Monday, October 26, 2015

An update day to day

Well, I am just doing awesome! I am enjoying my last and final week with Hermana Tango as she will be ending her mission. Wow! This is my second companion that I have been with when they finished! But I decided you might want an itinerary for this last week and a few details.

Monday! We traveled to Cusco and had a great pday there! We went to the cristo blanco with my daughter here in the mission and it was the second time I have been. The first was when I had my first day in the field and then now a year later. Made me feel like time went so fast! That night we traveled to Urubamba for more visits!

Tuesday we worked with the sisters there and they are doing well! The sacred valley is so pretty and I love every time we visit, and yes we met a family from Trujillo that were members going to maccu piccu. Crazy how it happens! But it was fun! I went with Hermana David

Wednesday we went to piccu and served with the sisters there, what a blessing. Right smack dab in the middle of Cusco. There was a paro (riot) and so we stayed up in the hills to work. It can get dangerous with people throwing rocks and everything but yeah we did not even see any of it!

Thursday! We stayed in Cusco, which was not our plan… because of the riot. There were no busses to go back so we worked with the Hermana leaders in ttio! Their sector is so little and they are all so rich! But it was good….

Friday we came back and I ALMOST puked on the drive. So grateful I didn’t. But the trips can be a Little bit rough in the mission. And I don’t get car sick so that tells you something. But we went to one of the members houses that night and made ceviche! We can’t eat it in the mission but I learned how they do it. It is with raw fish lots of lime, and other great Peruvian herbs they put in it! I also learned how they do canchita. So good! It is corn that they fry in oil just as the Incans did hundreds of years before.

Saturday we had a lot of visits and a normal day finally in my sector! What a beautiful sector we have and a lot of work to do! We found 2 new investigators that day, and visited many of the people that were in need of a lift so I was so grateful.

Sunday, well we had a conference with Peru and Bolivia and Heard from Elder Christoferson which was a thumbs up!

And today, so deeply grateful for the mission and how it as changed me. I really have learned so much. I wanted to share a scripture from Matt 16:25, yes Reading the bible in Spanish is the best thing ever… ha-ha. It is sarcastic. But it has taught me so much. I have found my life here in the mission. I know my purpose and it is to LOSE MY LIFE IN SERVING THE LORD. I find happiness, true lasting joy. I desire to help others, and my testimony has grown so much. I know there is reason for everything and for all of you…. I just want you to study this scripture. The footnotes and all. See what you can do to lose yourself in the work of the lord. You will NEVER regret it.

Well, have to go! Sorry no description of pictures! Forgive me, and when I get back I am sure I will be happy as ever to explain. Haha!

Hermana Frame

Monday, October 19, 2015

Vale la Pena Luchar por lo que Vale la Pena Tener

Vale la pena luchar por lo que vale la pena tener.  Or in english: It's worth it to fight for what has worth to have.

It makes more sense in Spanish.  I love that quote though and use it all the time in my lessons!  It's so worth it to fight for the things that we teach!  Worthiness. Peace of Mind. United and eternal families. Self-control. A belief in a loving father in heaven.  There is an endless list. It's awesome and I get to offer that to somebody every day!  It's like handing out an endless amount of gold bars to people on the street and if they reject it, that's a pretty big loss for them.

I love my mission.  I love the people I'm serving.  I love my savior Jesus Christ.  It all might sound cliche but I don't really care.  This is the best thing I've done with my life so far and I'm taking advantage of every second I have as a set apart representative of the Lord.  You feel the difference when anything reminds you of home.  It floors me how far I've come and how much I've grown since then and I just feel all the more motivated to be able to do this for a whole year more!

Love you all!  Keep on keeping on!

Vale la pena luchar por lo que vale la pena tener!

Elder Frame

The Farmersville District! We're losing the missionaries on the ends!

The Sister's backing up camera as we follow the rule
 to back them up out of their parking spot.

Auxilio! SOS!

 This means SOS in Spanish! My companion was yelling it at the top of her lungs while standing on the corner of the bed yelling there is a RAT! And mind you this is at 4:45 this morning as we were getting ready to come to Cusco. HAHA! Yes we have a rat in the house. For two days.


But this morning I was so sick of it and I went to try and open the door and it ran right across our desks right at me and I freaked.  Haha my companion was mortified and yes, we left with the door unlocked so the elders can come and take care of it. Thought I was all tough to kill it but no, it was huge! Not just a little rat… a RAT. EW!

