Monday, November 30, 2015

El Dia de Gracias (Day of Thanks or Thanksgiving)

Hey yall!

It's been another here in paradise!  Visalia is my home!!  We just had transfer calls and Elder Ayala will be leaving the area and I'll be staying to continue everything here!  I'm super happy for that! I'm really going to miss Elder Ayala.  He helped me see so many things in a different light. I really have grown to be a much better person by knowing him and being his companion.  He's really going places after his mission.  His ultimate goal is to become President of Paraguay, so I'll be checking up on him in these upcoming years!

 CHRISTMAS IS COMING!  I love Christmas!  The new videos the church has for Christmas are amazing!!  I encourage each of you to go look those up and determine how you can share those with everyone!  They are tools for missionaries around the world and the more you share those and talk about those, the more people are touched by the message and prepared, even just a little bit, to receive the Gospel of Jesus Christ!

This week has been one of my favorites on my mission!  We had 5 dinners on Thursday night.  I was so bloated by the end of the day.  There were so many members and investigators that were worried for our Thanksgivings "away from home."  We ate and talked and ate and drove to another place to eat and talk and eat and make more food to eat.  That's basically how our day was beginning at 11:00 AM to 9:00 PM.  It was really great to share the day with so many people and families!

We baptized Alejandro!  It was awesome!  His son was able to perform the ordinance since he's a priest!  It was one of the most spiritual baptisms!  He said he really felt "algo grande en su panza" when he came out of the water. (something big in his stomach)  It got even better on Sunday though, he said that when he received the Holy Ghost he knew that this was exactly what he needed to do with his life and that starting in his chest he felt a warm peace flush through his body.  He is super solid and we've planned out their going to the temple next year in November so we can come back for it!  I LOVE THIS WORK!  FAMILIES ARE THE BEST!

Hey!  Just keep on keeping on!  It's worth fighting for what's worth having!  It's all possible through the Atonement of Jesus Christ.  Study it!  Learn about it!  Your life will change in so many ways!  Your happiness will be off the scales.  Any time spent trying to learn about the Atonement is time put into your salvation!  I know that there is a God who loves us.  He knows you.  He wants to help you!  Let him!

Hey!  I love you all and can't thank all of you enough for influencing me in any way to help me make the decision to go on a mission.  It's been a ride that gets better and better and better!

Elder Frame

Our dinner at the familia Huerta's house!  
They're the best! 
Making Tamales at one of our Thanksgiving dinners!
Another selfie with the familia huerta!

  Thanks for the tree mom! 

Anali and divine nature

 So I thought I would share a little bit of my email to president this week!
Hi President! We have had a good week! We were in Cusco and Urubamba this week. We stayed on Monday and the morning on Tuesday because my companion has had more examines and we are trying to figure out what she has. It is frustrating for her because there is no solution and she is in constant pain. She works and works but it is constantly there. It is just gases in her intestines we think... but she is doing the best she can. As she is adjusting to a new area, new people, and the responsibilities... it is a bit overwhelming. But I LOVE her so much! She has helped me so much and is a companion I enjoy. This is such a blessing for me right now.

But we were able to have a baptism this week! It was so good. I love the change I have seen. I see it in each convert. But wow, this work is better than anything else I could be doing. Her name is Anali, she is 20 years old and in her first lesson she said she didn’t believe in God. You can bet I had tears in my eyes as she came up out of the water and she was crying out of joy. But also, she told me... I wish my Mom was here to experience this with me. Her mom has cut her off completely. It breaks my heart. They are devoted Catholics and she said that she will no longer be supporting her in her schooling because of this decision. HOW HARD. Just to follow Christ. Oh my heart hurts for her. But at the same time she IS SO HAPPY. To help others tap into the atonement is unreal. She has been able to literally do things she never thought she could. She has forgiven someone who has hurt her which was extremely hard for her to do. She has come to church every Sunday for the last 5 months, and has read her scriptures and prayed each day. She has made decisions, and followed the commitments we gave her. She is incredible and will be a strong convert. I love her, and I love seeing the change that happens when we apply the gospel.

