Tuesday, December 29, 2015


Hey everybody!


It's going to be such a GREAT NEW YEAR!  California isn't going to know what hit it!  Baptisms out the wazoo!

This is a scripture that I've been pondering: 2nd Nephi 1:23.  It's really helped me just want to be better all around.  I have so much to work on and this new year is giving us all a chance to start again and have a clean slate!  We become by what we choose to do!  This new year gives us the chance to make goals to choose to become better! That's what I'm talking about!!  Improvement and progression!  It's one eternal round!


Love you all!

Elder Frame

Love you!

Feliz Navidad… Prospero año y felicidad

Merry Christmas and a prosperous year and happiness to you all! I hope Christmas went well for each of you and just know that I have been thinking of each one of you this Christmas season… But I had an incredible Christmas and it will be remembered for the rest of my life!

I love being here in the mission field and participating in this wonderful work! The only rough part about this week… I am sick. Okay it is only a cold but it has been the worst! Lost my voice, fever, and all! I think the climate caught up with me… Haha! I need to wear warmer clothes. I think I have a rock for a body and I don’t. Haha! But not having indoor heating is an adventure here! But as for this week… Two experiences…

1.       Yesterday we went to a lesson with one of our investigators Mabel… She is married. Surprise! And she is married to a less active. Frustrating! Don’t know what happens here in Peru but NO ONE IS MARRIED haha. But she has so much desire, and faith. We challenged her to talk to her husband last night so we will see what happens. But she asked a question right in the middle of the lesson that really hit me. How can I get to know Christ more? Right before we were talking about how Christ is our friend and how when we come closer to Him, our lives are better, and we receive more blessings… But it hit me. Christ is our friend. Are we doing all we can to be His best friend. Is he our best friend? Do we DO things to become better friends, do we make time for Him? Do we really love Him? It made me really think about my relationship with Him. It was a good moment to reflect.   Each day make it a priority to get to know Him better. The happiest people I know study about Him daily.

2.       On Christmas Eve we had planning for 3 hours in the morning. Believe me… it takes patience for me when I am brand new in the sector and it is hard to give input when I don’t even know the people and the sector… But we planned. During the planning session I was having a pity session of… Ugh this is so long, my family is probably enjoying breakfast together (how pathetic right), I wish I wasn’t cold, etc. Haha!

 And then the thought popped into my head (the spirit), “you will see blessings”. Okay, I changed my attitude and kept encouraging my companion as we planned for the week. During the planning session I put a few names in my planner of old investigators to find and that afternoon we went with a member and I asked her about one of the names.. She said… Uh… I don’t really want to go because he is a drunk and probably won’t progress. I then had the thought. No, we NEED to go. We went and knocked on the door and a woman opened the door. It was her daughter named Vanessa. She was extremely kind and told us that her dad wasn’t there but wanted us to come back that night for a lesson with her whole family. We went back and sure enough 3 new investigators. During the lesson it all became clear. The Lord blesses us when we do those small things. The thought came back into my mind… “You will see blessings.” And sure enough I did. It was my Christmas miracle. We hope they progress and have started teaching them! It was a family as well. Oh how the Lord is in the work. It is HIS work.

Well, I hope you all have a great new year! Thank you for all of your support. I am so happy at this point in my life and it is because I am giving it all to the Lord. We can give it all to him in any season of our lives. I testify that Christ is our brother, friend, and Savior. He loves me and I know He loves each and every one of us. Have a fantastic week!

Hermana Frame


We made tacos last week for zone pday! It was super fun to get to know everyone in Puno and the tacos were delicious!

We had various activities in the ward this week for Christmas and we were able to contact many people… we had fun handing out pamphlets and talking with others about what our church does.

The costumes… let’s just say my comp loves them haha! They were used in a talent show that they had.

We caroled in the plaza de armas, in the center of Puno with all of us missionaries. I LOVED IT! It was so fun and I definitely felt the Christmas spirit. It was fun to see all the people clap, sing a long, and stop just to listen. It was a good opportunity to contact as well!

