Monday, December 29, 2014


Well.  This last week has been super awesome!  I have been able to use my priesthood authority like crazy!  We gave 4 blessings last week!  2 of them were not members!  It was awesome!  The first two were to members and on the second one the member had asked her two roommates if they wanted blessings too.  They both said they did so we gave them both blessings.  The one that I gave was in English so I was able to say a little bit more than I would if I gave it in Spanish.  After I finished the lady was crying and she could barely thank us!  The Priesthood is so amazing!  Why aren't there people just lining up at the font wanting to be baptized just because we have the actual power of God on the earth!?  Satan is a real wretch.

Anyways, those blessings were awesome to lead up into Christmas which was WAY better than I expected it to be!  I knew seeing my family would be super awesome then I just thought the rest of the day was gonna be kinda lame, but I was way wrong!  It was super awesome!  After seeing the family and chatting with them we opened up our gifts and we loved them!  Ha especially Farkle!  Nobody had ever played it before but everybody is a fanatic now!  After some Farkle we went and had an early dinner and then watched Frozen.  Everybody was impressed with that cause they had never seen it before.

After Frozen we played Monopoly for the rest of the night and the two Martinez kids killed us!  It was their first time playing Monopoly ever!  And they killed all of us!  After that we just went home and listened to Christmas music for the rest of the night cause we have to wait for a whole nother year until we can listen to it again.

Also. Transfers were on Saturday.  I've been called to be a trainer and complete the training of an Elder Vargas in the Hanford zone in Kingsburg.  Dang! I'm leaving Modesto!  Elder Budding is staying though, so it'll be in good hands. It's gonna be a huge growing experience though because I am not completely fluent in Spanish, I barely got out of training and I have no idea what his area the Kingsburg area is like!  Elder Vargas is fluent in English and Spanish so that'll be a huge help.  All I'll have to do is get him used to being denied and then how to effectively use his time.  Ha.  I'll be learning pretty much right along with him cause he's only got one transfer less than me!  Change!  Always a hard thing, but always a good thing to grow!

Leaving means I have to say a lot of goodbyes, so I'm sending a bunch of photos of great members and friends I'll be leaving behind so yall can get a look at all their beautiful faces!!

So to conclude this entry.  Change is good.  Accept it and go forward with faith in Christ.  Anything is possible with a God on your side!  Haha pray for me!  (And Elder Vargas!!!)

Love yall!

Elder Frame

Oh what a Day!

Talking with my wonderful family! As a missionary this is a very anticipated hour... Oh but how wonderful because I was able to see Elder Frame clear in California as well. I basically cried the whole time because I was so filled with emotion! 
So this week was one for the books! One I will never forget! I was able to experience Christmas in Peru of all places, in crazy hot weather, and also have my first baptism! WOW CAN I TELL YOU WHAT…. IT WAS A CRAZY WEEK! Oh and to top it all of I got to see my wonderful family! Oh how I love them, yes miss them, but sorry not enough to come home quite yetJ

So first of all Christmas. WOW! We had many gifts from our families that we enjoyed oh so much--- thanks parents and family for all the crazy great missionary gifts! We were able to study, enjoy our time together and also visit so many families, converts, and members. It was definitely one to remember.

My gifts on Christmas! THANK YOU FAMILY!