I have been studying this week about our divine nature. What a blessing it has been for me to have parents that have taught this since day 1. I know that I am a daughter of God. I know my Heavenly Father loves me. Just from this I find strength and desire to work as a disciple of Jesus Christ. I have been able to see this divine nature in others as I have lived my life because when I understand who I am, I want others to know as well. Here in the mission, and especially this last Saturday as I was able to witness Anali make the decision to be baptized I have realized that serving, loving others, and seeing their divine nature brings me true joy. Seeing them change to have better lives is the best thing that I can do. And it doesn’t require going on a mission.

In the new conference issue Rosemary M. Wixom described ways to remember our divine potential.
-Look not only in a mirror but out a window
-Ask Heavenly Father in prayer how he really feels about being his son or his daughter
-Listen to the prophet’s voice; it gives you strength to follow His will
-Serving others
-Partaking of the sacrament weekly to remember that His son, our brother gives us desire to keep moving forward

Ask yourself what you are doing to live your life as a child of God? How can you develop the divine nature that is within you? President Uchdtorf said… “God sent you here to prepare for a future greater than anything you can imagine.”

This last weekend I had tears in my eyes each lesson. I have been asking heavenly father to help me feel of the love he has for each of the people we are teaching and I have felt it. I feel so grateful to be a part of a work that helps others find true joy. I have had the privilege to have the gospel my whole life. I never understood what a blessing that was until I came here into the mission. My family loves me and wants me to follow Christ. My parents rejoice because I am here. I am blessed. The mission has been an addition to my life that will forever be something I am grateful for. I love this gospel. I know that being a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is a privilege. An opportunity to learn and grow and oh how I love it.

I have to go! But have a great week! Love you all! D&C 6:8 (One of my favorite scriptures)

Hermana Frame

Monday, November 23, 2015

We were….. ROBBED!!!!!

I knew it would happen once in my mission. My mom told me before the mission to not bring a few things because I would stand out… I whined about it and didn’t bring the stuff… BUT THEY STILL ROBBED ME. I am trying to come to terms with it.

Ugh! We were going to the terminal to travel back to Abancay on Friday at 5 in the morning and the taxista just drove off with our stuff! We paid, got out of the car and said… can you open the back? He was being honked at by other cars so pulled up a little bit and we thought he would stop, but no he drove off even before we could get his license plate number. WHAT!!! We were so bummed; we waited and waited until we almost missed our bus at 6. Oh I just want to cry thinking about it.

 The only really valuable thing… well that was worth money was the recorder that my Mom sent to me. Just so you know I miss it. But even more… My predicad mi evengelio, and my study journal were in there! What is this taxi driver going to do with those two things… and dirty garments? No comment. But it made me really reflect on what is of value to us. Yes, mom you will be sad because I will not be sending voice recordings.. but those two books were so special to me. I marked them, and read them every day… basically you can tell I am sad.

But, moving on. I have realized more and more that the material things are not what bring us joy. It is the knowledge we gain… particularly in the gospel. It is the relationships we have with those that we love. Yeah, it is all what you have heard before. But just think…. If you lost everything. What would you think? Remember everything can be lost in 2 seconds. Your house burns down, you are in an earthquake… etc. It is really interesting.

This week we have had a great week! Other than getting robbed! Haha! But Hermana Solar and I are just ripping it up! We have a baptism this Saturday and we are so excited! Her name is Ana… The first lesson I had with her she didn’t believe in God. Wow, she has made it SO far. We have really focused on helping her with the opinion of others. She is the FIRST one to be baptized in her family and when she told her mom, or asked her mom is she could be baptized she yelled at her on the phone and said she would stop sending money to help with her schooling. Ana, well, let’s just say she did what was best, prayed about it, and said. “I am 20 and my Mom will understand later.”  Wow, what an eternal perspective and huge act of faith. We are excited for her! More deets next week.

