Tuesday, November 25, 2014


Marilu and Brandon's baptism.  They had super good fellowshipping
so Elder Budding and I didn't even have to get our feet wet!
So, this week we finally baptized Marilu and Brandon!!  It was such an awesome experience!  I was the pianist. Ha!  It was super awesome!  I also got to be a witness!  Funny story too.  I filled the font too low so it was pretty hard for Marilu to go all the way under and so she had to be baptized twice.  Good thing Elder Budding and I were the witnesses cause then some other dude would have been like "Hey who's the idiots who didn't fill the font enough for her to go completely under!?"  Ha but yeah that was super spiritual! 

Michael Bartold from Spanish Fork Utah!  Craaaaaazzzzyyyyy!
So super crazy!  Transfers happened and guess who the new trainee is?!  Elder Michael Bartold from Spanish Fork Utah, who I went to high school with!  I couldn't believe it!  He apparently got reassigned from Argentina for his knee problems, then ended up getting assigned in our Branch too!  Crazy right!?  It's been super weird seeing somebody from home, but nice at the same time!  It'll be great to serve with an old friend!

Our Trees!  Thanks for the ornaments!
We put our two Christmas trees up this week!  Shoot, I'm so excited for Christmas!  My companion hasn't been too grateful for my Christmas music playing since November one!  Anyways, it was awesome to get the Christmas package and what not!

So the Renterias are all coming along great!  Elizabeth still is struggling with an actual baptismal date and we have no idea why.  She has a calling, pays tithing, lives every commandment, reads, prays, but won't get baptized!  AAAAAAAAA!!  She'll come along though!  Finding has been a lot better!  In the last week we've found 3 new investigators, so that's going to be awesome for our teaching pool!  

Thank you all so much for the prayers and thoughts and letters and whatnot!

Love yall!

Elder Frame
Good ol' Moroni

Me and Elder Budding after the temple today!  Cool short story too.  A man and his wife were going through for their first times for their marriage. Ha it was funny to watch and to remember my first time being weirded out and kinda out of it my first time I went through.

Fresno Temple.  Ha it's the same size as the stake center right across the parking lot

Monday, November 24, 2014

This Week!!

This is in Quillabamba and it is in front of a park/pool that I walk by every day
 and it is finally rainy season!  
Three Things… Well Four Actually

1.  Meet My Companion!!!! I like to talk about my companions in my emails because they are a big part of my life right now and they each teach me many things… Elder Bednar has said that us as missionaries not only serve a mission for the people but for their companions as well. And it is true. Oh how I have loved both my companions thus far! But anyways! HERMANA HOSKINS! Her name is Heidi Hoskins and wow this girl is AMAZING! She lives in Saratoga Springs and went to a Prep School named Karl G. Maezer Prep Academy. Whew, yep she is smart and amazingly talented! Oh and she goes to BYU so I am just rollin in the dough with companions I can see when I get back to the states. Anyways she LOVES, I mean LOVES musical theatre. She sings opera and is amazing at it. She has performed in many plays, and competed in so many competitions. Her whole family does and she has a brother that is a real prodigy! I am not kidding! It has been convenient that I play the piano and she sings. We have done a few musical numbers and it has been so much fun. This girl can talk though! Seriously. From the moment I met her she does not stop talking! This is the thing I love most about her! I am never bored!!!!! She always has some story on her mind, and it just cracks me up because she just speaks her mind all the time. I thought I talked a lot but this girl has me beat by a thousand miles! She is amazing at contacting which is so great! She thinks I am from Texas though. It is hilarious! My big hair, my big personality, my loud voice, all of it! I am still trying to convince her I live in Utah! She loves loves loves lasagna and she will eat cold pasta for breakfast. What? Haha that was a new one for me. She is singing all the time and oh how I love her voice so it has been so fun singing Christmas songs randomly as we are walking down the Street. Yeah, we are pretty loud together but we definitely know how to get things done!
Me and my two companions in the food court eating ice cream!
These two have been my life savers! Hermana Jesperson my comp in the CCM
 and my trainer- Hermana Hoskins.
 I was so excited to have my soft serve ice cream! We were in Cusco.
2. The Spider in Sacrament Meeting… Wow I have quite the story… Yesterday was our Ward conference and we had prepared for this for the last few weeks because here it is sometimes a struggle to get all the leaders, all the members, and all the kids to sacrament. We made flyers and everything to get people there. Anyways, I was playing the piano for sacrament meeting just like I do every week, and right before the sacrament hymn a spider, mind you the spiders are not that little here in Quillabamba, but I saw it fall from the window right by the piano. The church has all open Windows and such because it is so hot and there is no air conditioning… But OH MY GOODNESS I WENT INTO FREAK OUT MODE!!!!! I don’t have a fear of spiders but if they are bigger than a dime I am not a big fan!!! But it started crawling right by the piano and I could not reach it to kill it, and even if it wasn’t close it was so big! I couldn’t find the strength to just move my leg and kill it! Oh the struggle!!  But I was so distracted watching the spider and mouthing to my companion ¨-HELP- -SOS- I am about to die by this gigantic spider”, the chorister had to remind me to start playing the sacrament hymn and the whole time I was playing the hymn I felt my skirt hit my leg and I thought it was the spider! Wow I have never felt my heart raise so fast and so high before! Oh the stress! Luckily right after the song ended I moved as quickly as I could right next to Hermana Hoskins. Whew it was gone… But… No, it wasn’t. Right after I sat down we saw it crawling into the congregation. Oh glory. My comp then took my shoe (my shoe of course) and killed it right as the bread was being passed for the sacrament. Wow it was quite the show for everyone there. Hopefully no one noticed except the lady sitting right where we killed the spider. Wow, it was quite the experience. Please pray I come home alive and not bitten by some jungle spider.