Hermana Hoskins was sent a puzzle and we LOVED putting it together. It reminded us of our families on Christmas!
The best part of all of Christmas though was when we were able to visit Hermana Engrasia (abuelita) and take part in her Christmas. She is so old and she couldn’t go to Cusco with her family so she was alone all of Christmas Day which just broke my heart. But visiting her was an experience I will never forget. She was pretty low in spirit as we arrived that night around 7, had spent the day all alone, and had not eaten because her stomach has issues. Oh my heart was hurting so much. And to top it all of I had just got done talking with my family and feeling so blessed to have them in my life. But as I sat there thinking about my home in the United States I then came to realize how important this moment was for her. She is 89 years old, WITHOUT family, WITHOUT a big Christmas dinner, WITHOUT presents, WITHOUT friends, and struggling with her physical health. Wow, I was completely humbled. We came to a moment in the lesson when I was sharing a favorite scripture about Christ and she just started crying. OH MY GOODNESS!  I AM CRYING JUST WRITING THIS. She was definitely feeling so lonely. So we decided to just stop and start singing Christmas songs. We sang fun ones, hymns, and any other Peruvian Christmas song we knew. We even sang our favorite Christmas songs in English. Oh to see her countenance change. Her eyes just beamed with joy, she was smiling, and wow!  I couldn’t be happier! It hit me hard. Christmas once again wasn’t about the presents, the Christmas trees, the lights, the commercialism. It’s the things you give from the heart. It is love that you share. Oh abuelita I will never forget you. Thank you for making my Christmas a memorable one.
Oh what a day!
Wendy's baptism day! YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAY!! Oh and our district leader Elder Jensen and Elder Belliston!
WENDY!!! I don’t usually talk about investigators but, WOW SHE IS THE BEST!!!! She is 23 years old, works in a moto taxi (and LOVES it), is single, and LOVES to talk about “God’s word” with us. She is amazing! We, as a companionship, have been teaching her since the 2nd week of being here. It is so special to me because this woman has been there since the very beginning of my adventure here in the mission. She was there the first lesson when I spoke two words (basically Jesucristo and Hola) and I couldn’t understand her at all to now when I can understand her (most of the time), and I can sometimes respond and also teach whatever I want. She is such a great example to me!
yep the GREEN water
But funny story! On her day of baptism we went to see if the zone leaders were filling up the font and WOW!!! Hilarious!! We show up and the water is green, completely green. Okay, to the Peruvians this is like normal apparently but I was flipping out about it. I was like- come on people we are going to baptize her in this?! But of course I bit my tongue because of course everything would be fine. Okay and then we go to find the baptism clothes. There was a bazillion keys the president gave to us and we couldn’t find the closet they were in so we were sitting there trying every key in every cupboard (mind you there is like 20 in the church). Oh heavenly glory. But then of course the elders show up and we are talking with them about the water in the font, and what happens but my companion DROPS THE KEYS IN THE WATER!!!!!! And we have no key to unlock the font yet because one of the counselors had it. Oh goodness me. And you can just picture me freaking out because I am a perfectionist and this is a baptism we are in charge of and I want it to go smoothly. Long story short we did find the clothing, my companion fished out the keys, and yes even though the water was green Wendy got baptized in it because she said “Oh! It’s just like a swimming pool”. I could not believe it! The swimming pools here are also this disgusting green color so apparently she was fine. Thank heavens. It turned out as a great baptism and such a memorable day! OH WHAT A DAY THOUGH. 

Today I am so grateful. So grateful to be out here on the mission. I love every part. The hard parts, the crying, the people, the missionaries, the tiny apartments, the food, the holidays, the culture, I could go on and on… But I am feeling so blessed. The biggest blessing is to be here learning, teaching, and spreading the gospel. It is true. My favorite thing to say to investigators is that either the church is true or it is not. You can find out for yourself. I promise it will change your life because it has changed mine. I appreciate all of you that have been a part of my life. I am grateful for the support. I am thankful for a family that loves me, for friends that care, and for a Heavenly Father that knows everything I am going through. Basically I JUST LOVE THE GOSPEL. Well, I better go. Have a great week and enjoy your New Years!!! I am sure I will be coming with crazy stories next week from what will happen here in Quillabamba Peru.
Hermana Frame
Christmas morning breakfast! Panatone (fruit cake and chocolate)

A manger scene in one of our converso recientes house.
 It was definitely different but I loved it! Purple lights and all!

Christmas dinner for us at a member’s house! Definitely one I won’t forget! It was delicious though!

