Monday, February 29, 2016


Kerman!  My new home!  And what a great home it is!  I love it!  So much potential!  It's close to Fresno too!  I wonder if I'll ever actually serve in Fresno....  I love this place though!  It's great!  We've already got many investigators in the oven cooking and some are really getting ready to pop out!  This is such a fertile field and now that I've actually learned all the essential lessons I can really apply myself and help my new companion get to know the mission little more!

So yeah my new comp is from Bolivia!  He's a saint.  The only member in his family, he's been called English speaking, he's having a super hard time learning it, he is a WORKHORSE, super dedicated.  I LOVE HIM!  Oh yeah. He's also like 5'4''.  I don't know what it is but Latino people are generally shorter.... Fine by me!  I like feeling tall!  Haha!


Elder Frame


Saying good bye!  Visalia

The Last.

 One of the missionaries thought it was funny to write in the front of my planner... THE LAST. Meaning the last transfer. Haha NOT FUNNY. AS a missionary we start with many different crazy emotions, and I believe it is the same when we end. It is the end, but another beginning.

This last week I have been thinking a lot which is not abnormal for me, but especially because this part of my life is coming to a close. I won’t stop living the gospel but I do have to physically come home... Leave Peru. I just want to cry typing that. But I have come to LOVE my mission. Every bit of it. The Lord knows that I needed to come here specifically to Peru.

 I learned something very interesting in Macchu Picchu about the people that lived there. They did not believe in luck, AT ALL. They knew that everything happens for a reason. I can say that I know everything happens for a reason. I know that at this time the Lord called me to Cusco Peru, specifically to work in Quillabamba, Abancay, and Puno for a reason.

 I know that in life no matter if is hard, easy, sad, happy, a failure, a success, there is always a reason. I know that from September 2014 to March 2016 were the exact dates I needed to be here. I was meant to have all the companions I had, the leaders that were there with me, and my mission president who has been an incredible strength to me here in the mission. I know that God allowed me to find HIs children, help them know o of His plan, and in return change my life for the better.
Many come to a point in their mission that they feel like they havent changed. We have a fear that we will come back the same. As I came to that point a little while ago I figured out that I have changed. I understand that I cannot become perfect in an 18 month period, and more than anything I can see the potential God has for me. I have been able to reach many goals through my Heavenly Father, and many are in progress, but it is life right? I feel closer to my savior, I have learned that charity is everything, and that learning and living the gospel is the only thing that brings TRUE happiness.

 Elder Holland told us last week that the mission is the closest thing to REAL LIFE.  I know it is. Everything I have gone through here has made me recognize that dedicating my life to the Lord is the way to a REAL LIFE. There is nothing fake about it.

As it is the last email I will send before I get back, I feel that as my family and friends... You need to know that I have a testimony. A burning testimony that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is THE ONLY church that has the fullness of the gospel on the earth today. We can make our way back to our Heavenly Father by following HIS plan. I know that Christ is the key. We can make it back to His presence because He was sent for a purpose. With love, He gave His life to not only save me but to save everyone. I know that God loves us and that He appeared with His son Jesus Christ to the young Joseph Smith you helped restore the gospel once again on the earth so that we can prepare for the 2nd coming. I know that sharing the gospel, no matter what age, what person, plack or no plack, that it brings the greatest joy. Because it is ALL true. The message I have shared for 18 months is what brings true joy. It is as President Holland said. The most important work in the universe.... is missionary work. I am so happy to be here and to be at this point. I know that I have given everything and that the Lord is happy.

Well, thank you all for all you have done in these 18 months, before, and now it is time for after. I love you and can’t wait to see you all!

For those who don’t know I will return on the 9th of March exactly 18 months from when I left on September 9th. 

I will see you all soon! Much love!

Hermana Frame

We had a fun time with the activity we had on Saturday! We had a lot of less actives and investigators come!

President and sister Harbertson went with us for a day in Puno to visit and it was SO amazing. They brought such a special spirit!

Me sporting the chicken look here in Puno!

Us as missionaries in the ward Inca Pachacutec with our missionary leader Danny!

Monday, February 22, 2016

Pictures are worth a thousand words.....

Sorry, I kinda sent just a billion pictures this week.  I'm getting transferred and I want to make sure I get every pic from everybody I can because I loved loved loved loved loved this area.  It taught me the most significant lessons I've learned on my mission.  Lessons like exact obedience, charity, love, faith will never be forgotten.  I feel like I've developed the strongest testimony I've ever had here in this area.  The reason is because I've worked hard here.  Putting yourself in situations that convert you is what converts you.  Sometimes not seeing fruit from my work was never easy.  I was shaped by it though and who knows what impact I've had on the people here.  The thing I do know is that I'm going to be leaving a part of me behind here.  The people here are so receptive and loving.  I felt instantaneously welcomed and as easy as it was to settled in, it's twice as hard to let go now.  I know that I'm needed elsewhere but it doesn't make it any easier leaving here.  I'm rip roarin and ready for some new adventures in Kerman California though!  With another native companion!  Whooooo!

