Monday, September 28, 2015

Hey everybody.

I hit my companion with the truck.  Yeah.  My bad.  We have to back each other up as missionaries.  So my companion and I were being obedient and he was backing me up.  We were parked in between two nice cars so I didn't want to hit either of them either.  So I was backing up and I thought I had more space than I actually did and I backed the car up, only to see Elder Ayala frantically waving and whistling for me to stop and pull forward. Yeah.  I had pinned his left knee to the car behind us. I didn't think it was that bad, but then I got out of the truck and he was on the pavement and couldn't walk.  So yeah. I went all emergency mode and picked him up and we zoomed over to the hospital.  We probably looked pretty funny actually.  I was carrying him all the way into the emergency room because we couldn't find a parking spot that was very close. We waited for 3 hours. Luckily in the end after some x-rays the doctor told him nothing was broken and he just has some pretty bad swelling. He's been on crutches with a leg brace for a week now.  So yeah......  it also happened to be the night right before zone conference with a general authority.  Yeah we had to let President know thereby letting the general authority know that there's an idiot missionary that ran over his companion here in the California Fresno Mission.  So we went to zone conference the next day and everybody was like "What the heck happened to Elder Ayala!?"  Elder Arnold, the general authority threw in a couple of jokes in his trainings and then everybody found out.  Sister Clark, our mission president's wife also told me that she'd never let me live this down for the rest of my mission. I'll forever be known as the Elder who hit his companion with a truck going 3 miles an hour backwards.  Dang.

Anyways, on a brighter note here's some revelation I got from zone conference with the general authority and preparing for it. It's an excerpt from my letter to President Clark.

(Quick background info: The fourth missionary is a great talk talking about 4 types of missionaries. The first and second missionaries are bums and don't really want to be out on the mission and they aren't obedient. The third missionary is obedient but frustrated because he might not feel changed or he feels like he's just doing time on the mission. He's obedient and does much good but isn't changed by his experience.  The fourth missionary is honestly changed by the Atonement and his mission experience and also is obedient and does a lot of good.  The difference between the 3rd and 4th missionaries is that the 4th missionary is changed by his experience.)

 "I feel like I've spent a lot of time reading and thinking about the Fourth Missionary. I've felt like my whole mission that I've chased the fourth missionary. I've studied it, searched the scriptures and looked for ways that I was not like the fourth missionary and tried to fix them. I went to zone conference with the question and prayer of, "What can I do more to find that fourth missionary? I felt like I've studied, reviewed, prayed, soul-searched, etc. Please give me an answer on how I can be a better person and missionary." I received an answer and I want to share with you what I've found. Through small and gradual spiritual promptings and feelings God has told me this: Elder Frame, you've been willing to come out here on your mission and be obedient, and I've blessed with baptisms and miracles because of it. You just haven't given yourself to me. You, Elder Frame, only have one unique thing that you can give to me and that is you. Yourself. Let me write my commandments on your heart. Let me make you into something far greater than you could ever make yourself. I cannot mold what I do not have. Let me make you the miracle. So, I received that while reading and praying about Epistles of the Lord. Then I wondered how I could do that. How can I completely give myself to the Lord? I went with that question to zone conference which was the next day. With every training, every sentence, every feeling, every prompting, the answer to the question was love. Charity. The pure love of Christ. I give myself to the Lord by loving Him, loving His commandments, loving His children and loving my time I have, set apart as a missionary. I feel like I've tried to do that before but it never really worked out. I found the reason why. I never prayed for charity. Charity is a gift from God. I cannot develop it on my own. I've honestly searched for it in every prayer now. I honestly have loved everyone around me. I loved the homeless man enough to talk to him about the gospel. I loved some missionaries enough to correct them. I've loved Jesus Christ enough to obey with exactness. I can now honestly say that I am letting my mission change me. I feel the power of the Atonement working inside of me. I love it and I never want to go back. I feel like I'm RIGHT THERE. I'm on the thin line of the third and fourth missionary. I know of a surety that transfers are inspired. Elder Ayala has helped me SO much this last transfer and a half. I know that the Atonement changes people and I love my savior. I love my mission and I can honestly say that. I LOVE IT. Every second. I am so grateful for my companion. I'm grateful for Elder Arnold and his words that have helped me."

Love you all!