A fun picture I took while waiting for an investigator of Quillabamba

Monday, December 22, 2014

Merry Christmas from Methdesto California!  Love you all!
So we had huge news this week!  President told everybody that our mission is going to be splitting! 3 of the Northernmost zones will be combined with the Southern half of the Sacramento mission to make a brand new mission!  The California, Modesto mission!  Modesto?!  Ha when some of the members in our branch heard that they said "What?  Methdesto is going to be a mission?!" Haha apparently Modesto is the meth capital of the country so it surprised them a bunch that it was going to be it's own mission.  The change is going to be happening in July when the mission president comes in to his brand new mission!  Super crazy!!!!  So as I took this information in, I realized a few things: There's a possibility that I will serve with Elder Tucker Gammell and Elder Austin Jensen and any others I know serving in the Sacramento mission (which would be super cool!), if I am put in the Modesto mission I won't have a temple in my mission anymore (which would be lame), I could go through 2 different missions! It's pretty sweeeeett!  President also said that a few members of the Quorum of the Twelve will be here in January to reassign missionaries to the Modesto mission! Hopefully they do a mission tour so they can talk to us!  The last time this mission has had a tour by a 12 was more than 2 years ago so we're overdue for another one!!!  Whooooooooooo!  So many super cool things happening!!  Only dumb part about it is that we all have to wait until July to find out if we are being reassigned or not.  So many awesome things that are happening!! This also just goes to show that the work is truly moving forward and that the Lord is hastening it in his own time!
Erick. The bum who is finally getting baptized on the 27th after a year of attending church!
Other than that it's just been the same good old week!  Rolling up the sleeves and digging into the work! We've been visiting a bunch of less actives since that is what President has asked us to do as our keyholder!  As far as investigators, Elizabeth and Erick are scheduled to be baptized this Saturday! It's going to be awesome for Elizabeth's husband Carlos to be at the baptism!  Robert and Melissa are progressing as we continue to visit them!  Also, we have four new baptism dates for January!  Teresa, her husband Hicidro, her son Fabian, and her daughter Celeste, all have dates for the 17th of January!  They are turning into be solid investigators!  How we found them is actually pretty sweet!  President has asked us to find solely through less actives and that's what we've been doing.  It hadn't been yielding much fruit and so we thought about going back to knocking doors two hours a day, but in the end we decided to have faith in President's vision and we kept visiting less actives.  That night we were talking about our dwindling investigator pool when we got a call from 4th ward and they gave us a referral for a family that they set up an appointment with their super bad Spanish. Then the rest is history!  The Lord blessed us right after we decided to follow the advice of our key holder, who receives revelation for us.  The Lord knows if you are trying and he will bless you.  So don't lose hope!  It's all gonna work out!

Anyways!  Happy Christmas to yall and don't be sinning!

Elder Frame

Christmas in Quillabamba!

 Hermana Arroyo, my companion, and I at the Christmas party we had in Urubamba about 4 hours away.
We combined with another zone and played Christmas games and had a devotional.
 It was so fun and it was great to feel the Christmas spirit!

Wow! A year ago I would have never thought I would be in Peru let alone Quillabamba during the Christmas season! I LOVE IT THOUGH! Here Christmas is not as big of a deal as in the states which is so heartbreaking to me! It is fun to randomly see Christmas lights hanging from windows and on the palm trees… Haha! Oh, and there is a few Christmas trees but not like ours in the states! They are about half the size and they all have ridiculously fast flashing lights that are all different colors! It makes me laugh so hard! But yeah, apparently New Years is a HUGE deal here, with lots of drunken people and lots of crazy traditions so I guess I will see!
Panatone! It is the fruitcake here that is so fun to eat and enjoy with hot chocolate! The people here LOVE IT!!! We smell it randomly as we are walking down the streets and we immediately want some! 

But it is my first official Christmas away from home. I have tried imagining it for a while, but it has been quite interesting. I have not been homesick at all but being away from family at Christmas is sure different. It makes me really think about what the real reasons for Christmas are and how I plan to celebrate Christmas the rest of my life. I have realized it is in the giving. I know so cliché but really. It is the giving of our souls, our character, and our personality. I love Christmas because of the time you get to spend with the people you love. It is giving from your heart, giving others your faith, your love, your time. 