I love you all.  The church is true.  I LOVE my mission.

Elder Frame

making crepes

Saying good bye!


He literally told me I have a great smile. I think he said “beautiful” smile…. Haha!!!! When he called us all up to shake his hands I was smiling. And I told him where I was from and my name and he commented on my smile. I was on cloud nine!

 And we sat front row. You know when he gets powerful when he talks… Wow try being right there in front, one step away from Elder Holland. IT WAS INCREDIBLE! He talked about SO many things I wish I could write it all down. But a lot was about the missionary work and the joy it is to be here, and what a PRIVILEDGE it is. AMEN. I was bawling at that point. Yes, he pounded the pulpit, he cried, he loved, he did everything Elder Holland would do. It was a once in a life time experience. AND TO TOP IT ALL OFF. He cried during our musical arrangement. I was so happy. It all seems like a dream now. But he answered so many questions to what I need right now.

Today I just want to tell everyone something that Hermana Harbertson told us at concilio, the missionary leadership meeting.


 I have definitely learned that lessons these last few weeks. I just want you all to think of that. In ANY situation, it is the answer. For me, it is when I want to quit for the night and there is one more person to stop by, it is when my companion just needs love when we are going through MANY emotions as we end, it is in the hug that an hermana needs because her Mom has been diagnosed and started chemo this week, it is when I contact the old Peruvian woman on the Street just to tell her she looks pretty today, it is when I give it my all everyday… It is being a missionary… I love it all. But I plan to have this as one of my many mottos in my house. It is so true.

I just want to end with my testimony that I know that the Church of Jesus Christ is on the earth. It is the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day saints. I know that we are blessed to have the góspel in our lives and that each day we can be happy no matter the circumstance. I love this góspel. I love it so much, and even more to be a missionary.

Well, see you all soon. Not trunky at all. I promise. Haha!

Hermana Frame

Enjoy the pics! Random this week. Sorry no time to explain!

Monday, February 15, 2016

And So It Goes....

Monday, February 8, 2016

Temple trip!
Chick fil a stop afterwards!  It's been a while!!

Monday, February 15, 2016
And So It Goes....
Hey everybody!

Oh my goodness! It was crazy last week so sorry for not emailing.  I had to hop off for another missionary to get his time in.  So sorry for not sending one....  I shot a couple off before I had to get off, but not really any info.

Anyways, it's been awesome out here in California!  Some stuff that happened this week:

-The Sanchez family came to church!  It was awesome!  4 boys ages 11, 10, 9, and 6!  They are so awesome!  Just not married.  What a weird part of this culture.  Nobody gets married.  They just have a bunch of kids together and stay together.  Just not married.  Lame.  We have to jump through so many hoops to get them papers and finally hitched it's ridiculous.  Worth it though!  Especially for this family!!!

-My old comp Elder Ayala goes home on the 24th!  He's going back to good ol' Paraguay.  Weird.

-Madi also goes home this month.  So weird.  That's all I'm going to say.

-This Church is true.  We have a lame preacher out in the town of Ivanhoe telling everybody that we worship the devil and Joseph Smith and that we believe that Jesus Christ and Satan are brothers. Even though that last one is true, it's not helping our rep out in that little town.  So anyway, we have to deal with all those things and I know a lot of new scriptures that support us on each of those points and it all just comes back to the Restoration.  It's been really interesting to see all the reactions to us using the Bible to support our claims and we've actually started teaching a couple of people that hated us at first.  So yeah.  This church is true.

Hey.  I love you all!  I'm having the time of my life out here!

Elder Frame

Random Monday...

Well something short… I am a Little bit out of it today emotionally. Mondays are really odd for me right now. I just want to be out working like normal which is so not like me… BUT….  We had a great week! It was just like our others but I loved each minute. I am taking advantage of all I can. But a few things that are random and that happened..

-We found an awesome couple that has a baby, has plans to be married, and are so willing to listen to us! It was awesome to teach them and to feel of the desire they have to be a successful family… Well, we have the good news for them. Only in the gospel does it happen!

-My companion and I are super chill, more than I thought we would be with us ending together. We talk a lot about our missions and some days it is hard to deal with it all but we talk through it and she has been such a blessing. We have learned a lot together and I know we will the rest of our change.

