.  We work on our prayers because those who pray "come off conqueror."  We work on our attendance at church (being there physically, mentally and spiritually) because we know we are nothing without the sacred bond we share with Christ created through covenants.  We work on serving others because we know that by emulating The Master to the best of our ability, we will eventually become like Him.  These are only a few, but big, things we do to become converted. They are things that I've learned to do better than ever out here on my mission.  I promise you that as you do(work on) those things willingly and with an open heart that you will become who God wants you to become. You will have God's presence in your life more.  You will love who you are and what you are becoming. You will be (quoting Brother Parry my old Sunday school teacher) "bigger and badder than you ever have been before."  You just gotta work.

There's my little shpeel for the week.  I hope you felt the spirit reading it.

I love my mission.  I love who I am and who I am becoming each day.  I hope and pray you do too.

Elder Frame

We went to Yosemite National Park!  It was AWESOME!  So many friends and great memories to be had!

I got spilled on by our member’s daughter haha. It's all good though, I still have 4 other long sleeve shirts to use.

Sunday, March 20, 2016

The Ultimate Ending to 1.5

Well, I can say that I have been putting this blog post off for a while now. It has been QUITE the adjustment coming to the United States of America. I love my country so much but you better bet... I LOVE PERU. But, its normal for a missionary to say that about where they served. But until you have done it, and came back... It is a real thing.
But as for this post I wanted to end with a bang and show you how our last week in the mission was, and all the emotions and craziness as I have been able to come back.
Well, lets just say the last week was very up and down. I was so excited to come home and actually be able to see my family in the flesh, but at the same time my heart was being ripped out... As I would walk out of lessons, say goodbye to members and investigators I had to hold back many tears. My companion and I had a great time though. To do it together was probably the best thing that could have happened. We both could talk and get through it together... It was different at times because she would be excited and I would be sad, and I would be excited and she would be trying to cope with the fact of going back. But WE DID IT. We did it people. And here it is in action.
This is us in a family home evening that we had with our pension and their family. It was SO hard because we became very close to them in our few transfers there in Puno.
My last division that I did with Hermana Ganan! She is an incredible missionary... In this picture you can see we are holding a ball of thread. Well, we sat there for 2 hours for a service project unraveleing an old sweater so that the mom could then crochet a new one. Oh the things that I thought were so monotonous but really were useful in peru! We had fun!

Hermana Miceli, and Hermana Tirrell threw a going away breakfast for all of us "dying" missionaries. It was an awesome breakfast but hard because we knew our district would be changing soon. 3 of us... my compaion, Elder Lundell and I were going home. But I will never forget the bond we shared, the unity we had, and ALL the fun we had together in Puno:)

This girl though. I mean look at her... My cute white peruvian missionary. And yes those shoes and the apron are classic peruvian accessories.
Two of my really good friends in the mission. And this picture explains why.
As a team, the elders and us as sister missionaries worked a lot to help Martha get baptized. It required many visits from the both of us, and encouragement from the ward to get her here. But finally...... finally the saturday before we left she was baptized! Yay!!! 
But an amazing experience that we had that day was one I will never forget... We packed and cleaned all day the saturday before we left but we had 1 lesson, our last lesson. She was a reference from a returned missionary in the other stake in puno. We ended up going with a member, and teaching a simple and powerful lesson and invited her to the baptism of Marta and she said she would come! Like what??? Awesome! So she ended up coming and it was one of those "end your mission, realize your leaving moments", and I wanted so bad to just stay and keep helping in the work here. Help her on her journey to konwing our savior and just to see her, barely beginning to understand, to feel the spirit, and to see the members fellowship her brought tears to my eyes because I seen all the people I was able to meet, and introduce the gospel to... and it was my last day it was a rough but precious moment for me.
And then... the day we left. It was a hard but wonderful day. We ended up leaving sunday in the morning right after the first hour. But it was pretty hard because the ward had no clue we were leaving and it was like a bomb that the bishop threw when he said that it was our last day, and that we were leaving right then... it was a day of many tears, and hard to say goodbyes, but such a peaceful feeling knowing that the ward loved us and appreciated everything that had happened in the last 3 months. Each family that we came to know, all the members in general. It was hard... but we ended up taking pictures and saying our last goodbyes at the church. It was a special day for me.
And then... we loaded up the car, said goodbye to the bishop and his family and got into the taxi and for the last time I had to say goodbye to the last peruvian church I would attend, in the last sacrament meeting that was all in spanish, and all the wonderful people that I so dearly loved.
We took our last picture with Lake Titikaka, waved goodbye and tried not to freak out on the way to the terminal. Yes, you better bet we were somber on the ride there. It was the moment I just wanted to soak it all in, and not forget anything from our Puno.