Elder Frame

A crazy day... and week!

Well, I am sitting here with probably the worst sunburn in the world and about ready to leave for district meeting but I want to write a bit to inform everyone that I LOVE ABANCAY! We have been able to see so many miracles. I remember reading this in every missionary email that I received before, but it is true. I know the Lord is in this work and he loves his children.

This week I was able to pray a lot. Lots for my companion, my investigators and for the members. I find that when I pray unselfishly there is so much more meaning and just all around more miracles. The Lord wants to bless each one of His children and I know it is through increasing our faith through prayer and then getting on our feet to work.

This week I have been praying for a new investigator named Analy. She has many questions and is not approaching learning with faith. I prayed she would and just as I have been she came to the General Women’s Conference and every one of the talks talked about what she was struggling with. Wow! What a blessing. The next day in church she was a mess! So emotional and I can’t help but chuckle because I know it is the spirit and it is all just hitting her at once but we are super happy and so blessed to work with her.

We have passed by a menus activos house like 4 times this last week and finally we had the grand idea to put a note on the door to let him know we were passing by and guess what! He called! WHAT! Haha we were surprised but he came to church AND brought his friend that we will begin to teach. Such blessings.

And wow I had a day----- where let’s just say that I needed a hug and that morning I read the scripture where it says…. Comfort those that are in need of comfort. I didn’t think that sometimes that means let others comfort you as well. Sometimes let others help you. Get rid of your pride and just let them be there as if the Savior was there helping you through a tough time you are having. What a blessing to be a part of a church that teaches us to serve. Love people. It will always come back to you and you will be so much more blessed because of it.

I am probably at a point in my mission that I just can’t imagine life different. I LOVE the work. Every day I end up telling myself… Wow how blessed I am to have the gospel and not only that but to share it. Share the love that comes from our Heavenly Father. That is what it is all about. Go and serve. Share what you know changes lives.

Well, I need to go but before… A few things that happened this week.

-stepped in dog crap 3 times because I was too busy telling my companion or members stories while I was walking.

-Locked ourselves out of the apartment because I gave the keys to a baby to play with and forgot them. Good job Hermana Frame

-When I teach English… Let’s just say it is like “correct Hermana Frame” day… Haha! Lovin the Spanish.

-I invited everyone to the General Women’s meeting for 6 pm when it was at 7 pm. Let’s just say our pension wanted to hit me… Haha!

-I sang the national anthem to our pension and her husband and then tried to repeat the pledge of allegiance and forgot for like 5 minutes and almost cried. But don’t worry… I did it!

-I listened to David Archuleta Christmas and cried because I am so excited for Christmas

Anyways. If you could all just see me here in Peru I think you would laugh. But I LOVE IT! I love it all. The work, the missionaries, the people, my companion, and all the adventures we have.

Have a great week!
Hermana Frame


Let’s just say that today I should have brought sunscreen.
 I am a nurse. Come on. HAHA! 
But my pension put this yellow medicine on it so we will see what happens!

Living it up in Peru!

But the place we went to is called Quisapata and it is crazy pretty!
 It was at the very tip top of the mountain
 and we had fun eating mandarins and crackers at the top
 and burning ourselves on the way down.

This is a few of us at the general women’s meeting.
 My pension still hasn’t had her baby!  
We are so hoping for this week!
 Hermana Analy at the conference.
 She is so amazing and I am having such a great time getting to know her
 and to help her recognize that the gospel is the
 best thing she could learn in this life.

Last Monday we had a great time watching Meet the Mormons. Haha
 I have watched it now in English and Spanish.
 Lucky to say it was enjoyable in both languages!

One of the girls in our ward loves her hamster and we had to take pictures. Haha!

Monday, September 21, 2015


Hola everybody!

It's Elder Frame again for the weekly check in!  Everything is going super good!

We'll be baptizing Saul, the husband of our baptism from last week!  It was awesome! We had a member home with the 1st counselor in the mission presidency whose name is President Mann.  It was awesome!  We taught them about eternal marriage and the temple.  They were super excited and really wanted those blessings that the temples bring!  We testified they could have all of them!