-I love all the sisters here in Puno! We have a lot of fun together. We as a companionship are always talking about them, we want them to be happy to succeed, and love the work… It has been so good for me to talk with them. They in turn have changed my mission. Each one.

-I am so used to living in Peru it isn’t even funny.

-My face gets sunburned daily. No worries mom, I am FINALLY using sunscreen everyday even though I hate it. Haha

-I love cereal, even if they don’t have real milk here

-I love my calling as a missionary preaching, helping, working, laughing, crying, studying, talking, serving, EVERYTHING! I love each minute

-I am peeing my pants because Elder Holland comes this week to Cusco!!! And he is probably going to be in our concilio… meeting all of the leaders here in the mission. AND president Harbertson called during our personal study this week… Yeah let’s just say I was dying when I saw his name on the caller ID. He was just telling me that the musical number is a go! We are all frantically practicing and trying not to be nervous but I know it will turn out great. The song we will sing is Come Thou Fount but in Spanish. It is super pretty!

Well, I need to go! I hope you all have an awesome week. Read Moroni 7. It is one of my favorite chapters and has helped me these last few weeks.

Hermana Frame

We went to a HUGE slide that is famous here in Puno called Tobogan! It was awesome! The closest feeling of being on a rollercoaster that we could get. 

I heart attacked my companions desk, she loved it!!!! She just started laughing... 

Us randomly taking pics in a valley-ditch we walk through frequently

We made limeade this week! They make it with egg whites, which is awesome and super delicious!

Divisions with Hermana Lozano. She is an incredible missionary! Us cutting out our hearts on the gross Peruvian floor of a mini mall here in Puno. Haha we thought we were hilarious!

I HEART HNA MICELI my other half here in Puno!

Monday, February 8, 2016

Strong and Faithful in Puno

I literally just started typing in Spanish! Haha family…. Don’t think you would understand… BUTTT, I am soaking wet, it is pouring outside right now and we just got back from the activity we had for pday today as we were ALL shut inside because of a celebration they have called the Candelaria. It is where they all worship the virgin they have here. It is a huge ordeal; people dancing all day with bands playing ALL day long and then they are all drunk at night, and the ones that are not dancing are drunk during the day too. When the men are drunk they LOVE North American’s. I can just say that they have all tried touching me as I walk by, and say something like pretty woman, come here, and anything that comes to their mind. HAHA, SUCH A DIFFERENCE from Utah. But it is cool to see some of the culture.

But through all of this the missionary work continues. I read so much about how the FEW AND FAITHFUL this week and literally every scripture or conference talk had to deal with it. I LOVE that I am a member of the church. We live clean, and we live to please the Lord. I love living like this. It is so easy to give in to the world’s standards but totally worth it to be strong and faithful obeying the Lords commandments.  I felt like such a minority this week as we walked the streets full of people drinking outside their houses, the dressed up people going to dance, and loud bands playing outside our window but I was at such peace. Peace with myself and the way I have chosen to live. I know that this is where I am supposed to be and the Lord is so happy with me. I feel it each night I go to bed and each day I get up. Such a blessing.

Well, I have to go but enjoy the pics!!!

Hermana Frame

Last Monday we went to “The Puma” translated… THE COUGAR. It was so pretty looking out over Puno and the lake and we enjoyed ourselves taking pictures and just talking about our missions. Haha a few pics make me laugh because my companion was like…. MODEL HERMANA FRAME… as I am inside the mouth of a snake.

Haha, or walking in trash trying to take a pic of Welcome to Puno. Haha!

We did divisions this week and it was so much fun! We made peanut butter and jelly sandwiches the FIRST time in my mission. It was definitely a thrill.

We cleaned a converts messy house… which was an awesome service project.. just imagine the after math picture… I forgot to take it.

These pics are of CHUÑO! It is the potatoes that they used to mash with their feet and then feed them to people. Luckily they now just soak them… But they still taste weird but I feel like I am the only North American that can stand them.

Me in my bed with a million blankets. It has been SO cold lately. Literally I have like 6 on me. Mom, my companion LOVES her pillowcase. She is obsessed with it.

My companion wrote a note to me that says I love you… with M&Ms….. while we were fasting.. She thought it was hilarious. I didn’t… but we took a pic anyways.

AND last but the best pics… We as Sister Leaders put together a pday for all 12 sisters here in Puno and we had relay races, made pizza, played jeopardy, and all kinds of other games. We had a blast. And then it started pouring rain and it is already freezing cold here but it was super fun! They all loved it! I will miss them all so much when we leave.