And, once we got there, all of the missionaries from our zone and our pension with her family came to say goodbye. We exchanged cards and photos, hugged, cried and just tried having every last second we could. In a mission, you develop relationships not only with the people but even more, the missionaries you serve with. They become your family, a bond that goes far beyond the mission. As we got on the bus it was a rollercoaster of excitement and sadness. We just couldnt stop looking out the window until we couldnt see them anymore. I teared up again, but then a peaceful feeling came over me... It was Heavenly Father telling me that yes, I would see them again. Even if it was in a really long time. 

We ended up arriving in Cusco after a 9 hour bus ride at around 8 at night. At this point we still had monday and tuesday to be in cusco until our flight home. So, on monday we had personal interviews with president, and a little bit of paperwork to do. But, it was pday for everyone and that day was changes. It was crazy to see so many in the office and then I was able to meet up with my daughter and my grandaghter as well as my beloved Hermana Hansen. It was so sureal to be there, having to say goodbye. I couldnt cry at this point. I was becoming super numb to everything... But oh so happy to see them right before I left. It had been a long time since I did see them and it was such a blessing to catch up, and to say our last goodbyes.

I also got to see Hermana Minaya and she just cried and cried. Oh how my heart was breaking in two. How was I going to leave some of my best friends clear in Peru and I was going to the states. So unfair at this point. I wanted to stay, to be with the sisters, to talk with them about the work, love them, serve them, continuee encouraging them... It was easier than I thought but now that I am home I miss them 10x more than I ever thought.
At about 4 or 5 we made our way to Presidents house to have a final dinner and testimony meeting. It was beautiful. I was with so many that I loved, ending the mission, but even more we were able to really see and feel the difference it had been since we stepped foot into the mission. We shared our powerful experiences and testimonies, and just as president said it is his favorite meeting every six weeks for him. And amen to that. I cried and laughed, felt pure joy and accomplishment, but remembering all that we had been through... President spoke to us, advising us and leaving his last and final testimony. It was one of the most spiritual nights of my life. In that moment I could understand and feel all that I had went through was all for a reason. I knew that the Lord had been there through it all, and that it is HIS work. It was such a validating feeling. 

And, our last day together... I will miss this girl.

Some of my best friends. They will forever hold a special place in my heart. And yes, Hermana Campoverde will kill me for putting this picture on. 

This is all of us that ended together. It was an incredible night. President and Hermana Harbertson will always be like 2nd parents to me. They have taught me so much, and have truly given their lives to the Lord. To cross paths with them has been such a blessing and forever will be as I continue moving forward.
The next morning, Tuesday morning, they made us listen to a training about getting married, finding a job, and basically being normal when we get home. I was so distracted the whole time as I was now thinking about how close I was to coming home... But yes: I have it down. Get back, go and study, date, get married, and be happy. It was definitely straight forward. 

This is us in the office playing the waiting game... waiting until they would pack all our bags into the car and arrive at the airport.
And then we arrived... And it all started happening... You could see it in our faces. We realized we were leaving cusco. But, we took pictures, and chatted with President and his wife. And then the moment came.

