Monday, April 27, 2015

I was so forgetful this week!

I know a little about sprinkling systems, I think?  Thanks Bro Whitehead!
Elders all learning from the sisters because they are always so righteous it diminishes us. (Not really we just don't know how they always have such high weekly numbers.)
And beautiful Elder Agazzani!

What's going on everybody!  It's Elder Frame right from Kingsburg/Parlier!

Another week come and gone in my mission! I was thinking about my time the other day and just made my head hurt. We can never ever get back any time we spend. There are no rebates. We are here to prove ourselves. Every. Single. Second. We are on this earth to prove to our Heavenly Father how bad we want eternal life and exaltation and to live in his presence again. Each and every thought and action will be a testament to what we truly wanted in this life. So I thought about that. Is what I do every second of the day showing my Heavenly Father how bad I want to be with him again for eternity? It shook me up a little bit because I cannot honestly say that EVERY single second of the day I'm focusing on my mission, my investigators, learning more, etc.  I am striving to be exactly obedient so that I can, when I come to meet Jesus Christ and my Heavenly Father, look them straight in the face and say that I strove my best to use every single second to demonstrate that I wanted to come back and live with them. I know that right now as I live my missionary purpose EVERY second of the day I will become the missionary Heavenly Father needs. I'll become the missionary my investigators need! I'll be showing them second by second or decision by decision that my deepest desire is to live with them again.  Anyways, that was my deep thought for this past week.

Here's a super cool quote from Miracle of Forgiveness! 

"Happiness is an elusive thing.  It is like the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.  If we go out deliberately to find it, we may have difficulty in catching it.  But if we follow directions closely, charting our course properly, we will not need to pursue it.  It will overtake us and remain with us."

Yeah. I have no inspiring words to follow that or anything.  I just really liked it so yall should read it and think about it!

Anyways, this past week I had such a bad problem with leaving my stuff ALL over the zone!  I was so forgetful this week!  I lost the following throughout the week: my wallet, our phone, my suit coat, our car keys, our dinner calendar, my shoe, my planner, my camera, and whatever else I can't remember right now!  It was so bad!  We were always having to look for my stuff ALL WEEK!  So yeah, my goal this week is to stop losing stuff.  I just gotta remember that goal. Ha.

Anyways.  Love you all so much!  Keep on keeping on!

Elder Frame

first pic is Elder Allred and I acting out the pic behind us! I love that Elder!  He's a huge goofball so we have a lot in common!
Before and after.  Yeah.  We play dress up as missionaries too. I forgot how fun it is!!
Adopting the statues!

The change that can happen

Another week! I have been doing great! My companion is doing great! I am so grateful to have this time in Quillabamba! I was telling her today really how thankful I am to have this time to serve in such a beautiful place.

This week I have really been able to feel the love Heavenly Father has for his children. The work I am able to do here as a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is something I will never forget. To see people’s lives change through THEIR choice of following our savior is indescribable.

I have been able to watch Wendy, a convert that Hermana Hoskins and I had in December has been an amazing experience. She was so lost before, but now feels like there is purpose. She went from showing up to church in holy jeans to now coming in a skirt, from not knowing how to pray to giving a talk in sacrament meeting and feeling lonely to now having a calling with people that love her and want her to be there. I LOVE hearing her pray to Heavenly Father about how thankful she is to have the gospel and the desire she has to share the gospel! She drives motos for a living and she always has stories of how she has given the pass along cards or El Vive cards out to others. Her testimony is growing. I LOVE seeing this change.

Change for good. It is what happens when someone wants to follow Christ and actually does it. I have been thinking a lot of what the gospel has done for me. Yes, I am one of those people who have had the gospel my whole life. I am extremely blessed. But I still have to make the decision to LIVE it. It is hard for me to visit less actives who won’t come to church because they need a little extra money, they "don’t have time", they feel uncomfortable, feel like others are judging them, or they have been offended.


Oh the change of heart that they could have. It is hard. I know, at times it can be hard. But it is worth it. It makes me think of the questions on the pass along cards we were recently given. Do these people want happier marriages? Do they want peace and joy? Do they want to know how to work through the challenges they face? Do they want to be better people? Will they see their loved ones after death?

Finding ways to help them understand has created quite the missionary out of Hermana Frame.... me. I have been able to pray like everything depends on God and work like everything depends on me. I love the missionary life. I love knowing that I can live happy with my family not only now but later. I can work through my challenges and trials. I can find peace. I can have a happy marriage... in the future haha! But really the gospel is amazing. I love it with all my heart.