Anyways… I am in Cusco and we will be doing more visits this week in Urubamba and here in the sector of Piccu so I am all geared up and we get to spend p-day in Cusco so I am happy!

This week what I want to share with you all is that I love being able to be surrounded by amazing people here in the mission. It is a blessing to be a member of the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day saints because we can become better people, love serving, and participate in the wonderful blessings that come from being a part of the Lords work. As I have been able to visit with Hermanas I have been able to learn about their lives, talk with them and love to get to know their desires, love for the work, and why they came.

This week I was able to have a great experience as Hermana Tango and I were able to share with them how good they are doing and concerns that we can help with and also those things that we all can work on. In these 15 minutes that I was with them, I had the spirit touch my heart. Well, it was actually the kind that made my chest just feel like it was going to come out of my chest. I know that I needed to testify to them of the love that our Heavenly Father had for them and that He was so proud to see them working so hard, despite all of the hardships they were going through. I won’t lie; sometimes when I hear from the leaders of how they feel of the love the lord has for me I always just think…. Um how? Well, duh it’s the spirit. I felt it. It was real. I started to cry (surprise, NOT) and told them exactly what came to my mind. It was incredible. I testified that we as the sisters were supposed to be there together in the companionships we are in and it is for a reason. It was great.

I love my calling. I love letting the spirit work through me. It is a time that I have been able to recognize the many ways it does. What a blessing it is to be a member, to share of the Lords love and to be here in Peru doing it. I love this work!

Thank you for all of you. Each one of you that has taken part in my journey. I can’t express my thanks enough. Well, have to go!

Have a great week!

Hermana Frame

This week was the first anniversary of our pension
 and we heart attacked their door and brought a cake!
 It was so fun and I will always love being a part of their lives
 for this short moment! Haha
 from the pics you can tell I thoroughly am enjoying my mission.

We have a dog. Against the mission rules. Haha!
 No, it is the owner’s dog and I LOVE IT TO DEATH!
 Haha if you can’t tell from the pics. My companion just rolls her eyes 
each night as I am so excited to see Sophia. Haha!

We had a conference with president this week! 
What an uplifting experience!
 I am so grateful for the missionaries I am serving with. 
We sure have a good time.
 The sisters are incredible and BASICALLY I JUST LOVE MY MISSION.

And my wonderful companion.
 It has been two of the best transfers because of her.
 What a blessing.
These are bread babies that they make here in Peru. 
They make them for Halloween and the first of November. 
It is kind of funny to me… But they taste good!
 The bread here is incredible!

Monday, October 12, 2015

A big thank you to my companion!

This week was crazy! We had a lot of visits and well, welcome to the Hermana Leaders in Abancay. All the companionships of hermana leaders are like... we are so glad you guys travel as much as you do and not us Haha GRACIAS! 

But...... we have fun! Helping the hermanas has brought so much happiness. I love doing the work not only in my sector but also in Cusco with the hermanas. 

This week I just want to say that I had a really spiritual experience during studies this week with my companion and the hermana leaders. They asked us to choose two scriptures that described my companion and she would choose two as well. I was SO ready with my scriptures and so ready to tell her where mine were. It went well and wow, she blew me away with the ones she chose. The first was the first scripture in the Book of Mormon. She said..... Well, we all know that Hermana Frame loves her family... Not in a trunky way but I think in every lesson we have had she always has such a strong testimony of how the gospel has helped her family through the happy times and the hard times. I was blown away.... Wow. I didn’t realize HOW blessed I was. I am born of goodly parents, and I love them as Nephi did. He was grateful. I am grateful.

She went on saying that I have seen the mysteries of the Lord and I have relied on Him even though I have had the gospel my whole life I have chosen to follow him. It made me realize so much. She said that I have loved the Lord, chosen to find a testimony, and my conversion is strong. I started crying. Haha I AM SO EMOTIONAL!

But it made me realize how my conversion story is important. I have had so many companions that have these crazy amazing stories of how they found the gospel and wow I was feeling so out of it here in the mission. But it is true. The small and simple decisions I have made have really impacted who I am and the testimony I have.

To all those who feel unimportant because you grew up with the gospel and it’s not something new, or you just need a pick me up. Pray, and just know that no matter HOW you received your testimony it is YOUR testimony. A treasure that is worth more than anyother thing in this world. I love the gospel and I need to go.

