Monday, June 29, 2015

Hey Everybody!

Hey!  We had the awsomest week EVER!  The Selma English are giving us golden contacts left and right!  We've been contacting them like mad and we are finding super prepared people!  We had 7 investigators who had only known us for a day come to church yesterday and bring their friends! We are planning on baptizing them all next month! It is going to be the greatest month! 

The Lord is being more than gracious with all of these wonderful blessings!  These people honestly are making the BIGGEST decision in their lives.  Technically all of us made that decision also.  To be baptized at 8 was our choice and we are choosing to follow the Savior Jesus Christ for the rest of our lives. We unlock the door to the path that leads to the greatest blessing that God can give us when we chose to be baptized and that is eternal exaltation!  I'm helping all of these people make the decision that will affect their eternities.  Man.  Pretty crazy when you put it into words like that.  In actuality we as human beings we are commanded to become like the father and the son.  Their purpose is to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man.  How's that going for you?  How are you bringing to pass the immortality and eternal life of man?  Whether that be your own salvation or somebody else's?  (Preferably both.)

Anyways.  Enough with the guilt trip.  I love you all.  I want you all to know I'm having a great time bringing to pass the immortality and eternal life of as many men as possible and it is the greatest time I've had so far in my life.

Elder Frame

FEDERICO!  One of my first investigators in Modesto!  
He got baptized and I was able to go before the mission split! 
 Que bendicion.

All of Federicos teachers!

The future first presidency. Look at those faces. So righteous.

He lives.

So this week I literally can’t really think of what to write but I know you all love hearing how I am doing… As I flip my hair. Wow, humility. I really am learning it. But this week I have really understood how we are literally nothing. When you believe in God you realize that you are nothing without Him.

I have studied so much about the savior this week it has been such an amazing experience each time I sit down. I am Reading in 3 Nephi 11 when Christ came to the Americas. He really did come. I can testify of that. They were able to see Him. He taught them, he loved them, he took time for each one of them to come and touch Him. His journey, His purpose was to help us progress. His purpose was for us to be happy. His purpose was to bring to pass the plan that our Heavenly Father had for each one of us personally.

Each morning I sat down to study I put myself in the shoes of one of the Nephites as I tried to imagine if I was there when all of it happened. The storms and people that disbelieved that he really would come, to the time that a voice came from heaven, to the joy that they all felt as he took each one of them and blessed them. Oh, how I would have felt as He just sat and taught. But it also makes me realize that is what I am doing now. He is here. He is in every page that I read. He is there when I am comforting Abuelita because she feels like she is in her last few days in this life. He is here when I see the beautiful earth he has created for us to live. He is here when I feel like the whole world is falling down and I listen as my companion starts to sing “I feel my Saviors love.” He is here. He lives. I know that. I love hearing others testify of Him.

My testimony has grown so much as I have been here. I was promised that before I left but it truly has. But it has taken lots of hard work, and personal discipline each day to come to know He is everything to me. I am so grateful for our Heavenly Fathers plan. Without it, we don’t have direction. I hated teaching lesson two because it was so hard with my Spanish in the beginning but wow if I can just teach it every lesson I would. It brings the spirit so strong. I love my calling, I love being a disciple of Him, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I am a missionary for the Church of JESUS CHRIST of Latter Day Saints. I love it.

I had a great week filled with ups and downs…. Which is normal right? But the mission life is so rewarding. I will never forget or regret one day in my mission.

This week for a little bit of spice I had to stay in the hospital with Hermana Robinson for a little bit…. UGH! The hospital is a rough one for me here but hey, I survived and Hermana Robinson is in Cusco which is what needed to happen. No freak outs people! But all I have to say is that I am so grateful for the knowledge I have been able to have from coming from nursing school. It has come in handy.

The sisters had a baptism and shout out to Mr. Thacker because Elder Thacker said the only pictures you get is the ones you see on my blog. Oh, elders….. Haha but it was great and our district is working so well together. One of the investigators that got baptized was contacted by Elder Thacker and his companion a few months ago and the sisters we able to teach them. We work TOGETHER. It is the Lords work, and I love the unity we have. It makes such a difference.