We were able to go to the cataratas de Mando last week! Wow once again a great experience! SOOOOOO beautiful and I am so lucky to be in such a beautiful place. My companion was dying by the time we got up to it because her foot was really hurting but she told me after…. Vale la Pena! It was worth it! Haha!

But we did pay for it the next day… But the Hermana Leaders came and saved the day! Haha! Hermana Rasmussen and Hermana Ugarte and I were able to switch off and work the whole day. IT WAS SO REFRESHING. I love to work. It really makes me happy. Anyways! I had a great week and enjoy the pics!

Monday, April 20, 2015

Mostly Photos This Week!

Sorry I left like no time to write to yall!  So here's some quick pics and a quick hello to tide you all over till next week!

So this week was full of miracles!  Found a prepared family of five named the Ortizs!  Set baptismal dates for the rest of the Leonardo family for May 21st!  Did 3 baptismal interviews for all of the sisters in my district with another coming up this week!  So cool! 

BTW.  We also found a giant Bumblebee transformer and took a bunch of photos by it!  They are sweet!  

I love you all and I know that Jesus Christ lives.  I've found that through intense study and prayer.  Yall should try it out sometime!  It makes you want to be such a better person!  I love you all and hope you are focusing on what really matters!

Elder Frame


Okay first of all I didn’t kill an animal, my companion did but I was for sure in the process. I am sorry to all of you animal lovers, especially bunny lovers because I have to admit. Yes, I really did do it, and no I didn’t cry.

But first I want to start out with I am doing great! The sector of La Granja in Quillabamba Peru is doing amazing! Hermana Liza and I are going at it. Well, as much as we can! My companion has a soft tissue fracture on her left foot and has dealt with it her whole mission. My mission president emailed me right before we became companions and told me about her situation. She has one transfer left in the mission and needs to rest, but finish her mission with honor. So, that is where it is rough! When do I know that she needs to rest to not make it worse, and to help her get out working so that we don’t kill each other in our small apartment! Haha! No, I have witnessed miracles this week as I try to follow the spirit to know exactly what to do. We take it a day at a time. It for sure is a different schedule than before but the Lord is in the work. I can testify of that.

But, long story short we have been doing great! OH AND SHE IS PERUVIAN! Haha, sorry I forgot that point. She is from Chiclayo-shout out to Hermana Chandler on her mission- but also she is so laid back. Which is exactly what I need. I stress, she calms me down and we do the work. Haha! She has 10 siblings and her parents are converts. She has a sister on a mission in Bolivia which returns 2 weeks before her! Wow, sounds kind of like Jackson, I mean Elder Frame and me! Well, when we left haha!

But long story short, yes I did help kill the white bunny! It was a members and one day we went to visit her and she said that she has wanted to try rabbit and my companion said… You haven’t killed one before? Apparently the people from Quilla don’t know how to kill, skin, and prepare a rabbit to eat. Well, Hermana Liza does. Well, she has watched it be done. HAHA! So we set up a time to come and have a rabbit feast. Yep. This is how it went.

We showed up, Mery (the member) said she couldn’t watch it be killed, left us in another room, and we sat in the other room for 20 minutes literally discussing how we were going to do it and who was doing what and then on the count of three it was all done. Okay not all of it. The whole process took 11 minutes exactly. From the time the rabbit was alive, to the time it was ready to be fried. WAHOO! If anyone needs a rabbit killed, skinned, and a meal prepared I can do it! Haha! But it was bloody, and NO ONE wanted to watch, and my companion feels like crap because later as we were eating the rabbit as well as the cake we made for Abuelitas birthday Mili, the daughter of Mery said, "Where is my bunny?”   UHHHHHH AWKWARD!!!!    Haha I literally just started laughing because no one said anything. And then she freaked and started crying and Mery had to go buy a white bunny that day at the market so Mili wouldn’t hate us for eternity. Although I think she does. HAHAHAHAHA! Oh the experience.  Enjoy the pics. Hehe.

Also, I want to end with my testimony about prayer. Each time I think about it lately I want to just stop and talk with everyone and tell them…. Did you know that you have a Heavenly Father that cares about you more than anyone else in this entire world? Well, if don’t, then you kneel down and just ask to feel His love. He loves each of us, one by one. I know that. Through prayer we can receive guidance, feel loved, and create a relationship with our Maker. It reminds me of Punchinello in the book You Are Special. He loves us individually. I can testify of that.

Well, I am going to some sweet waterfalls today! Need to run! Until next week.

Hermana Frame

Don’t worry Mom and Dad I won’t come back wanting to kill every animal I see. I really did feel bad after Mili didn’t know we killed her pet…. Poor thing!

Oh and it was Abuelitas birthday! We made a cake, celebrated and made it the best day she has had in a LONG time. Oh, the memories. SHE TURNED 90!!!! What a woman!