Thank you to all who have loved me, and helped me get to this point in my life. Find a scripture that describes you or another person and send it to them! It will make their day! Have a great day!
Hermana Frame

This week I was able to translate again and it was super fun! It was when we were on exchanges with the Hermana leaders in Vista Allegre! I spent half the day translating for a company that gathered optometrists from all over the world. It was interesting to see how ENGLISH was the language they all used to communicate even though they were from Japan, France, Paraguay, everywhere!

The sisters had a baptism and it was crazy getting them all ready. Yes, it as a cute abuelita that I was actually able to visit on my visits with Hermana Cooper, and it was such a sweet moment. Made me miss my cute abuelitos in Quillabamba. But it was fun heating water on gas stoves and putting it in right before. Haha welcome to Peru!

We went to AMPAY today and yes it was SO fun but SO long! We had an adventure scaling up mountains because we got lost. DONT WORRY MOM it wasn’t bad. Haha! No, we were totally fine. 
But it took us 4 hours to get up there but it was a laguna and so worth it! So pretty to see! There was a small and big laguna so it was interesting to see the difference. So much worth it to hike the 2 more hours to see the big one. But I am loving the sisters in my district. We get along so well and my companion is so cute with us north americans. She understands a lot of Spanish so she is so good.

The sister leaders from Ttio came to visit us this Friday and it was crazy but let’s just say prayers were answered and I had a great day with Hermana Salas. We had fun and worked hard. But we were pooped from our trips and then getting back to our sector with other Hermana leaders visiting us. But everything is so worth it!

Short and Simple

Hey Everybody!

I am so happy right now.  I don't know why.  It's just one of those days that you just are happy to be alive.  I'm just disfrutando en la mision!  (enjoying)  It's just so good to be a representative of the Lord Jesus Christ.  I'm so grateful for the gospel. We have so much more than the rest of the world.  The eternal perspective the gospel gives to us is such a blessing.  For me, each decision I make, however small, impacts me in the eternities.

Just like President Uchtdorf talked about in conference, we as members of the church aspire for something higher. Much higher.  We are in it to win. And win hard.  Eternal life and exaltation.  Nothing is greater than that gift from God (D&C 14:7). 

So here's my question for all of you that I've been asking myself since hearing President Uchtdorf's talk: Is what I'm doing/thinking/saying bringing myself and others toward that ultimate goal or just the opposite?

Sorry for it being so short but I gotta go!  I love you all!

Elder Frame

PS  I'm going to be accountable to all of you each week with my ponderizing scrip.  As I've finished this week with Mosiah 3:19 I've started ponderizing D&C 121:34-36.  Love yall!  Hope you are doing what the speakers invited us to do, even with busy lives!  There are so many blessings there! Anyways, sorry, I'll go now.  Loveyabye!

Monday, October 5, 2015

Good Week!

Wow. It's been an amazing last couple days.  General Conference was a surreal experience.  3 new apostles.  I don't know if that's ever happened in church history!  It was awesome to listen to them when they gave their testimonies and to have spiritual confirmation that these three men really were chosen by God.  They really are the Lord's servants here on the earth chosen by God to serve in that holy office.

Here are some highlights I felt were key and I loved:

- There is a life after death.  Knowledge of the gospel of Jesus Christ brings peace and joy to us in this life and the next.
-Do not complicate your discipleship. Focus on the simplicity in Christ and his teachings.(Uchtdorf)
-Exaltation is our goal. Discipleship is our journey. (Uchtdorf)
-Perfection is a long ways away. The spirit is our most honest friend and corrector and he'll let us know how we can improve step by step every moment of every day by us asking, what lack I yet? (Lawrence)
-Obedience is the first law in heaven. God loves us.  The commandments are there to safely guide us home, not to make life complicated and unhappy. Find the joy in discipleship and keeping the commandments.
-#newapostles (Rasband, Stevensen, Renlund)
-Straighten up and fly straight. (Hales)
-Love you mom. (Holland)
-Resisting temptation now will strengthen you to resist temptation in the future. (Cook)
-The Lord will multiply our efforts in His work as we magnify our calling and do it His way. (Eyring)
-Faith is a choice. (Andersen)
-The devil is relentless.  We have to have equal and even more tenacity in our relentless effort to reach our goal. (Monson)
-We should do everything in our power to have the constant companionship of the Holy Ghost in our daily lives. (Eyring)
-A church is a necessary part of God's gospel on the earth. The institutions of the church and family support and strengthen each other, not replace each other. (Christoffersen)
-#ponderize (Durrant)
-Whatever level of obedience and conversion you have right now, it will not be enough for what's ahead. You always need to be progressing and growing to meet the challenges that you will experience. (Clark)
-When you cannot do what you've always done, you only do what matters most. (Bednar)

It's been a spiritually rich couple of days and from listening to conference, here are my goals:
-Read the Book of Mormon entirely again before the year is out.
-#ponderize a scripture every week for a year.
-Ask "what lack I yet" and fix or do what I'm told by the Spirit.