We bought pizza one night and had it delivered to our house! Oh yeah, it was the highlight of the day for meJ

Christmas day filled with lots of Peruvian food and paneton (fruitcake), and hot chocolate… And I got to skype my family… and my brother! 
WHAT A #blessing!

I burned my face… the elevation is extremely high here. Yep, need to wear sunscreen even if it feels like it is 2 degrees outside…

It was cool to find the grave of our recent convert’s mom. We are helping with his family history and we had to go to the cemetery to find the dates… it was a really cool experience for me.

Tuesday, December 22, 2015


Investigator update: Jairo.
Some sad news. Our December baptism, Jairo, is now wanted by the state. He had some fines he was working really hard to pay off and sadly didn't earn the money in time. He is now "wanted" as an old western show might say. As far as we know, he is stuck in Tulare and doesn't have any mode of transportation anymore. Man. He was progressing so quickly. He had such a great desire to be a better man! Especially for his kids! He wanted to change so much! He'd been clean for a month without drugs or alcohol! We are hoping he'll make it back here for at least one last lesson where we can load him up with stuff to read in jail.

Eso! Christmas just around the corner.  Some thoughts:

-Man, can't wait to see my family.
-I wish it would snow.
-Can't believe Jehovah's Witnesses don't celebrate this good stuff.
-Christ lived in a hard time.
-The Church makes great videos all the time.
-Santa should be a real thing.

Hey everyone!  Don't forget the reason for the season and I hope yall have a great holiday and Christmas!  FELIZ NAVIDAD!


Elder Frame

Monday, December 21, 2015

Peruvian Christmas Number 2!

I am writing live from Puno Peru! I am so happy to be here! I know it is where I am supposed to be….. A few feeling of sadness as I left Abancay but I actually feel like it is Christmas because I AM FREEZING! It is so cold here. I didn’t really think about it until I got here, and without heating systems it is an adventure. The toilet seats are definitely the worst….. They are like pure ice! But I love this time of year and I love being here in the mission during the season of the savior. I love contacting people, teaching about, and just thinking of our savior.... …

This week I was able to travel to Cusco, we had our leadership meeting (concilio), and then after I arrived in Puno. We actually traveled in the middle of the night and it was the weirdest thing! But just when we got there we had a Christmas dinner that night in the stake center (yes, I am in a ward not a branch anymore), and it was so great. I was able to share my testimony of the savior with all of them and it was short to the point and so good for me. I know my savior is my friend, brother, and redeemer. He is why I am here. He gave his life because he loves me. It was only a minute and yes, in Spanish. I realized this week I LOVE Spanish... where a year ago I hated it. Wow, my prayers have been working. Haha! But it was a great meeting.

The next day we had a baptism! He is amazing! His name is Juan Carlos and he is incredible! I mean, he already wants to go on a mission and he is so strong... I am excited to teach him more. But it was really funny. I got here to Puno and the first time I met him was at his baptism! But he is great! He was so funny right after he was baptized... The water was heated and right after he just sat right back down and wanted to stay in for a bit...haha it is SO cold here in Puno!

But I have to go! I hope you all study about our savior this week and tell those that you love really how much you appreciate them and how you are grateful they are in your life. I love you all! Thank you for each one of you and all you have done to get me to where I am. I love my mission, my savior, and right now... I love Puno... But have a great week!

Hermana Frame

Monday, December 14, 2015

Ha Nacido Un Salvador


It's December and there could not be a better time to be a missionary! The Church's initiative Ha Nacido un Salvador or A Savior is Born is so great!  The kids are great but my absolute favorite video is the What the World Would Be like Without a Savior.  It's so great!  The Church has been amazed at the hits it's received!  16 million in the first week!  So crazy!  What's more is that we are getting a lot of self-referrals from it! Meaning people are giving their addresses and phone numbers to the church to learn more about it!  It's been great! President Clark has told us to contact every one of those referrals we receive ASAP!  Any time over 24 hours is too long! We have yet to receive one but we are rip roaring and ready for when we do!  We've used that video in every visit we go to!  It's awesome!  Go watch it if you haven't seen it yet at https://www.mormon.org/christmas!