Well, the other pics are me and my companion at siete tinajas! My third time going! You would think I get bored but we have fun taking pictures and trying not to jump in…. Haha! It is beautiful!

Well, I need to go! Love you all and thank you for your support!

Hermana Frame

Monday, June 22, 2015


Hey sorry yall.  I'm bad at managing my email time.  I always write this last.  My bad.  My pictures should tell you basically what happened this past week and I want to quickly let you all know that I love you, Jesus Christ loves you and knows you, and that our church is so dang true.  That all makes sense logically and spiritually so there's your two witnesses that our church is founded on, plus the Book of Mormon, the Bible, all the prophets, and every other member throughout time.  So yeah.  Don't ever leave the church because there is nothing waiting for you.  Love yall.

Elder Frame

Poor. Elder. Agazzani.  His first day as designated driver in the United States of America and he wrecks our car.  Into a pregnant woman with two of her children in the car.  He is so scared to get behind the wheel now.  The pregnant lady went to the hospital for some of her abdominal pains so we are praying for her right now.  It's been a pretty stressful week trying to figure out how we are supposed to get around our area.

Other missionaries I knew that went home! 
 I'm turning into one of the older missionaries! NOOOOO!

My argentine comps together. One my trainer. One my trainee.

Dedication with some Villcabamba

I literally have like 20 minutes to write because President Uchtdorf is coming to speak to us tonight! Surprise! He is coming to Cusco and we will be viewing it by transmission tonight at six thirty! What a treat! The #blessings for being on a mission!

But he is here because he was a part of the dedication of the Trujillo temple yesterday and another great opportunity that our mission had was to participate in this wonderful event. The night before they had the celebration in Trujillo (and by the way Trujillo is quite far away, like 15 hours or something like that from Cusco) but this is the 2nd temple in Peru so it is a BIG deal for all the members. But anyways the event was AMAZING! My heart was so filled with joy as I watched (on the tv screen because it was transmitted) as all the kids dance and all the excitement that was there. What joy temples bring.
Mili and I right before the dedication! 
. We could not wait for the dedication to start! So we took a picture.
The next day I went to all 3 sessions that they had to dedicate the temple. It was INCREDIBLE. I felt so close to home. As my temple in Payson was dedicated it was hard for me not to think that just a week before my family was able to do all of this as well. But wow, oh it was such a spiritual, uplifting, and wonderful time to ponder WHY we have temples on the earth.

We first of all have them because the Lord has commanded that we have a house of the Lord, but there is SO many more reasons. The two that come to mind is to do work for the living and for the dead, and also to go and be AWAY from the world. It is a sanctuary. It is a house of peace. We go there to find REAL peace.

I will be honest. As I was a teenager I didn’t really think about WHY I went. But I knew it was what brought me happiness. But my vision has expanded. We go because it is a way to dedicate our lives to the Lord. We go and do work for OUR families, so that they can have the gospel. We go to receive council from our Heavenly Father. We go to help our families become stronger, because when we change, we help those we love change and to become more like our Savior. Moses 1:39. It is HIS work, the work of the Lord, to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man. Through the temples we do this. I am so grateful to live in a time where we have temples. DO NOT TAKE ADVANTAGE. GO TO THE TEMPLE. YOU WONT REGRET IT.

Well, today we went to Villcabamba. I woke up at 5, drove in a car for 3 hours and enjoyed a day in some ancient ruins. I have needed this out! It was a little bit cold too, but the sun burned my face because it is high in altitude! But WHAT A FUN DAY! I love the adventures I get to go on. These ruins are from the Incans that went to hide when the Spaniards came to destroy all of Peru. They knew to go into the jungle and a little further to get away from them because the Spaniards did NOT like searching the jungle. So, they built this tiny town (the ruins you see).