Well, I am here in Cusco ready for another week of visits in Urubamba and loving my time in both my sector and the fifty million other areas we visit. Wherever I am, I KNOW THAT IT IS THE LORDS WORK. He is the one leading it. As I get farther into my mission I am understanding more that my life is an offering to Him. I am here because He loves me and wants me to progress and it is through doing His will.

Well, have fun with the pics. There is a lot! Haha! So ready for Christmas and trying to be in the Thanksgiving mood but here in Peru they have no clue what it is. I will try and start the new tradition here… but I don’t think they will go for it as it started from the pilgrims in the United States. Haha!

But, I love each of you and thank you for the support that you have given me here in the mission! I say it each week but this is literally one of the best years of my life. I am so blessed to be here. Until next week!

Hermana Frame

P-day in Cusco last week and me with my granddaughter!
 Hermana Bazo, who I trained is training her! 
She lived in Spain for 5 years... fun fact and she is darling!

We had a fun pday in Cusco today and yesterday
... Helados... 
Ice cream in the mall in front of the gigantic Christmas tree.

 Thanks mom! I saved them all from last Christmas
 and this last Friday was a rough day
 and I said... I need something happy
 so we put up the decorations.
 Can’t wait for Christmas!

MOM! Look at all the big letters you have sent!
 It literally covered the whole floor! 
We had fun taking pics too.... Haha we have a great time together.

My companion had to get blood taken
 and so I took a pic right after she cried.
 What a great companion right? 
She is one tough cookie. 
We are trying to figure out what she has.

Look at all the cards you have all sent me.
 I didn’t realize it until I pulled them all out this last week.

This is a plate of food we ate that it is right in the heart of Cusco.
 The sector is called Piccu!
 It was super good and just a random plate of food.
 Don’t know... Haha

We celebrated one of the sisters and she completed a year! 
We burned one of her skirts... it is a tradition which I didn’t do... sad  :(   haha but we had fun
 and her mission leader bought a cake and we blindfolded her to surprise her! 
It was fun to make it a great day.

 Enjoy the photos of all the clothes I wore this week
 because I don’t have mine anymore.... Haha!
 The #missionlife



Sorry about last week!  I ran out of time.  This week I have prioritized my emailing and I'll be emailing this one first!

Hey!  We are going to be going to an activity at 12:15 so we need to leave here pretty quick.

I just want to let you all know that I'm still alive and that I'm sorry my emails have been pretty weak sauce lately.

I really only have a little time to write and so I won't have a lot of time to get my thoughts completely out and how I want them, but here's my best on the update on two of our investigators.

Alejandro Campos Perez will be baptized this Saturday! We are super excited to complete that family! It's been really cool to help them shift their focus from just completing their family through membership and putting their sights on the temple so they can be sealed as a family for all eternity. It's going to be such a sweet day for them!

We've been working with another awesome family also! Mayeli is the mom and she has 3 kids of baptism age. Like usual dad is not as excited to learn. He's ok with us teaching his family though! We are seeing a lot of potential there and we love them a bunch! They came to an activity the other day, mingled with members, and said they loved it! They unfortunately were not able to make it to church so we're going to teach them the Sabbath Day next....

That's kind of the update on our area!  I'm still loving my mission more than life!  It's awesome!

Love you all!

Elder Frame

PS  Merry Christmas.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015


I can't send what I was planning on!  I love you all a bunch though!  I'm sorry!  It's been a crazy week with going to the temple, meetings and everything! It's been great though!  I love you all!


Monday, November 16, 2015

Full of Memories

Well, to start off, we had a great week in Abancay! And we are now in Cusco, traveled this morning and loving every bit of it! The visits have already started with our sweet hermanas. We will be returning this Friday and my poor Hermana Solar is so dizzy and not loving that we travel so much but…. We will live.