Monday, April 13, 2015

Elder Frame's still on a mission sending letters.

Yeah.  I run out of clever subject lines.

So this week was long and great!  Between meetings and teaching it has been a fulfilling and fun week!

We had President Interviews this week and that was great!  President Clark is such an inspired man!  Ha quick funny story about that too, Sister Clark has a fun way of making you want to be on time.  If you are late you get to plank (get on the floor in push up position and rest on your forearms) until she's tired.  It's become a mission wide thing.  Every Zone Conference there's always elders planking at the start. I've escaped planking so far in my mission and Sister Clark even told me she was impressed that I haven't had to plank yet and she'd be watching me. So this past Friday Elder Agazzani and I were 1 minute late to her training while President did interviews, so he and I got to plank until Sister Clark was tired.  Dang! She didn't tire very quickly!  After 4 and half minutes she said she was tired and we went and sat back down for her training!  Usually it's about 2 minutes of planking! She told me that since I had never been late that I deserved more cause I should've been in the habit of it already!  Psh. Sister Clark! Ha she's a great lady!

Our stake got a new stake presidency, so all the members were all antsy and anxious to find out their new stake presidency!  We had Elder Baxter from the First Quorum of the Seventy and Elder Packer of the Seventy show up to reorganize it!  They gave phenomenal talks and I want to share my favorite quote from Elder Baxter's:(also read this in an English accent cause he's from London! It makes the quote so much cooler!!)

"We ought to have a spring in our step, a smile on our face and a twinkle in our eye because there's a fire burning in our hearts."

Whoa!  So good!  Here's what I wrote down after his talk: "We all should let the light of Christ shine through us at every moment of the day!  We should have our burning testimonies light our whole being all the time because we have the truth!  We have purpose!  We have the knowledge that we are never alone!  We have so much that should make us happy ALL THE TIME!  Sometimes I think we just let other things smother or dampen our fire.  Maybe we lose sight of our purpose in being here. Maybe we sin and don't fully believe that Christ can forgive and heal us.  Whatever is smothering or dampening your fire, get rid of it!  Let your divine potential shine through your actions, the way you look, talk, what you do. These are all indicators of how much you are letting that light from your fire show!  Every thought, decision, and act will, however minutely, eternally affect you!  Choose to do good, choose to let your light shine so that others will know 'where to look for their salvation!'"  So yeah.  I filled up a lot of my journal with stuff from his talk!!

Love yall!

Elder Frame

Be in tune

Well, I literally have no time today! It is zone p-day and we are making BBQ chicken to teach our fun Latinos in our zone! YESSSSS! Fist pump.

But talk about most stressful week ever! I changed, shipped one companion off to Cusco, moved out of our old house, painted our old room, did humanitarian work, had stake-district conference and now I am speaking TOTALLY in Spanish as I teach my new companion Hermana Liza the sector. WOWOWOWOWOWOWOW! The mission is crazy.

But as of right now I have to say that this time in my life has definitely been one of the happiest. I love what I am doing. I love it with all my heart. I love to help, I love to teach, and I love to live the gospel of Jesus Christ. So many people say (me being one of them) that the mission is hard. Yeah, it’s hard but wow IT IS SO AMAZING.  There is so many emotions, experiences, ups and downs I can’t even describe it. But through it all what I get through all of it is that the Lord is there. He prepares us. He has prepared me and is continually helping me achieve my goals as I try each day to become a better disciple. I can’t tell you how many times I have been cut down, how many times I have been refined. We all have. It’s life. But that is the joy of it. I have also learned it is all about our reaction. I testify that if you turn to the gospel no matter what circumstance you are in, you can overcome whatever trial you are going through.

This week I was able to do some humanitarian work with a group of Mormon doctors that came from Idaho and Utah to help the nurses and doctors here in Cusco and Quillabamba. WHAT A TREAT! I was able to help them as I taught and translated for the doctors. WOWOWOWOW! The Lord prepares His people. I have been through so much but this week I have been reminded that if we trust Him and lean on Him in all circumstances it is all for a purpose. To bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man.


This week, I was able to help in one little way, but I felt like it will change lives forever. The highest death rate in Peru is mothers that die of postpartum hemorrhage so the doctors were there to help educate them in ways to decrease the mortality rate. It was an experience I will never forget. But the whole time I was there I felt the spirit telling me…. Hermana Frame, you have been prepared. Go and do. Well, translating was HARD and teaching what I have learned in nursing school was HARD but I did it the best I could. I am definitely excited to get better and be able to help more in the mission or hopefully after. But even in the missionary work I can see it.