But also, the big black rock that we stopped at before was a sacrificing ground. It is where the Incans would make the women pee in the line that was carved out of the rock and if it made it off the edge then it meant they were a virgin and they were sacrificed because they were “clean” and without sin.
WOW! Of course I had to try it! Okay, I didn’t do it people. I used the water in my water bottle and everyone got a kick out of it! Haha! But weird history huh? It is pretty interesting and I was eating every bit of it up! And having fun with it as well. I am sure the Incans in heaven are just shaking their heads.

But all in all I had A GREAT WEEK! I need to go! HAVE A GREAT WEEK!

Hermana Frame
Hermana Baker is going this next week! 
We are enjoying every second with her!
 We are the only four hermanas in Quillabamba... AND WE LOVE IT!

I love my companion Hermana Bazo. 

My district has been such a blessing this change
, not that I have hated past districts.
 But we sure have a LOT of fun together.

Monday, June 15, 2015

Love is a Weird Thing

Hello everybody.

THIS WEEK WAS THE BEST WEEK OF MY LIFE!  AZUSENA, SUSAN, AND GISELLE GOT BAPTIZED ON SATURDAY, JUNE 13, 2015 AT 7:32 PM AND IT WAS AMAZING. (I'm just kidding about the time.  I don't know when they really were. But the rest is accurate information.)  All we have now to make that family completely baptized is mom. She just needs the strength to quit coffee.  She is doing everything else though! It was her birthday yesterday too and we are going to clean her house for her along with Angel, Susan, Azusena, and Giselle on Wednesday for a late birthday present!  She'll love it since she's always working and then works nonstop when she comes home to clean the house and whatnot!  Yeah.  Basically I love that family to death.
We are so excited to be baptizing it's not even funny.

Baptism symbol with the programs!

I also realized a weird thing about loving people.  It's feels so good to love somebody but since your love is something you give to another person they can either magnify it with those choices or break your heart.  You come to love the people you serve and teach about the gospel and Jesus Christ and it's so AWESOME to see them take the steps necessary to come closer to their Heavenly Father. It's so hard to love people that have agency though.  Sometimes they don't use that agency for good and It hurts so bad to see the people you've come to love with such strength, with SO MUCH potential, talents, and abilities to refuse the simple things of the gospel because they are struggling with things like abuse, drugs, alcohol, work.  There is no other way to say it.  They break your heart.  Don't they see this?  Why don't they understand?  We teach it as clearly as we know how and they still reject us and Jesus Christ. It's agency.  There are a couple other factors but it comes down to that.  Agency.  The thing Heavenly Father was willing to lose 1/3 of the hosts of heaven to preserve.  When we use our agency for good we please our Heavenly Father and our older brother Jesus Christ unimaginably. We magnify their love.  When we do not, I'm only beginning to feel and understand the heartache and pain they must feel.  There is so much suffering in this world.  I hate it.  Satan's influence is real and he's out there.  He wants to ruin families more than anything and he's found some really horrible ways to do it.  I’m gonna knock his block off when I finally get a hold of that wretch.

Anyways.  I love you all so much and I can never stress the importance of the little things too much.  I will tell all of you time and time and time again that the little things, or the daily disciplines, like reading your scriptures, praying, and taking the sacrament, all with real intent, will be the things that make a Christ-like person out of a regular you and a regular me.  I love you all so much and am always praying for all of you wherever you are.  Jesus is the Christ.  He is there for us always. Never forget him. Never lose sight of who you all really are.  I love you all.

Till next week.

Elder Frame

BTW!  I'm staying with Elder Agazzani for another transfer here in good 'ol Kingsburg!  We are gonna baptize the sin out of these people!  It's gonna be GREAT!  Love yall
My vaquero pic.
Elder Agazzani el Vaquero. (Cowboy. It sounds cooler in spanish though.)
Good-Bye to three of these chumps.....for now.  Nobody from our zone was transferred to Modesto!

Face Your Fears

Before my mission I thought I was going to be totally fine. I am a people person and I LOVE being social so I thought that it would all be a piece of cake to walk up to someone and just start talking. Well, to my dismay I have found that I have a weakness. Well, I always have known I have had it but this week I really came to realize that it has paralyzed me a little bit. I am a people pleaser and I do not like it when others feel uncomfortable. Well, unfortunately as a missionary we are put into many situations that are not so very comfortable for us or for the recipients. HAHA!