This week I have had one of the best weeks in the mission. My companion knows how to get stuff done and we both have the ganas.. the whats that called… well we just want to go and work. The branch we are in is strong… 140 to 160 members attend but the problem is priesthood. If they payed their tithing and there were more priesthood members we would be Gucci! But they give us references left and right! It is amazing to be a part of the work here.  We are sad to have to leave so often but know there is a purpose. This week we have 2 great progressing investigators and we have found so many more potentials. I have felt the spirit so strong this week during the lessons and I know it is because I am focusing on purifying myself. It is a hard thing to do! My companion and I are getting rid of all the slang words we say… or jergas as they say in Spanish. And if I say one I have to do a push up. Oh man… I have cut back but it is still SO HARD! Mom, remember when I had to wash floor boards because I couldn’t get over saying dang it or stupid or freaking…. Yeah. Still working on it. But I know the small things I change make the biggest difference. I can feel the spirit more and the people we are teaching feel it as well. And this is what I call success. But no, it is not easy.

This week we also had an emergency trip to Andahaylas to help some of the hermanas there. There is a new Hermana that has been having a rough time adjust to the mission. She is doing so wel,l but satan is working super hard! On top of trying to adjust to the new food, mission schedule, new country and all we found out she has 4 types of parasites! OH THE POOR THING! We were able to go and just give a bit of comfort and take her to the medic…. During our travel, which btw is not the most pleasant travel… I was so selfish. I was worried about my sector, how sick I was on the trip, and just super bugged… Don’t know what was up. But then I said a prayer. I told God… I know there is a reason we are going. This Hermana needed our help. And as we were able to go I just felt like we needed to go to the medic. We did and found out that she had parasites. She was not opening up to me at all before and  I could not figure it out because I had no clue. But GOING there and being present she opened up and it was all taken care of. Being able to testify to her that the mission is totally worth it, and that she will make it through helped me just understand so much better that there is a reason for everything.

This week I have been able to talk with my companion a LOT about my last sector in Quillabamba. She took my place just when I went to Abancay. Oh the miracles. In the photos you will see baptisms, service, and the members doing all they can to help my converts. Oh it just makes me tear up thinking about it. I was able to be a part of all of their lives, and to hear their progress just makes me so happy. The abuelitos are alive and well! The ward went and did a service project for them and cleaned out their house from bottom to top! Oh, how I miss them. The blessings. I would have never imagined… the small things become those great things. I love being a part of this church, and more a missionary here in Peru.
Well, I love you all and I hope you are all doing well. Until next week….

Hermana Frame

Well, we traveled.... and took a picture of the car that took us back to abancay!
 It says. I go with god, and if I don’t come back I will be with Him. Haha!
 Hopefully not! I politely asked the driver to drive slower than normal.
 But seriously the drivers DO NOT drive safe. Just a fact.
And us taking pics of us fake sleeping. 

Yeah we are like 4 year olds haha!
 We had a good laugh though because I look like an idiot!

We went to Mirador! It is where you look over Abancay and it was super pretty and I love my zone! 

Loving the pushups. NOT! But it is the perfect punishment.... because I hate it so much. Haha!

Monday, November 9, 2015

It's the Hap-Happiest Season of All!

Hello once again!

I just love this time of the year!  Christmas stuff going up all over the place!!  This is the time of the year where more hearts are softening, more minds are opening, and more eyes are seeing the importance of Christ in our lives!  I've really felt the Christmas spirit settle in here!  I'm super excited for what that has to bring to us and to our investigators!

As for this week, we had some great training from our Assistants Elder Allred and Elder Mo'o.  They gave a training at Mission Leadership Conference on Exact Obedience.  Obedience is stressed so much out here in the mission.  Coming to realize why was a pivotal moment in my mission and putting exact obedience into action has changed my life.  We are here to prove our loyalties.  Where do your loyalties lie?  Yourself?  Your job?  Your friends?  If your number one loyalty and top priority is the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ then you are exactly obedient to his commandments.  Anything less puts your loyalty in a different place.  Choosing not to read your scriptures proves your loyalty to something or someone else.  We have to prove our loyalty to God by everything we do.  Selective obedience is unacceptable.  You mock God and the Savior by pretending to be loyal to them. You fit in the category of when Christ told Joseph Smith that "they draw near unto me with their lips, but their hearts are far from me...."  Yeah.  It was a great training.  It's exactly what our mission needs at the moment.  There was a lot that the Spirit taught each of us individually and what we can do to help in our stewardships to have more exact obedience.  It was great!