I also read a talk from James E. Faust and he said “Our Heavenly Father has given us so many wonderful gifts not knowing if they would be accepted. He has offered us His peace, His comfort, His love. All we have to do is accept His gifts is to be obedient and follow Him.” We also need to receive. We need to receive Him. The Savior. He is the way to a happier life. I love testifying of him. It brings such an adrenaline rush for me. Heavenly Father sent His son for us to feel peace, comfort and His love.

 I want to also share a scripture from Galatians 2:20 “Christ liveth in me; and the life which I now live in the flesh I live by faith of the Son of God, who loved me, and gave Himself for me.” I love being here on the mission because He is why I am here. He is why I celebrate Christmas and He is the reason I get to be with my family forever. I hope you all have a great Christmas and I love and appreciate all you have shared with me. Your light, your love, your faith, and your spirit. 


Hermana Frame
Hermana Marina making Aji! It is a sauce that they have that is SOOOOOOO HOOOOOTTT!! I am addicted to it though! 

limonada! We stopped in a restaurant to get lemonade and it was to die for! It is freshly squeezed and wow it was so good especially because it was such a hot day--- so funny to have lemonade during the Christmas season.

Monday, December 15, 2014

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

So this week has flown by.  Time is flying.  And it is kinda freaking me out a little bit because when transfers come it's really likely that Elder Budding leaves Modesto and I get put with somebody that doesn't know the area and I'll have to lead the area!  AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAH! That's in 2 weeks!  I gotta figure out to do this mission thing before then!  I mean, I've been here for about 3 months now, but it's gonna be weird not having Elder Budding being able to help me out when I crash and burn anymore!  Shoot.  I'm actually gonna have to do stuff.  Anyways, here's everything that has happened.

 It has been raining like crazzzzzyy!  We've had flooding and there's been warnings and stuff. At one point, Elder Budding and I prayed to know if we needed to go find the Ark so we could be saved! I've thanked the Lord for putting me in a car many times since the rains have come though!  Haha, no, the rains have been an answer to prayers because California has been in a huge drought for a long time and the rain has been super needed!  God bless California.

Erick is super excited for his baptism and was telling everybody at church about it!  So that's a good sign!

Elizabeth Renteria is as ready as ever for her baptism on the 27th!  Her husband Carlos has started to come try out church!  It's been awesome! He's gonna be converted!  Yeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaahhhhh!

So we found a new investigator through visiting less actives!  Her name is Melissa!  She is separating from her less-active husband and she needs something to strengthen her and so we knocked on their door looking for her husband and BOOM!  The Gospel is here to save her life!  She's awesome!  We even brought a member named Brother Sessions to fellowship her!  She showed up to church on Sunday and brought her two kids! That's what I'm talking about!  The Lord is blessing us for following President Clarks mission vision of finding through Less Actives!!!

Christmas is almost here and the He is the Gift video brings the spirit so much in lessons!  I love this time of the year!

Anyway, this has been kind of a random letter and I love you all!


Elder Frame

So this week I have pictures and words with them!

 In the moto waiting for Wendi! This week we had our first investigator have her interview for baptism! We are planning her baptism for the 27th! This girl is so awesome! I am sad she isn’t in the picture. But this is us waiting for her at 7 in the morning because it was the only time she could have a lesson before her interview! She is so close! But as we have been teaching her I have been so nervous. I freak out because I want them to be this spiritual giant when they get baptized but in reality they are starting as a little seed and we are helping them nurture that seed… But oh the stress! We are excited to see her be baptized because she was the first one we started teaching when we opened the sector. But oh how funny it is we have lessons in her moto! Oh the things that happen in Peru!

Our water! Yeah so we can buy bottled water and in the big 5 gallon jugs but it’s too much of a hassle for us so we just end up boiling the water and putting in this container… Until we took this picture!!!! OH MY GROSS!! It literally looks like healthy urine. Yeah, well lucky to say I am not sick at all and my GI system is amazing! I really haven’t been sick! SO BLESSED! 