Wow, the Lord always has a plan that we cannot see.

Be in tune.

Say your prayers, read and recognize the light that comes when you really listen.

Well, I have to go. Enjoy the pics from our district conference! President and Sister Harbertson came and Hermana Hoskins and I helped with the choir.

Hermana Frame

Monday, April 6, 2015


So yeah.  What's going on everybody?  Same old same old over here in DANG SUNNY California!  It's been SO HOT!  I got sunburned!  Let the summer of burning begin. Woooooo.  I'm sure the enabling power of the Atonement will help me through these hard upcoming months.

This week was full of meetings.  Leadership training meetings, normal meetings, and general conference made this week seem super duper short!

Speaking of general conference.  GENERAL CONFERENCE WAS AWESOME!  I watched the first session of it in Spanish and understood 92.1% of it.  So that was pretty cool.  The rest was in glorious English and it was all AMAZING.  My favorite talk out of all of them was the talk about the Indian and the dancing.  We have to find the music within us.  All I thought about throughout the whole conference was of the EFY song Glorious.  I was also thinking that it would make a really cool Mormon message.  Anyways, enough of my prophecies of future missionary tools for us to use.

We have an investigator named Nairoby that is really progressing towards baptism!  She's been looking for the truth for 3 years now she told us and she really believes that we've brought it to her!  Yaahaa!  So awesome to see the Lord hastening his work!

Studying the Atonement this week has been so awesome and so amazing as I've really tried to understand it in as many levels as possible.  The depth of his pain.  Incalculable.  The effects of it. Infinite.   We choose what we are going to do with his infinite sacrifice.  Will we choose to let it enable us, change us?  Will we choose to let it heal us?  Will we choose to understand it and thereby gain greater access to it?  We are all here to choose who we will follow. What we choose to do with this infinite and empowering gift will have eternal consequences!  We have our agency!  O be wise, what can I say more?

Love yall!

Elder Frame

Full of Emotion!

Well, I will have to say that I have been through all the emotions you can imagine in the last 24 hours! Changes are extremely crazy in the mission and TODAY ARE CHANGES! But the big news is that I am staying in Quillabamba!

I will have completed 7 and a half months here! But sadly Hermana Hoskins is going to Cusco! We both are getting Latina companions! Wow it will be extremely different but I am so so so so excited! But, Hermana Hoskins just informed me that she is tiny, meaning short so bring I ton! I am going to look more like a giant…. Haha! But wow I am full of gratitude as I reflect on all that has happened and am so grateful for the Lord and His hand in my work here especially in Quillabamba!

 I don’t have a lot of time today because we have to go and pack! Hermana Hoskins to leave and also me because I am going to be moving for the THIRD time in my mission! This is abnormal… Let me repeat… It is abnormal to have moved in the mission this many times. But we are certain this move will be the last! I will have to send pics of our beautiful new space… I have seen it and I WILL HAVE HOT WATER TO SHOWER IN!!! Fist pump! Not that I want it hot because I am sweating all the time but still…

This week has been a spiritual upliftment for me though. Conference was incredible and I am so thankful for the opportunity to be guided by a living prophet in a world that is filled with confusion. As I was getting people to come to the conference (no they can’t watch it in their houses, so they come to the church) my heart was full. I watched as the Peruvians all filed in and it was a momento that I was so grateful to be here experiencing the church in a whole different part of the world and the joy I feel as I am serving the Lord where He wants me to serve. Tears filled my eyes as the thought of having to leave them sooner than I want filled my thoughts. Oh, and just the clarity in my thoughts as I was reassured that this church is true. The gospel is flooding the earth and I love being a part of it.

Hermana Hoskins and I literally feel like we are attached at the hip so pray for me that these next few days will go smoothly. She has been a strength to me especially in the first months of my mission and we will be friends for a long long time. Relationships are so important. Who you associate with in life determines the person you become. I am grateful to have at least 6 months with this amazing woman.

Well, I have to go! Have a great week and I will update more on the work here in Hawaii, I mean Quillabamba next week!

Hermana Frame

Oh, and my new companions name is Hermana Liza! I am sure you will get the low down of her and how excited I am to have my first Latina companion!

Enjoy the Pics of my crazy celebrations for my birthday! 

Wow, I was SPOILED! When they found out it was my birthday they went crazy! Surprise parties, cakes, gifts, and lots of hugs and kisses on the cheek! I am so grateful for the time I have been able to rub shoulders with each of them!

Our abuelita came to conference! This lady is the cutest, and of course I had to get a pic!

Oh, and the Hermanas in my district bought me sparklers and made me homemade cookies! What a birthday... I will never forget it that is for sure!