Elder Ayala and I have really been focusing on continuing to find new people to teach. It's cool to see the small miracles that come from praying for opportunities to find prepared people.  We found two new families that we'll be teaching now!  It was awesome!  We followed the counsel to make sure you are exactly obedient in asking referrals from everyone and we had one family refer us to the other family!  Haha!  We still have to figure out their last names because we just talked to the moms of both the families but it all comes in time!  Haha!

Hey.  I want all of you to know that I love my mission. I will never get tired of saying it or talking about it.  I'll never forget everything I'm learning here.  It's so amazing how much God can teach you in one day if you let Him.  I love love love it out here and I'm so grateful for every one of you that helped me in any way to get out here.  I can't thank you all enough.

Love you all!
Elder Frame


We helped this investigator of the sisters 
clean up his house so he can get his kids back from the CPS

Me figuring out how to do selfies and me taking a selfie in the mirror 
because I feel bad that I'm not taking pics of what's going on in my life.

Don’t let go!

Well happy first week of November... oh wait it is the second! This week flew for me! I was in Cusco for a few days, in my sector for a few, and it feels like just everywhere all over! No but I was by myself for 4 days until my companion Hermana Solar and I went to concilio on Friday... Crazy few days but I told the Lord... I am going to give it my all these few days by going with members, studying, and doing all I could and he blessed me so much! It was a blessing to see what he does when we do our all where we are at.

But we had a great week! I am SO excited to be companions with Hermana Solar. A little bit about her. She is from Chile, she looks American, and she speaks pretty fast... Haha I love it! She grew up in the gospel and has a sibling in the mission! WAHOO! Crazy... but it has been cool to be with a companion that has had the gospel her whole life. We have the same time in the mission and it is cool to be here with her in Abancay! I want two changes but we will see!

We found out that we will be visiting 4 more sisters and wow, that makes 16 sisters that we will visit! And to top it all off they are all training right now! 11 new sisters came into the mission and we have 8 of them that we visit! What a blessing, and what an adventure it will be! We are excited. The Lord knows why.... He always has a plan and even though I am going crazy leading a sector, visiting the Hermana’s, and changed companions, I am LOVING EVERY SECOND! 

My companion has needed medications and we have put an IV in so she can receive them faster... she has an intestinal infection and it is helping. What a blessing to be using all my nursing knowledge! Never would have thought! Last night I was working with all the IV equipment and all of it all came back! WAHOO! I was so scared that while being here I would forget. 
Working with IVs in Peru!
 The crazy part is we bought all the stuff
 and should go in to the clinic to get it done
 but I have all the skills to do it,
 so why not? Loving the IV pole? Haha!

This week at Concilio the assistants told us to bring pday clothes and we were able to do an activity in the morning where they took us up a mountain and then blindfolded us, told us there was a rope, and that we had to make it to president which was "down there somewhere" and we couldn’t take both hands off the rope. Of course I was brave and said I would go first. So down I went. We were literally told to go down the side of a mountain blindfolded. Crazy! It was an imitation of the Tree of Life. I learned SO much! There came a point where I stopped and couldn’t find a point of the rope and said... I didn’t make it? There was people tempting us all along the way and they said... Take your hand off... You have to to be able to make it... Then I heard one of the Hermana’s right behind me say. Hermana Frame DO NOT TAKE YOUR HAND OFF. I took the advice kept looking and found the next part of the rope. I learned that we need to listen to the right people and remember what the instructions were in the beginning. It was a fun experience!