Last night I was able to teach a lesson to a convert that was about Esther. I wasn’t planning on teaching it but it came up and she asked what her story was. I began explaining what happened with her and the story. I specifically remember one year at girls camp I had to give a spiritual thought about her and her life and it is incredible. I don’t have time to explain her story right now so refresh yourself and get ready for my analyzation for the week.

We enfront different fears every day and in every aspect of our life. Like when I was a child and I was scared to give a speech in front of the class, or when I had a piano recital with a memorized piece, or when I was in junior high and asking if you could sit at a table with friends I admired from a distance or when I was in high school and the decision to try out for a team, take a hard class or just survive walking the hallways in high school took courage. Well, nursing school brought a whole lot more. Starting an IV for the first time. Taking my final that determined whether I would keep going with the nursing program or not, or simply just deciding to be a nurse. Well, right now in my mission I am finding that having courage is in every aspect of my life. I have had to make phone calls to people that speak a whole different language, contact people I have no clue who they are, give lessons in a completely different language, challenge someone to be baptized the first lesson when they were barely told that they NEED to be baptized to be saved, culture situations (too many to write about haha), and just in general BEING A MISSIONARY. Haha no it is not as bad as it sounds. But wow I wake up and you better bet that I have to tell myself. You can do it. You can do it! Haha.

In my setting a part blessing I remember President Dunn telling me 3 times. BE BOLD. Be bold while teaching, be bold while studying, and well just be BOLD. Well in my mind I have realized that in other words… Have faith, and act on that faith. When I feel afraid I remember this. BE BOLD HERMANA FRAME. But, back to Esther. She had to have faith, just like I need to have it. She had a purpose just as I have a purpose. She loved HER people just as I love MY people. She took advice from her family just as I do (thanks family for all your support…). And yes, she had to suffer to overcome her trial. And in the end it all came down to ACT. A realization each week that I have is that we have to find more people to teach. But in order for this to happen I have to talk to people. The members, the people in the streets, my converts, and well basically everyone and their dog! This requires SO much courage on my part at times because of the language and well I just hate making others feel uncomfortable. But you know what. My purpose as a missionary is not to be silent. I need to talk in order to help others get out of their comfort zone and realize that their life really is not complete! Okay as I am writing it sounds like I am super struggling with communication and contacting and blah blah blah. But really I am not. I have just understood really how many times in my life I have needed courage. I don’t think it is that different for you all. My challenge to you is BE BOLD. Do something that will get you out of your comfort zone. Which doesn’t mean go and just stop someone on the street and start talking to them awkwardly. I am meaning…. Visit someone you have been thinking about, go to church if you haven’t been in a while, give the talk that you were asked to give in sacrament, accept a calling that seems hard or you feel inadequate or overwhelmed, go to the temple, talk to the bishop if you have had something bothering you and have trust that it will all work out. Remember the ACTING. We can have the faith but courage is to act on that faith.

I have remembered that the church, the gospel, means everything to me. That is why I am here. I understand the lasting affect it will have but it all starts with the sharing of it. Work with me and have courage. Share the gospel. You will never regret it. When we are out of our comfort zone, that is when we are learning. That is when we are growing. The joy that comes after you have overcome starts with the first step. Have courage to take that step.

I hope you all have a great week. I love you all and thank you for all you send. I am one blessed girl! Please know that this calling is everything to me and I am so blessed.
Have a great week!