Oh and the one of the water bottle with the funnel and paper towels. My comp was sick of having “floaties” in her water so she did this so she could chug her water. We have filter water bottles but man, the struggle is real here in South America! Haha!


The coconut tree!!! This is in the front part of our capilla-church… Yeah I totally have a coconuts growing right outside our church. Well one elder decided to climb it and break it open… But it isn’t ripe yet! So sad! They will be in a few weeks though! I am so excited because the coconut milk tasted disgusting!!!!

Breakfast this morning for p-day! So for breakfast we had pan con huevos and chocolate con leche- basically a piece of bread with a fried egg and then a chocolate drink. But the chocolate drink is hot and OH MY GOODNESS SO GOOD! It is made from literal bars of chocolate that they melt, put hot milk in with water, and then we put sugar in as we eat it. I love it! But this is a really common breakfast here in Peru. I LOVE IT!!

The last picture is the two of us during comp study! This is literally how it started that day… My comp says “well, I studied about prophets and honestly it is kind of boring…” and then it slowly started to go into a discussion about the dispensations of when the gospel was on the earth, all the different prophets and when they lived and slowly we got into how our gospel has spread to all the different parts of the earth. We also discussed how amazing it was how our country went through all it did so the gospel could be restored when it was! I had one of those lightbulb moments of WOW THIS GOSPEL IS SO AMAZING! Without Christopher Columbus, all the wars we went through, and the leaders of our country I would not be here in Peru preaching the gospel. The people here would have never had the chance. I would not have the gospel. Wow. But if you want to read about what we studied look up 1 Nephi 13: 10-19 and 2 Nephi 10:7-14. It is so cool! Nephi prophesied of so many things that were going to happen!

Anyways! As Christmas is coming closer and closer I love love love love love LOVE LOVE the chance I have to be here and to have the opportunity to share the gospel. Christ is the center of our church and to have the chance to celebrate his birth and life is the reason of the season. I hope you are all having a great Christmas season. Love you all! Until next week!

Hermana Frame

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Another Week in Adam-ondi-desto

So, Marilu has moved away.  Yeah.  That's exactly how we heard about it too.  We were gonna start teaching her the new member lessons since we baptized her and all. She didn't show up to church the week after she got the Holy Ghost.  That was weird but we figured she just was out of town or something.   Then she wouldn't answer any of our calls or texts.  So that kind of worried us.  Then we went to her house, cars gone, house empty.  So that kinda worried us.  Asked around the ward if any of them have seen her or talked to her or her kids for the past 5 days.  Nobody.  That made us more worried.  We kept calling her then she finally texted us that she had moved to San Jose and that she found work there and that she was really grateful for us and what the gospel did and was still doing for her.  So yeah.  At least she's still strong and going to church and stuff, BUT SHE MOVED AWAY!  We didn't even get to say Nos Vemos or Hasta Luego or Cuidase!  She just left!  Dang!

Anyway, enough crying.  Here's what’s going on over here in Adam-ondi-desto.

1.  My Spanish is coming along super good!  Elder Bartold and I went to branch council together on Sunday and I was able to understand everything and tell them everything I wanted to!  YEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSS!!!!  Gift of Tongues POWER!  That's what I'm talking about!  Good thing that I've got an all powerful God to help me out right!?

1 1/2.  Also went on exchange with Elder Bartold.  THAT was interesting.  So his Spanish is worse than mine, I didn't have that much confidence in mine either at the time, he didn't know his area at all since it was like the second week of the transfer and I still don't know the area either since it's the city of Modesto which is 200,000 people!  So we went on exchange in his area and ended up knocking doors for 3 hours.  It was actually pretty fun.  Every Spanish person we ran into was an adventure and it was fun to get to know Elder Bartold better!  Poor dude.  His body doesn't like him right now, so it's doing everything possible to make him go to the doctor!  He'll get through it though!  He was an endure to the end runner before the mission too, so he's got it!