Other news!  We found a man named Jairo!  He is AWESOME!  Jairo is a man that has left behind drugs and wants to repay God for all the help he's realized he's received from him! He's reading the Book of Mormon with his cousin and is in 1 Nephi 10 right now. (He started on Monday.) He went to Stake Conference yesterday and asked us questions he had about each speaker. He wants to be baptized as soon as he can. He's going to court today to finalize some payments he owes for some past transgressions. The problem is, he doesn't have all the money he needs to pay it all the way off. He said he's done everything in his power to come up with the money and he's been doing everything he can to keep the Lord involved in his life and he's trusting in the Lord. It's going to be interesting to see what the Lord has in store for him.  He's a huge testimony to me that the Atonement of Jesus Christ changes characters.  We are not set in stone.  We choose who we will be.  Each and every choice you make affects WHO you are in the slightest way.  Built up over time, your cumulative choices make who you are.  Sure you'll make wrong choices and they will affect you negatively.  But that's the reason we had a Savior sent to us.  Those wrong choices don't have to affect us in a negative way. They will affect us for as long as we choose.  We can be healed and those wrong choices can be used to change us as individuals through the Atonement of Jesus Christ.

That is the reason we celebrate this season.  A savior was born and he came to right all wrongs.  He can make us better people.  We can only find true happiness and lasting peace through the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

I love you all!  Thank you for all your support and for helping me to be who I am today!

Elder Frame


Puno here I come!!!!

Well, I have to say that right now I am super, super happy, and a Little sad. I don’t know if that describes a woman in one sentence. But I have a TRANSFER! I am going to Puno! I am going to freeze my bum off and die because I won’t be able to breath! Haha! I am so excited. I will continue in my journey as an Hermana leader but will not be traveling at all!

YAY! I loved it and have enjoyed getting to know all the Hermanas and I will miss them so much. But I am most sad to leave my companion.  In these 6 weeks we have had such a blast. We have laughed more than I have my whole mission but I have learned so much from her. We are parting, knowing that we will see each other again… because we will have concilio’s and I hope to see her before she leaves.

But I am so excited to go to Puno! Hermana Campoverde is my companion and I already know her! She is from Ecuador and is super cute, so I am a double thumbs up. As for the other side.  Today will be hard to say goodbye to everyone and realize that my cute Abancay will be another chapter closed.

As for this week, I had many opportunities to just cry, laugh, love, serve, and just enjoy my mission. I loved each second. Beginning with traveling, we visited Hermana Vitola and her daughter… they are in training and they opened a sector but they are working hard and have seen fruits. I was able to go with Hermana Vitola and oh how I love this woman. She is a work horse and since the first time I met her we clicked. I will definitely miss her!

We had interviews as well and what a crazy experience for me. I was able to go in so happy and talking with president about all the progress with all the Hermana’s and in the sector but then he asked about my progress. It was a moment to reflect and understand really why I came into the mission, the work I have done, and all that I need to do. It was super hard for me. He gave me advice and of course I ended up leaving with tears in my eyes. Tears of gratitude, love for my calling as a missionary, and just enjoying the moment I was in. I love this work.

Right after we did a role play with Hermana Harbertson, the president’s wife, and I felt the spirit so strong. We were doing a first lesson with her, so just getting to know her and we had the challenge to invite her for baptism in the first lesson. We invited her and she accepted, and right after I began to testify. In this moment, I just began to cry. I felt every moment I have had thus far in my mission come back to me, all the hard times, the good times, the times I wanted to quit for the day, just everything all at once. And then as I testified and promised blessings I felt the spirit so strong. This is the true church. Christ is at the head. My calling is of God. The only way to live is through living the gospel. Living the gospel wherever you are.  It was an experience I will never forget.