Hermana Frame

YES I did it. It took courage to cut abuelitas nails!
 They smelt so bad and smells get to me!
 Nurse Frame at your service!
 Yes, feel bad for me. Haha!
 I think the toilet paper helped …. Wow. I struggle.
Hermana Bazo and I waiting for Wendy to take us to church on Sunday in her moto! Wahoo!
The people lay out their coffee…. Um right on top of the soccer playing area.
 Um, I enjoy the laws in the states where everything is sanitary.
 This gives me shivers to buy anything from the market here!
 But they lay it out to bake it and sell it!
The assistants thoroughly enjoyed their nerf guns while they were checking our room!
 Mom, as always the Christmas gifts have been hit!
Sister Baum! Thanks for the saying that my Mom was able to send!
 I gave it as a gift this week to the family that was sealed this last January!
 It looks awesome… as you can tell haha!
 Families are Forever is what it says in Spanish.
Mom, your package came today!
 Homemade lemon cookies in peru, all the magazines, the trail mix, oh man all of it!
 I was in HEAVEN! Thank you!
Tons of outdated Liahonas!
 My converts new calling is to pass out all of them and be in charge of all that come, and who needs renewals.
 It was a project and a half. WHEW! I definitely took advantage in the states of when I can just pull it off the shelf in deseret book. HAHA!
Ever seen a funeral in a gas station. First time ever in my life!

Monday, June 8, 2015


Hay.  We had such a great week this week!  Giselle Leonardo's baptism was changed to the 14th of June so Hermana Leonardo can get work off and come!  We also set dates with Asusena and Susan again!  We finally figured out what was wrong!  They want to be perfect BEFORE baptism!  They thought baptism is for perfect people when in all reality baptism is for imperfect people who promise to STRIVE for perfection.  So yeah.  It was a super cool lesson we had with them because we asked a lot of inspired questions to finally figure out what was up with them deciding they weren't ready anymore.  So glad we have the spirit to help us out.  He's a good guy that Holy Ghost.

Other news.  5 days until we find out if who goes and who stays.  The day we've been waiting for since we found out there was going to be a mission split!  Haha!  We'll see what happens!  At least whatever happens I know it's from the Lord.  I have been giving him my opinion though prayer.  I told him I'd like to stay in Kingsburg until I can baptize the rest of the Leonardo family, but that's not my call so yeah.  I'll just wait and watch.

Sorry about no pictures.  I left my card reader and cords back at the apartment so just hold on for another week with no pictures of my beautiful face.

Love yall!

Elder Frame

Will of God

This week has been one to remember! I have reflected on a lot and wow. The time flies at times and at times it doesn’t.

But I remember October General Conference of 2012. I was sitting in my front room with my family ready with my notebook in hand ready for a spiritual refuel. I sat there and as president Monson started to speak I remember distinctly the moment right before he made the life changing announcement for the age change for missionaries. I was reminded through the spirit that the Lord’s will needs to be my will. President Monson announced the age change and everyone was asking if I would be finishing nursing school or going on my mission which had been my dream for YEARS.

 Well, with much excitement and lots of council from my parents- mainly from my father, yes of course I would finish. But in this moment, I thought. WHY? After all the plans I made Heavenly Father… I had it all planed out. Well, this was one of many experiences that I had that the Lord has HIS time, and when we follow HIS will we are blessed.

 Fast forward to October  2014. I was in the CCM/MTC in Lima Peru sitting on a bench in the patio area talking with my companion. I was mostly crying not talking if I recall. Oh the emotions. I had just a few weeks into my mission and it hit me like a block in the face. I could not communicate; I could not share the gospel because I did not know the language. I sat there wondering and thinking about how could God do this to me? All I had ever wanted to do was to serve Him, go on a mission and be His servant. I sat there talking with my companion about how hard it was for me because I felt like I was being cut down, once again. Nursing school was already hard enough. Why again?

Well, not even 10 minutes later we walked into our class and our teacher showed us a Mormon message about the Will of God, by D. Todd Christoferson. It was an answer to prayer. I sat there shocked. Heavenly Father knew how I felt.

 I want to share a part of the talk that he gave about this topic, and also the one that was made for the Mormon message.
I would like to speak of one particular attitude and practice we need to adopt if we are to meet our Heavenly Father’s high expectations. It is this: willingly to accept and even seek correction. Correction is vital if we would conform our lives “unto a perfect man, [that is,] unto the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ” (Ephesians 4:13). Paul said of divine correction or chastening, “For whom the Lord loveth he chasteneth” (Hebrews 12:6). Though it is often difficult to endure, truly we ought to rejoice that God considers us worth the time and trouble to correct.”
“God uses another form of chastening or correction to guide us to a future we do not or cannot now envision but which He knows is the better way for us.