2.  Erick says he's 70% ready for baptism.  We told him that's baloney and that he's 100% ready and that we'd prove it to him, so we went over the baptismal questions with him and turns out he's more like 30% ready.  We asked him the Law of Chastity question and he said, "Chastity, what's that?"  Whoops.  We talked over his baptism again and he and we feel more comfortable with the 20th of December.  So we are going to be going over there a lot more to teach him!

3.  Ok, coolest story of them all.  So the Robert and Elizabeth Renteria have the dates for the 27th and we were focusing on solidifying them for that day. We went over Wednesday night and before we even started Elizabeth told us that she knew she needed to be baptized on the 27th and that she had been putting it off too long.  She told us that she wanted to wait for her husband but that she knew that it would take too long for him to accept the gospel for her.  YYYYYYYYEEEEEEEEEEEEEUUUUUUUUUUHHHHHHH!  It was super amazing!  Her mom was in tears!  Then her and her mom bore their testimonies in church on Sunday on her baptism and on eternal families and we were all temporarily translated!  Their testimonies were super powerful!  Oh man!  I wish all of our other investigators could have been there!  Robert still is struggling with a testimony but with a mom and sister like that (and missionaries like us) he’s gonna be baptized for sure.

4.  So the Pentatonix Christmas album is probably the greatest Christmas album in the world.  Listen to it and be filled.  (BTW, we have permission to listen to any Christmas music after Thanksgiving so don't think I'm all apostate or anything.)

5.  We are also converting to President Clark's mission vision and we are visiting solely less actives to do our finding. We haven't seen much fruit from it yet but we will.  We have faith.

So yeah that's what's going on.  Also, as a Christmas gift President Clark gave us a book to read called Believing Christ.  I've read it twice so far!  It's amazing!  It's about Christ and his Atonement.  The overall theme is you can believe Christ, believe that he's real, believe that he's the savior, believe he was born and died on this earth, believe that he's the son of God, but, do you really believe IN Christ.  Do you believe that he can heal you?  Do you believe his Atonement covers EVERY SINGLE ONE, of your sins, no matter the seriousness?  Because if you don't, you actually don't have enough faith in Christ to be saved.  It's an amazing book!

Love you all!

Elder Frame

Also, disclaimer.  I may have told you that writing handwritten letters is better.  I was lying.  I didn't know that we only have Preparation day to write letters when I said that and our Preparation Days are so crazy, I hardly ever have time to actually write a letter to you all.  So if you sent/ are sending hand written letters, I will love them and cherish them, but I will most likely end up answering you by email.  I love yall!  Stay true!