Well, have to go! Have a great week!
Hermana Frame

With the pics...

I was able to see my daughter! And now she has a daughter!
 What a blessing! I am a grandma! 

We had a blast at concilio with all the new Hermana’s.
 Ate food, laughed, and just enjoyed being together!
 I love all the friends I have made here!

My companion is the best! 

Enjoy a few random pics from Hermana Tangos last week.
 Forgot to send them! 
We made a cake for a wedding.. It was super fun!

Monday, November 2, 2015

Thank You

So, I didn't write last week.  Sorry about that....  I sent pictures and then totally forgot that you'd all probably need explanations to know what was happening.... ha!

I want to do my letter a little bit different this week. I just want to testify and tell you all what I think of my mission and what I've learned.  I hope you will feel the spirit as I testify of these things.

This place is the best.  I love my mission so much.  Teaching the truths of the gospel.  I heard that missions were the best all the time from leaders, family, dad, friends.  It's something you have to experience to understand though.  My mission means everything to me.  Everybody and anybody that is even giving a smidgen of a thought to maybe going on a mission.  Here's my opinion.  Go on a mission.  The Lord will bless you in ways that you won't ever be able to explain.  The things I've seen and gone through so far on my mission have helped me realize so many things:  My divine potential.  What I'm supposed to be doing with the rest of my life.  How to become a true disciple of Jesus Christ.  What true repentance is.  What conversion really means and how I can get it.  And most of all: How the Atonement of Jesus Christ is truly the center of everything and how to apply that in my life.  That's the biggest thing we try to get people to do.  Learn to apply the atonement in their lives.  That's our life quest.  Applying the Atonement of Jesus Christ to the extent that we become the person that our Heavenly Father knows we can be.

I know that Jesus Christ lives.  I know that the power of His Atonement is real.  It can lift the lowest of lives.  It can change the hardest of habits.  It is an infinite power that Christ has gifted to us.  God knows our potential. The only way to realize that potential is through applying the atonement every moment.  Listen to the promptings of the Holy Ghost.  Change.  Become.

I love you all. I love my mission.  I love my savior Jesus Christ.

Thank you so much for the influence that each and every single one of you has had in my life.  It's helped me get to this point and I'm so grateful for that.

Elder Frame

What do you want in your book of life?

Well, if you haven’t noticed I love Mormon ads. I saw one this week and it made me really think. What is it that I want to have written? Oh what joy I have had in the decision to add this wonderful mission in Peru Cusco to one of my chapters. I feel full of joy and love every bit of it. Even though in a few years it will seem like a dream I know that I will never forget really how I feel and what I have done here to not only help others come unto Christ but myself.

As I was able to be with Hermana Tango for her last few weeks in the mission I have really understood what a privilege it is to be here. She is incredible. Before my time with her I was afraid. I didn’t know if I would get along with her, I didn’t have any clue and was listening to everyone else’s opinion. This girl is incredible. She is a convert to the church, she was baptized when she was 16 and has made the decision that living the gospel is all that matters. I wish I could go on and on about her, but she has made a lasting impression on me, and what a blessing it was to realize that she was exactly who I needed in the time I needed it. She left just this last Saturday and I shed a few tears. Tears of joy and sadness as I knew we wouldn’t see each other for a while. But what a good chapter to add, and what a blessing she was to me.

This week I found out my new companion is Hermana Solar! SO EXCITED! She is a Latina from Chile! She has about the same time as me and just was in my last sector in Quillabamba! Yay! We will have so much to chat about! 

Well, think about the things you want written in your book and make it happen. Have a great week!

Hermana Frame

We enjoyed making tacos with Elder Miranda that is from Mexico!
 I was in heaven, but have had diarrhea for 4 days straight. Don’t tell him!

The sisters had a baptism! Wahoo! 
She is an incredible convert and she loves the missionaries
 so of course we snapped a picture!

My convert Shanaly and her daughter Evangeline! 
They both are doing so well! I am so blessed to be here and to be a part their lives.