We had a pretty crazy night last night!  Some of the sister's investigators had an emergency!  She was having a baby!  They called us and we rushed to give a blessing!  I was super nervous the whole way there.  I remembered the Miracle of Life video and how I almost had to go to the nurses office for getting turning white and light headed after seeing that lady in the movie giving birth.  So we got there and the investigator lady was in labor.  They said we could see her really quick with the dad cause he was insisting we be let in. We got in there and the lady was in a bunch of pain.  We didn't see her giving birth or anything but it was too much for me and I started getting really light headed and one of the nurses noticed and told me to sit down, so I went over to a chair and sat down and the nurses gave me some sugar and stuff.  So yeah. I don't like people giving birth. Even just being there makes me queasy. So yeah. Not very excited for Madi or anybody else I know to have kids.  I won't be there until it's all the way out and over.  I'm learning so much on my mission aren't I?

This week we'll be having a general authority come and give us all "specialized training."  It'll be Elder Arnold and he's asked us to study Jacob 1 and 5 and 3rd Nephi 11 and 12.  So I'm expecting to receive HEAVY REVELATION.  It's going to be the best.

GENERAL CONFERENCE IS IN 2 WEEKS AND WE GET 2 NEW APOSTLES! I'M SO EXCITED.  My money is on Elder Causse. Mark my words.

Love you all.

Elder Frame

Dance from the celebration for Mexico's Independence Day! 
 It's Peruvian so yeah. 
Shoutout to Madi


Warrior hat I loved.

Decisiones Determina Destino

Well, for the title… It’s in Spanish and it means what it looks like. Decision determine destiny. I have been able to share a lot about this subject this week and want to share a Little bit about it with those at home. Agency in this life, or the ability to choose, is a gift. We forget that sometimes. NO ONE controls us.  As a child of God you have the ability to use this gift. And it will determine your happiness or misery in this life. Not only that but it affects us in the life to come. In many lessons that we teach, and just in general in the mission I see how others use their agency… at times I just want to shout off the mountain tops with joy because they are doing so well… and then the complete opposite…. Is when they use it in a way that leads down a path that is not so great.  And yes it does break my heart. I think the only times in my life when it was a valid reason to cry it was because I was crying because I could see the consequences that would come to them now and then most of all later.

But this is something I have learned, and growing up especially in my teenage years to now I learned how MY agency, MY choices is incredibly important. I have also learned that I cannot control others and how they use their agency. In True to the Faith it states…. You are responsible for the decisions YOU make. You should not blame your circumstances, your family, and your Friends if YOU chose to disobey Gods commandments. You are a child of God with great strength. You have the ability to choose righteousness and happiness regardless of your circumstances… choose to do many good things in your own free will.

There are many stories, many lessons I have learned from this subject. Just know that not only your life is affected by the decision you make, but others are too. The Savior helps with both of these situations. I felt the spirit so strong last night when we were teaching a family about forgiveness. All of us have been affected by others whether it is good or bad. But especially in those times that it is hard to understand why someone would treat you the way they do, or have done something that hurts remember the Savior. He went through this His whole life. He can relieve this hatred and bitterness. Do not wallow in misery. Let Him take this from you. Thank those who have chosen the gospel and affected you for good. There is good in this world. I KNOW that. That is why I am here.

Well, after that just know I am so grateful to be here in the mission. WHAT A BLESSING! I say it every week. But I am so grateful for my decision and those who have supported me and helped me get here.

This week we had a baptism! WAHOO! It was probably the most organized baptism… probably because everyone that we asked to be there came and did their part! I had only a Little bit of stress… haha no. It was incredible! It is a single mom named Shanaly and she has been able to be taught by many missionaries, and we happened to be the ones that could be a part of the baptism. It was a beautiful day, with many spiritual experiences and wow just helping others with their decision to follow Christ, use their agency to change their lives for the better is indescribable. What an opportunity to be a part of the work.

Well, I have to go! Have a great week!
Hermana Frame


I was able to go with Hermana Cooper this week on divisions! 
She is the bomb! 
We taught one of her investigators in Quechua....
 okay a member did but it was fun to remember all my times with my abuelitos in Quillabamba.

One day I just wanted to go to the cemetery so on the way to one of our visits! 
Don’t know what I was thinking? Haha but enjoy the random pics and it had a great view so yeah!
 But they have a lot of building that just hold the caskets instead of burying them. Who knows.