We shook their hands and then started to walk to the security. There were all the elders from the office and the assistants. They all made a line and I was able to shake all of their hands as they said thank you. Thank you for the service that we had given. But as they were shaking our hands I just felt like a band aid was being ripped off, I was being forced out of a country that I love, I was starting a new journey when I didn't want to. But I smiled with tears in my eyes, knowing I would miss each one of them.... as they all represented all the missionaries I had met my whole mission. But I got through it. I got through security and the journey of returning home began... 
Us in the airport getting ready to go to dallas!

1.5 hours to Lima
7 hours to Dallas Texas
3 hours to Utah.

Let me just tell you. I tried sleeping. I couldn't. I was thinking of everything I was leaving behind. The people, the food, the culture, and most of all the missionary work. But yet, I was so antsy to see those that I had not seen in a year and a half! I couldn't believe it was actually here. Every missionary thinks about that moment. And when I was in that moment. It was something I could never had imagined.But every second was worth it. 
I walked off the last plane with my heart almost coming out of my chest. I walked through the terminal with one of the elders from my mission and I turned to him and said... You ready? He then asked if I was and I said YES LETS GO! I have waited so stinking long! I couldn't get to the escalator fast enough at this point. And as I got to the top of it.... I saw my mom crouched down with the two littles and I was overwhelmed with happiness. I began to run as I got off the escalator, and just the feeling of being there again.... In the Salt Lake airport with my parents, my siblings and my grandparents felt like it was a few weeks ago that I said goodbye. It was an incredible feeling that is unexplainable, only one can experience it. 

I loved every second. It was so amazing, and wonderful. It was so precious to hug my mom for the first time in a while, see the tears in my Dads eyes, as Taft is running to me to say hi even though I was like a brand new sister, and just to physically be there, content and happy with people that I care about, I love, and have loved for my whole life.

The whole crew waiting as my flight was delayed about 20 minutes... The littles were a little anxious... and ready to leave even before I got there haha!

Seeing the house again was like I never left... The same with a few welcome home treats. My cute mom.... I sure did miss her!

And... the homecoming last Sunday. It was craziness! But I loved every second. Seeing friends that I haven't seen for 3 years, and those that supported me the whole time I was out, to old companions and leaders in my mission and their families, to a ward family and extended family. It is such an incredible day full of so many emotions. I know some of you are reading this now and I want to thank you for being there. No matter if it was one email or 100 that you sent. Whether it was a package sent, or a recording that I received. From paying for preparations before my mission to encouraging me before, during and now after. My heart is full. I cant thank you all enough. It was the best 18 months of my life, and even though now it feels like a dream it will always be real. It happened, and it changed my life. So, thank you for helping me along the way, and to finish a work that the Lord needed me to finish. 
I am going through a really weird time right now adjusting... I wont lie. But it is because the mission impacted me in a way that yes, it was, and still is hard to have left. I am trying to fit my new me into the same place I left. I am not completely different, but there is so much I have learned. The Lord loves His missionaries, and even though I am not on a mission physically, it is all okay. the Lord is mindful of me. 
To end, I would like to share my testimony of missionary work. It is the way we find true joy. Whether you do it on a full time misison, as a young full time missionary, as a senior companionship, in the walls of your own home, or at work... You are a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints. We work together to help the work of the Lord keep moving forward. It will always bring hope. It will bring pure happiness. And I am a fan of being happy.
I love my mission. I love that it was hard. I love that I got to serve in Cusco Peru. I loved every second.
Thank you for sharing in my journey.
And if you are really feeling up to it... Here is my homecoming talk.

*copy and paste this into a new window, click on the tab mp3 and then dowload the talk and wabam! You can listen to it!

But after everything has happened... Yes there is still a hole. I miss you my brother but you are right where you are supposed to be. I missed you in every moment these last few weeks but these last 6 months will be the best months ever. Give it everything and we will go through all this craziness soon. It wont be two out in the field any more but its your turn to finish strong. I love you Jackson, Elder Frame.