President Hugh B. Brown, formerly a member of the Twelve and a counselor in the First Presidency, provided a personal experience. He told of purchasing a rundown farm in Canada many years ago. As he went about cleaning up and repairing his property, he came across a currant bush that had grown over six feet (1.8 m) high and was yielding no berries, so he pruned it back drastically, leaving only small stumps. Then he saw a drop like a tear on the top of each of these little stumps, as if the currant bush were crying, and thought he heard it say:   “How could you do this to me? I was making such wonderful growth. … And now you have cut me down. Every plant in the garden will look down on me. … How could you do this to me? I thought you were the gardener here.” President Brown replied, “Look, little currant bush, I am the gardener here, and I know what I want you to be. I didn’t intend you to be a fruit tree or a shade tree. I want you to be a currant bush, and someday, little currant bush, when you are laden with fruit, you are going to say, ‘Thank you, Mr. Gardener, for loving me enough to cut me down.’”
If we sincerely desire and strive to measure up to the high expectations of our Heavenly Father, He will ensure that we receive all the help we need, whether it be comforting, strengthening, or chastening. If we are open to it, needed correction will come in many forms and from many sources. It may come in the course of our prayers as God speaks to our mind and heart through the Holy Ghost (see D&C 8:2). It may come in the form of prayers that are answered no or differently than we had expected.”

I feel like we all have moments that we feel like we are being cut down. It is because God loves us. He doesn’t want us to only achieve what we think we can achieve. He knows we can do more. I have shaken my fist at heaven and wondered why it is so hard. But I will continually understand and recognize it is because God has a plan for me, for Hermana Frame. He wants me to achieve, to learn, and to grow. Without correction and being “cut down” I will never progress. I have remembered this this week as we have been working with the members and investigators.

 Right now we are working with Hermana Yessica. She is completely ready for baptism. She had her interview yesterday and all we are waiting on is her husband to return from the jungle so we can do her papers to get married. Oh, how this week I have thought…Why does she have to wait? She wants to be baptized. Isn’t that a worthy enough reason for it all to just work out. But he needed to cut her down, put her though this to realize that she can do hard things. To have faith and patience is the game we are playing. But overall we are all learning together that the will of the Lord is everything. We need to understand how to accept the will of the Lord, and even more yearn to do the will of the Lord.

 I love this gospel and this week remember that the Lord has a plan for you. He wants to bless you. His pathway is the best way to go. It doesn’t mean that it will be the easiest, but it is always worth it. I love this gospel and I am so grateful to be here on my mission. I love it with all my heart.

Until next week!

Hermana Frame

This week we had Hermana Bazos birthday!
 She had a day filled with cakes, parties, and gifts…
I made sure that even though she was new here in Quilla she could still feel loved. 
So grateful that I have connections-perks of being in the same área for a long time.
 But the hermana leaders were here to celebrate and we were able to celebrate Hermana Robinsons as well! They had eggs cracked on their head with flour thrown on them.
Oh the traditions of Peru!

My hair falls out in handfulls!
It happens to all the hermanas here in the misión! 
Pray that I have hair when I get back! Haha!

With my convert Wendy calling the headquarters of the Liahona
to help set up an account because her new calling is to help with the magazines.  
We listened to lovely church music as we were put on hold. HAHA!
Listening to hymns in the middle of Peru on a payphone!

I learned how to drive Wendy’s moto!
My companion had a heart attack in the back seat as I was learning!

We pass the pool every day and yes,
I sit there gazing at those people that get to enjoy bliss
as I am sweating my face off…. Haha!

Oh how I love these two girls!
These two are so rambunctious!!! 
But Yessica definitely loves our help with them in sacrament meeting,
and these pics were when she was having her interview.