This is an alfajor… They are incredibly good.
 It has a carmely cream called manjar in the middle 
of what are almost like sugar cookies.

This is a pic of a typical home with the outhouse here in Abancay. Well, in Peru.
 I walked away thanking my heavenly father for all that I have.
 It has really been humbling being here and experiencing 
not having a lot material wise. Well, just seeing it.
 But it has taught me a lot.

Our zone! Changes were today and I am staying with my companion Hermana Tango! Wahoo!
 One more transfer here we come… The down side. 
She will be ending but she is not trunky at all! #BLESSING

These two girls I met in a combie and the first thing they said was.....
 Wow, Green eyes.
 HAHA! They all say it and it was fun to talk to them.
 They all are so surprised when I start talking in Spanish.
 Oh what it’s like to be a foreigner.

The baptism pics! It was such a great day!
 And then we took pictures when she was confirmed the day after.
It was Hermana Cooper’s birthday on Saturday and we took advantage. 
 Eggs and flour in the hair and some great cake to end the day!

Hermana Katy my pension should be giving birth as I write this. 
Well probably not… Haha! But really soon! Like tomorrow hopefully.
 She is so ready! We had to take a before picture
 and hopefully next week there will be an update with a baby… WAHOO!

Planning in the mission is the best! 
We got super crazy and planned super well… we had been traveling
 and oh how good I feel when we have time to stop and plan. 

And the random pic of me doing a statue of something.
 I lost a game in a Family Home Evening 
and they thought I was so funny doing statues of what they asked.
 Don’t ask. They all just laugh at me... Haha so normal

Monday, September 14, 2015


Hey everybody!

It's been great out here in the mission!!!  I'm loving it so much!  First before I forget to write it, GABI GOT BAPTIZED! She was super solid the whole time and she decided to get baptized and Elder Ayala performed the ordinance.  Her husband was there and he really thinks he'll be baptized super soon! He said that!  He's really pentecostal so he's been pretty stubborn with accepting it.  He felt something at her baptism though and we'll be teaching him and Gabi tomorrow with President Clark. It's gonna be great!

Anyways, since I was bad with using my time wisely this emailing time I'm on a super limited time. I do really want to share some of my letter to President Clark.  It's part of my studies this week.  Here it is:

"So I've been studying the atonement this week because I gave a talk on it in sacrament meeting and I want to share a quote, paraphrased because I don't have it on me, but it's from C.S. Lewis. It says, in my own words that Jesus Christ is the only person who knows how it is to truly be tempted by Satan because you don't find out the power of temptation by giving in. You don't find out the power of the German army by giving in, it's by fighting it. You don't find out the power of the wind by laying down but by walking against it. So it is with temptation. The man who gives in to temptation at minute five simply doesn't know what it would have been like an hour later. Jesus Christ is the only person who truly knows the full power of temptation because he never once gave in- the only true realist. It went something to that effect. It made me think about ways I am tempted. Tempted to think we as a mission are taking on too much, temptation to maybe take a break, temptation to break one small rule. It made me think. How strong am I? Not strong enough was my answer. So, because Jesus Christ is the only person who knows how strong the temptations are and overcame every single one of them, he knows exactly how to help me and us, to take away all doubt, to give us strength to achieve the goal of 1000 baptisms."

It really was a super awesome study for me that day. I loved it!  I'm striving to make them like that every day! I really felt like the whole study period was from the Spirit.  What I should study, what I should focus on, how it applies, and all that jazz. My studies have been a whole ton better!  Take a look at your studies too.  How are they?  Do you learn something new from the spirit every time?  Do you feel spiritually edified every time you give time to the scriptures or are you just reading them because you "have to?"

Love you all!  And thank you for all your support!

Elder Frame

Living Water

Beautiful Cusco
Well, it’s September and it’s been a year. I am so used to saying I have a Little less than a year and now I HAVE TO SAY I have a Little more than a year. UGH!!!!! No, I cannot complain. I have had one incredible year. This week was great though! More traveling and getting to know more sisters! What a privilege it is! But I was dead at the end! Haha and I am rip roaring ready to work in my sector.

To start off, this morning I had an amazing study session and I will be sharing it… Read it. Just know that I love this gospel. I love that it makes me happy. It helps me realize really what is important to me.