 After, Hermana Solar started to cry. We started talking with Hermana Harbertson started to talk with us after about our feelings and what was happening at this point in our mission. She advised us that we are to be strong, not only for the last part of our missions but as wives mothers, and leaders. She could feel that we have so much to do to prepare the sisters for the second coming. I know it is closer than we think.

We were able to have a baptism this Saturday! It is a miracle to have baptisms even though we were gone for the whole transfer traveling. The work here is incredible. The Hermana that was baptized is named Maruja and she is amazing! She has a 5 year old and she has come to church and no one knew she wasn’t a member! What a blessing to be a part of her baptism. I don’t feel like we were needed at all, but I have learned so much in teaching her and feeling of her sweet spirit. She got pregnant when she was 19 out of wedlock and has now for 5 years not taken the sacrament. Her goal was to take it for the first time after her baptism. To see her reach her goal, and not only that but to have desires to go to the temple just brings tears to my eyes. She has made it her goal to become a disciple of Christ and it shows in her actions. I love this gospel.

I love what it does for me, and also for others. It is the church of Jesus Christ. I know that we are in the truth. Be grateful for that… But I have to go! I had a great week and I hope everyone did too! Celebrate, eat food, and just enjoy being with those you love during this Christmas season! I love you family and can’t wait to see you on skype!

Hermana Frame


We had an activity in Mirador in the morning before interviews! It was intense! We replayed what we did in concilio for the 2 zones in Abancay and Andahuaylas. It was a hit! The zone leaders and us set it all up and it all turned out great!

The baptism of Maruja was such a great day! Our district had 3 other baptisms as well, which made it the best day. After the baptisms we had a testimony meeting for our last time together as a district because Elder Caprio is ending his mission. It was such a good experience.

My fun adventure in Andahuaylas with Hermana Vitola! We went to a member’s house and she had names of all the missionaries that had passed through there or served there, so of course I had to put my name up there! Haha!

My companion thinks it’s funny to take pictures of me in random moments, like before I sleep…? Haha! I will miss her so much. We are mourning a bit right now to have had a cambio.

Monday, December 7, 2015

Hello everybody.

It's been such a crazy week changing companions, trying to learn how to work my area without a native, and doing a bunch of meetings we've been turning hairs gray left and right!  Haha, it's been a great week though with many spiritually uplifting experiences and opportunities to learn and grow!

Elder Ayala is gone!  It's still kind of unreal!  We were together for 4 and a half months!  He helped me change in so many ways.  Elder Ayala is one of the more converted people I've had the opportunity to associate with.  Each day was another learning experience from him. He understands obedience.  He has a great testimony of the basics of the gospel and knows that's all that matters.  We had a relationship based on our investigators and I would be lying if I told you those months with him weren't the happiest I've been in my life.  It's because we were obedient and thought only about our investigators and Jesus Christ.  We strove our best in all we did.  I thoroughly enjoyed my experience being his companion and he'll be sorely missed!

Elder Horrocks coming in!  My first completely white companion.  Weird.  He doesn't know Spanish perfectly.  You should see us trying to understand a couple of our members on the telephone.  Haha.  We are two goofballs and we are already great friends!  I'm looking forward to having success with him and finding the same level of dedication and obedience Elder Ayala helped me gain!

I truly know that obedience is the first thing we have to understand in this life before we can really progress.  Looking back on my time with Elder Ayala, it's because we strove to be EXACTLY obedient that we found success, happiness, and were able to work through each challenge that came our way.  We relied on the blessings the Lord has promised to those who are obedient and it all always worked out.  Do not think that just missionaries are the ones that are supposed to be exactly obedient to God's commandments.  We promised.  We promise every week we are going to do just that.  Be exactly obedient to God's commandments.  That's our baptismal covenant.  You are under a binding covenant telling God you are going to do your VERY best to follow Him.  To remember Him.  I've learned so much about that as I've learned to be exactly obedient.

I love each of you and hope you are finding that Christ is your reason for the season.  Don't get lost in the hustle and bustle of the world.  Take some time to sit and just think about Christ.  You'll find peace in this sometimes otherwise hectic time of year!