What will you do in response to these words you've heard from the Lord's annointed?

In other events from the past week we've been teaching Francisco, Saul, and Mercedez a lot.  We really want the three to be baptized within the month and each have varying degrees of problems.  It's been amazing to see the changes in them though as they decide to start down this path of discipleship and start doing those spiritually essential things like reading scriptures, praying, and attending church meetings.  My testimony is strengthened each and every time I see them putting forth that effort.  You can literally see the Light of Christ burning brighter within them as they choose to follow the "enticings of the Holy Spirit" and change those things that are holding them back from all the blessings God has in store for them.  I love my mission.  It means everything to me.  I am so grateful for the opportunity I have to be out here.  I am constantly changing for the better as I allow the Atonement of Jesus Christ to change me. Charity has become a close friend as I've served and worked with the members and people here in Visalia.  I love it so much.  Thank you all for helping me get to this point.

Love you all!

Elder Frame



 Well I have soo little time, as always. UGH! Haha I feel like here in internet it is the most stressful things of all time. I am going to be pathetic this week and just describe the pics and add my thoughts. It explains my thoughts well.

Well we went to concilio this week! It is like a council of all the zone leaders and the hermana leaders. It was a great conference, as it always is! We talked a lot about Alma 5. That is a challenge for all of you to read this week. IT IS ONE OF MY FAVORITE CHAPTERS. Think about your conversion and ask yourself these questions. Do I desire to do good? Do I rebel against God? Do I share the gospel? And am I filled with the will of God? Really think about where you are at. What do you need to do to have a change of heart? I loved it. But enjoy the pics! My companions camera was weirdly Green? So sorry!

These are pics from Hermana Coopers birthday a few weeks ago and forgot to send them! Our zone leaders bought a cake and we all enjoyed it! And of course I was the one she trusted the most to NOT smash her face in the cake and who ended up doing it? Yep. I did. HAHA!
While in Cusco I did my papers this week to renew my identification and we traveled with Hermana cooper and Hermana Hanson! What fun we had being in Cusco taking pics of all the cool monuments, murals and random other things. My mission seriously is tourist CITY! Cusco Peru baby! Loving every bit!

I was able to see my daughter and actually help medically with what is going on! She was able to enter a machine that gives her full oxygen… She just got transferred there and needed treatment. So it was so good to talk to her and feel like a nurse for 2 sec.

Hermana Hanson was my nurse this week! I BURNED MY WHOLE FACE OFF! Haha! And my back…… Ouch. It was the worst burn anyone has seen in the mission. You better bet I was using aloe vera (we had to track it down in Cusco), but I bought it and she was putting it on all night! Probably should take care of myself a Little bit more, and do what I tell others to do….

Katy had her baby! Jose Fabio! We had so much fun waiting for her to have it! She called me at two in the morning with questions about contractions and she had him at 9:30 that morning! SO FAST! What a blessing! No complications and she is adjusting. I thought I wanted kids until I have seen her SO TIRED this first week and said…. Uh…. Okay maybe waiting sounds great. Great birth control!

I got bit by a dog again!!!! Haha! And it didn’t even bark to warn me… this is usually what happens though. I felt a sting, looked down and the dog was walking away and boom, blood and everything. Haha it wasn’t too bad but the members felt so bad!

Hey we also had the best time this week with general conference! Made cookies and everything and had a gringo party! It was so uplifting and I plan on working on so much. It is amazing to have a worldwide church. Not even a year and a half ago I was watching it in Utah and now I am in Abancay Peru and get to have the same experience. What a privilege!

I hope you all know that yes, I am preaching the gospel... this week was crazy with traveling and doing a lot of off the wall things but I LOVE IT! As usual. But I will update you more this next week! I love you!

Hermana Frame