I have always loved the Mormon ads… but I just wonder how do they keep getting more creative? This months in the new era-liahona as well really got to me. It made me ponder n my own life, on those I am teaching, and those that I have at home (family and Friends). I have seen a HUGE difference between those who “seek” and then those who don’t. It is just as the picture depicts. We are paddling a boat on the sand. It actually makes me laugh because look how close he is to the ocean… How much easier the journey it would be… I don’t know what keeps him from entering but one can guess pride. I can see how many times this was me. Whether it was in high school when I made the excuse of “I was too busy” or when I was in nursing school trying to carry the load of studies myself, or even here in the mission when I try to do the work myself without Him… It is super hard. I can testify that when we “seek”- we will find. Seeking means searching to know… I have figured out as I have said in my last emails that the basics are everything. Pray, study your scriptures, and go to church. Seeking him through these things will help us realize that we are lifted, strengthened, and enlightened. We can find rest from our burdens and worries. We can be full of light and joy. We can have hope no matter our circumstances. This morning I read the story of Jesus and the Samaritan woman at the well. It has been a while since I have studied but wow! How incredible. It refers to Christ being the “living water”. HE as the woman to draw water and she was confused because there was nothing to draw it from the well and also for him, a Jew to be asking a Samaritan was rather odd. As he spoke to her these words she understood why. “Whosoever drinketh this water shall thirst again; but whosoever drinketh of the water that I shall give him shall never thirst, but the water that I shall give him shall be in him a well of everlasting life.” She then realized he was someone important… in the scriptures she said prophet. He helped her understand the savior lives. And at this moment he said. I am He. I am the messiah that you speak of. HOW INCREDIBLE. Her whole Outlook on life probably changed. She realized HE was Christ. Not only a prophet but CHRIST. What did she do after? Went to the city to share her experience and not only that but brought people to come and listen and meet Him. 

As I put myself in this situation I have learned so much. I know Christ lives. I know He is my Savior. And what a blessing it is to be sharing it just as she did after she had come to the knowledge that He is the “living water”.

Don’t search through the material things. Don’t be too caught up in the miniscule things that have no significance. Don’t paddle in the the sand when you can be paddling in the water. Your life will be 100x easier and more fulfilling. Seek the living water. Seek HIM. He will give you rest. He will give you the hope you need to keep going.

Wow that was a lot! But I had to share. I love the things that I learn from studies. It is the time where I come to know and follow HIM.

Well, hope you all have a grand week and until the next Monday!

Hermana Frame


Last Monday we went up to Mirador again
 and played ultimate Frisbee and American football (thanks to Elder Jensen) Haha!
 And of course he brought his rope from home and the Elders were doing jump rope with it.
 Good ole Spanish fork!

A family we are teaching and the girls wanted pics with our nametags… Haha they LOVED it!
I hit a year and we went out to eat the night before we traveled! YUM!
 I had to get some churros too! 
Sorry all the pics are so bad. Better look at the settings on the camera.
Hermana Corsetti and I bought some cake to celebrate as well!
Don’t ask me about all the animals.
 Haha every house we went into seemed like there was a dog
 or a cat or kittens on my lap. Crazy! Haha! 

I got to see Hermana Hoskins! She leaves in a week! AHHHHHH! 
She said she is excited and ready so we will see how it goes. 
She is serving in Cusco so it was a treat to meet up with her.

All the Hermana’s we visited! It is fun getting to know all of them and also to get to know Cusco!

I also was able to serve in Ollantaytambo… Where there are so many ruins
 from the Incan times and it is where the train takes you up to maccu piccu! Whoa! 
The original Stone streets and a million greengos!
 I am so used to be the only North American for all to see haha!

We got back and I WAS POOPED! 
My comp thought it would be funny to take pics after our trip.

We had a baby shower and it went well! 
Trying not to be baby hungry while in the mission.
 It is hard when half the Ward is pregnant. Okay only three Hermana’s.
 But I live in the house of one, pension with one and wow! 
Haha it will be baby city in just a bit!

There is a family that will be going to the Lima temple
 at the end of October and they are SO excited, especially the sons.
 Wow, they will be traveling 20 hours to go to Lima
 and wow just the sacrifice but wow they are such examples to me
 and teaching them last night I really felt how important the temple is once again. 
GO! Go to the temple. I love and miss it.