Elder Frame

My new companion is Tyler Haws!  ha.  Just kidding. His name is Elder Horrocks from Roosevelt Utah.

What If…

This week we are reporting from Abancay!!!! But in less than 2 hours we will be traveling to Andahuaylas … loving the life! No, I actually love it but am wishing for a little bit more time in my sector… there is SO much work here and I feel like we are in a combie or bus for half of the time. But I am SO wanting another transfer… we will see what happens.

My companion right now is literally such a blessing. We laugh SO much together… mostly because she loves grammar, and how to speak… and she just laughs at everything I say… Haha! The lord knows that the Spanish needs to improve in the world of Hermana Frame.

But, as it is now December I am so grateful to be here in the mission. Even though, yes at times… as a missionary you miss the little things you do with family and friends. But as I have been here I realize truly what it means… I knew it was about Christ before, but now my vision has widened. I have been so emotional lately, full of gratitude to be able to testify of Jesus Christ every day of my life.

This last week, I have read one of the advent calendar stories my mom sent last Christmas… but I read one that really caught my eye. It is called “If I had not come”. It describes how a bishop had a dream that Christ had not come into the world.  Could you imagine that?  What if he hadn’t of come… there would be no churches, nowhere to find peace, there would be no hospitals, no libraries, homes for the elderly, seminary buildings, the orphanages, none of it would be here. There would be no temples… that one breaks my heart… But thankfully he did. He came. We have this wonderful Christmas season because He was born. We recognize His influence everywhere. We become better people, we are able to be with our loved ones forever, and we find true lasting peace. What a blessing. I love this time of year, and yes I miss my family, but because of Him I can be with them forever.

Well, time to go! I love you all! Have a wonderful MERRY CHRISTMAS….
Hermana Frame

Random Facts of this week…
-I found 2 spiders in my bed…. Literally couldn’t sleep for a long time
-I cried yesterday because I realized that I only have a few fast and testimony meetings left in my mission.
-I loved the Christmas devotional last night. If you didn’t watch it… Watch it!
-I listen to Christmas music in every moment that I have in the house…. Jamming to my David Archuleta today.
-We are so excited to have another baptism this Saturday!!!
-There are too many dogs here in Abancay…

Monday, November 30, 2015

El Dia de Gracias (Day of Thanks or Thanksgiving)

Hey yall!

It's been another here in paradise!  Visalia is my home!!  We just had transfer calls and Elder Ayala will be leaving the area and I'll be staying to continue everything here!  I'm super happy for that! I'm really going to miss Elder Ayala.  He helped me see so many things in a different light. I really have grown to be a much better person by knowing him and being his companion.  He's really going places after his mission.  His ultimate goal is to become President of Paraguay, so I'll be checking up on him in these upcoming years!

 CHRISTMAS IS COMING!  I love Christmas!  The new videos the church has for Christmas are amazing!!  I encourage each of you to go look those up and determine how you can share those with everyone!  They are tools for missionaries around the world and the more you share those and talk about those, the more people are touched by the message and prepared, even just a little bit, to receive the Gospel of Jesus Christ!

This week has been one of my favorites on my mission!  We had 5 dinners on Thursday night.  I was so bloated by the end of the day.  There were so many members and investigators that were worried for our Thanksgivings "away from home."  We ate and talked and ate and drove to another place to eat and talk and eat and make more food to eat.  That's basically how our day was beginning at 11:00 AM to 9:00 PM.  It was really great to share the day with so many people and families!

We baptized Alejandro!  It was awesome!  His son was able to perform the ordinance since he's a priest!  It was one of the most spiritual baptisms!  He said he really felt "algo grande en su panza" when he came out of the water. (something big in his stomach)  It got even better on Sunday though, he said that when he received the Holy Ghost he knew that this was exactly what he needed to do with his life and that starting in his chest he felt a warm peace flush through his body.  He is super solid and we've planned out their going to the temple next year in November so we can come back for it!  I LOVE THIS WORK!  FAMILIES ARE THE BEST!