Monday, December 8, 2014

CHRSTMAS SEASON… or Mango Season Same thing here…

Hey this is a song that is so common in Peru for Christmas!
 It is about going to Bethlehem to see baby Jesus on a donkey! 
We LOVE singing it.
This is going to be short today but I want to share a few things I have learned and loved studying about this week, and then as always enjoy my photos! This last week has been so great! I have been studying so much about the Savior and His Life but also the basic doctrines of the gospel. We were discussing as a companionship how the awesome investigators are the ones that have questions. They really question if the church is true, whether God loves them, why there is suffering, how the gospel can bless their family, where they came from, where they are going… I have always grown up in the gospel and this has been the greatest thing that Heavenly Father can bless me with but I have thought that questioning the gospel is bad. I didn’t want to question it because that was meaning I was having doubts. That meant I wasn’t strong. NO THAT IS COMPLETELY WRONG! We need to ask God. We need to test it. We need to know the church is true. If we are questioning it means you understand the importance of the information and you want to know it is true.  In the introduction to the Book of Mormon it says… “We invite all men everywhere to read the Book of Mormon, to ponder in their hearts the message it contains, and then to ask God, in the name of Christ if it is true. If you ask in faith you will gain a testimony of its truth and divinity by the power of the Holy Ghost.” This book is the keystone of our religion.  It is the guide we have for this mortal life. If we abide by its teaching our lives are filled with purpose and we can become more like Christ. The Book of Mormon speaks of Christ, His Atonement, and love of all mankind. This season, the Christmas season is the reason we celebrate. I love the song O Come All Ye Faithful… It is amazing. Come and Adore Him. Adore Him. Love Him. Want to be around Him, in His presence, and learn of Him. Come and Behold Him, Born the King of Angels. He was born for us. He was born for you and me. I read in a pamphlet we hand out… “As you rely on the Atonement, you will experience joy, peace, and consolation. All that seems unfair in life can be made right through the Atonement of Jesus Christ, and the mercy and love of our Heavenly Father.” The message I am able to share on this mission, in Quillabamba Peru specifically is true or it’s not. Ask, seek and knock and it will be given. Oh how I love being a missionary. I LOVE IT WITH ALL MY HEART! This season come “adore” Him, behold Him, and share this light. I hope you are all enjoying this season!
Oh and for the title of this week! It is Mango season here! OH MY GOODNESS!!! Mango season…. WOW! I can’t even describe how good they are. We love to buy them from the Mercado each Monday and Thursday completely fresh probably picked that day and eat them. Oh they are so juicy and so yummy! We have probably two a day or more because members love giving them to us. One Hermana would not stop giving them to us!!! I think I ate 5 mangos in one sitting! While you are all eating gingerbread and candy canes I will be eating the Mangos! MMMM…good!!!
They also smash up the mangos and make like a Popsicle like thing and it’s a helado
Sorry not a crazy week! I have so many stories, but no time… Goodness me, the struggle! I hope you are all enjoying the Christmas season!

Hermana Frame
The doors here! It is so weird. You walk into like a garage and then there is like 4 or 5 bedrooms where families all live in each of those rooms. 

 The chicolac is a chocolate drink that they freeze here in Quillabamba that we love getting when it is hot during the day!!!

Elections in Peru this week! It is a law they can’t hold any type of service, drink alcohol, or basically do anything but vote and it was on Sunday so I didn’t have church, it was so weird! And they walk the streets a few days before as advertising or campaigning... weird!!
And our cute decor!

Monday, December 1, 2014

This week has been AWESOME.

I had the honor of cutting the Turkey.  It was awesome.  I had a lot of taste tests.
Foooooooooooooooooood!  Fooooooooooooooooootball!  These are a few of my favorite things.  We had an awesome thanksgiving. 
This is how it went:
Wake up.
Play football as zone from 6:30-8
Go to apartment to eat food in order to get ready for football.
Play football with the YSA ward from 8:30- 12:30
Eat food with YSA ward.
Go to apartment to rest from football and eat leftover food from member dinners for lunch.
Go to the Browns for Thanksgiving dinner at 3:00 to eat food.
Eat food at Browns while playing games until 7:00.
Go to Familia Roja casa for food at 7:30.
Eat food at Roja's until 9:00.
Go home and sleep knowing we've gained double our weight.
Apples to Apples fun with everybody!
So yeah.  That was basically our day.  We weren't allowed to proselyte because of family time for everybody else.  It was amazing.  Funny tidbit about the next day.  Our whole zone was walking around like hurt and sore old men hobbling around because we all played so much football on Thanksgiving.  It was worth it.

 Don't know if I've ever mentioned this, but we both are really big into Harry Potter, so we are always going off in British accents to quote some part of the Harry Potter movies.  Ha anyways, Moses Brown the youngest boy in the Brown family had some wizarding garb so we dressed up for an action shot.

 Elder Budding: Wizarding Extraordinaire

CHRISTMAS IS OFFICIALLY HERE!!!!!  My companion hates Christmas music already.  Thanks for all the music mom!  So the “He is the Gift”  video is amazing and we show it as much as possible.  Go and watch it if you haven't already!  It's super sweet!

Hey go and lift somebody.  Serve.  It will bring you so much more satisfaction and joy than you feel right now.  That's a promise.

Les amo mas que saben.

Elder Frame
The Thug Life of Service

Spanish Elder's Swag