Hey!  Just keep on keeping on!  It's worth fighting for what's worth having!  It's all possible through the Atonement of Jesus Christ.  Study it!  Learn about it!  Your life will change in so many ways!  Your happiness will be off the scales.  Any time spent trying to learn about the Atonement is time put into your salvation!  I know that there is a God who loves us.  He knows you.  He wants to help you!  Let him!

Hey!  I love you all and can't thank all of you enough for influencing me in any way to help me make the decision to go on a mission.  It's been a ride that gets better and better and better!

Elder Frame

Our dinner at the familia Huerta's house!  
They're the best! 
Making Tamales at one of our Thanksgiving dinners!
Another selfie with the familia huerta!

  Thanks for the tree mom! 

Anali and divine nature

 So I thought I would share a little bit of my email to president this week!
Hi President! We have had a good week! We were in Cusco and Urubamba this week. We stayed on Monday and the morning on Tuesday because my companion has had more examines and we are trying to figure out what she has. It is frustrating for her because there is no solution and she is in constant pain. She works and works but it is constantly there. It is just gases in her intestines we think... but she is doing the best she can. As she is adjusting to a new area, new people, and the responsibilities... it is a bit overwhelming. But I LOVE her so much! She has helped me so much and is a companion I enjoy. This is such a blessing for me right now.

But we were able to have a baptism this week! It was so good. I love the change I have seen. I see it in each convert. But wow, this work is better than anything else I could be doing. Her name is Anali, she is 20 years old and in her first lesson she said she didn’t believe in God. You can bet I had tears in my eyes as she came up out of the water and she was crying out of joy. But also, she told me... I wish my Mom was here to experience this with me. Her mom has cut her off completely. It breaks my heart. They are devoted Catholics and she said that she will no longer be supporting her in her schooling because of this decision. HOW HARD. Just to follow Christ. Oh my heart hurts for her. But at the same time she IS SO HAPPY. To help others tap into the atonement is unreal. She has been able to literally do things she never thought she could. She has forgiven someone who has hurt her which was extremely hard for her to do. She has come to church every Sunday for the last 5 months, and has read her scriptures and prayed each day. She has made decisions, and followed the commitments we gave her. She is incredible and will be a strong convert. I love her, and I love seeing the change that happens when we apply the gospel.

I have been studying this week about our divine nature. What a blessing it has been for me to have parents that have taught this since day 1. I know that I am a daughter of God. I know my Heavenly Father loves me. Just from this I find strength and desire to work as a disciple of Jesus Christ. I have been able to see this divine nature in others as I have lived my life because when I understand who I am, I want others to know as well. Here in the mission, and especially this last Saturday as I was able to witness Anali make the decision to be baptized I have realized that serving, loving others, and seeing their divine nature brings me true joy. Seeing them change to have better lives is the best thing that I can do. And it doesn’t require going on a mission.

In the new conference issue Rosemary M. Wixom described ways to remember our divine potential.
-Look not only in a mirror but out a window
-Ask Heavenly Father in prayer how he really feels about being his son or his daughter
-Listen to the prophet’s voice; it gives you strength to follow His will
-Serving others
-Partaking of the sacrament weekly to remember that His son, our brother gives us desire to keep moving forward

Ask yourself what you are doing to live your life as a child of God? How can you develop the divine nature that is within you? President Uchdtorf said… “God sent you here to prepare for a future greater than anything you can imagine.”

This last weekend I had tears in my eyes each lesson. I have been asking heavenly father to help me feel of the love he has for each of the people we are teaching and I have felt it. I feel so grateful to be a part of a work that helps others find true joy. I have had the privilege to have the gospel my whole life. I never understood what a blessing that was until I came here into the mission. My family loves me and wants me to follow Christ. My parents rejoice because I am here. I am blessed. The mission has been an addition to my life that will forever be something I am grateful for. I love this gospel. I know that being a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is a privilege. An opportunity to learn and grow and oh how I love it.

I have to go! But have a great week! Love you all! D&C 6:8 (One of my favorite scriptures)

Hermana Frame