3. My spiritual experience this week was when we were teaching an investigator named Paula and she has an 8 month old named Mia. Mia is so mellow and so calm. Every time we teach her Mom I sit there and hope for quiet babies because Lincoln and Taft were not all that mellow. Haha! But we have only taught her the first lesson but last night we were able to go over and help her with her laundry. This is my favorite part of missionary work. Service. We were able to sit and play with her daughter while she talked with us about how she felt about our message and also help her understand how God can talk to her personally. Personal revelation is one of the hardest things to explain to the investigators. But oh how wonderful and how amazing it is we can receive answers to personal questions. As we were finishing the laundry my comp was sitting by Mia and she started to sing I am a Child of God to her. Wow the spirit just overwhelmed me with the truth in those words. Not only is this precious girl a daughter of God but all of us. We are all of His children. He wants us all to know this. He wants us to understand his plan. I love that I can be a missionary and proclaim this message. But I have a strong testimony of the power of music. This last week I received my package with the hymn book my Mom sent. I have wanted the English hymn book because the Spanish is hard for me to understand right now… But the second I took it out, I turned to Where Can I Turn for Peace. I want to share some of the lyrics.
He answers privately, reaches my reaching. In my Gethsemane, Savior and friend. Gentle the peace he finds for my beseeching, constant he is and kind, love without end.

Music is powerful. Whether you sing, play and instrument, or just listen it has such a Deep power to it. Christ understands everything. He suffered for each of us personally. He knows how you feel right now. He wants you to find peace in this life. He is always there. He reaches your reaching. He reaches MY reaching. There are days that can be hard. Not because you chose for them to be but because life is a test and it is what we need to go through. But the best part is we can Access peace. Each moment, of every day. So, I challenge each of you… Memorize a hymn; listen to a song that uplifts you, read the lyrics to a hymn. Incorporate music more in your life. The positive kind. It really will strengthen you, and strengthen your testimony.

Before I go I want to share the true gratitude I have in my life right now. I love the fact that I am here serving. I am so grateful for this gospel. It is why I live each day. It is the reason I get up and going in the morning. It is the reason I struggle each day to learn Spanish. It is the reason I love my family. It is the reason I do what I do day in and day out whether I am on a mission or not. I am truly grateful. Don’t only be grateful because it is Thanksgiving. Strive to be grateful daily. It will make all the difference I promise. Find what you are grateful for. I promise if you really strive to find it you will. I love you all!

Hermana Frame
We were all in Cusco for a conference!

Monday, November 17, 2014


Elder Andersen, Elder Quigley and I spreading Christmas cheer to the people of 
 Shoot.  This week hasn't been that great.  Our numbers were atrocious but hey, I guess bad stuff like that just happens to you once and a while.  We had our whole week almost booked with appointments, but all but 2 canceled or changed their times to next week!  So disappointing!

So Marilu and Brandon are still a go on the 22nd and Erick and Carlos, Elizabeth, and Robert are all also green lights for the 6th of December!  So awesome, but if we baptize all of them we really won't have that many other people to teach.  Maybe like 2 others?  So we are amping up the finding and visiting less actives and members 2 hours  to 1 and 1/2 hours a piece per day in hopes of finding more people to teach!

Shooooooooooooooot!!!!  We had transfer calls Saturday night and they were stressful!  And I knew I wasn't even leaving!!  Elder Pereira and Elder Jensen were doubled out!  So both of them are leaving and we are receiving 2 new Spanish Elders to our area, Elder Herera and his trainee from the MTC.  I won't be the newbie anymore!  Wooooooooo!  Elder Pereira is leaving though!  Nooooooooooo!  Shoot, I'm gonna miss his Guatemalan face so much!  Anyways, transfer calls are going to be super stressful from now on because now there actually is a possibility that I could leave or something!  Oh well.  All what the Lord wants.

SUPER good talk you should all read.  Saving Your Life by D. Todd Christofferson.  And I quote, "To save your life, you'll have to lay down your stories and, minute by minute, day by day, give your life back to him." End of quote.  Our lives are not ours. The very second we sinned our lives became the Saviors because there is no way home without him. He suffered in unimaginable ways for each of us individually so that we might be able to live again and have the chance to become like his and our Father in Heaven.  So when you say it's my life, I'll do what I want with it, you are lying to yourself. You are His.  You are being selfish by thinking otherwise.  So let us live every minute of every day letting the Savior direct us because that is the only way we will be saved from our own filth and sin.

I love you all!!

Con Mucho Amor de California,

Elder Frame
What everybody in modesto looks like walking down the alleys.
Elder Andersen and I being jolly and happy!

Me when I ate the Jabanero last week.

The Sister Leader and The Pit-bull

Us going to cusco today! Hermana Jesperson, my comp in the CCM,
 Hermana Arroyo, her comp right now, my comp Hermana Hoskins, and I!
Well, I will explain the title first of all. No I did not die, and no I was not attacked. But the sister leader Hermana Ostler put on quite the show for me this week. We had the sister leaders come from Cusco this week and it was fun! A different change to things and it was fun to talk to another sister. She has literally two weeks left so it was the newbie with the oldie! She gave me so much advice and probably the best thing she taught me was how to deal with the dogs here in Peru. Well her tactic is to throw water on them and throw rocks at them. My companion Hermana Hoskins just doesn’t bring attention to the dogs so I have never worried about it but man, Hermana Ostler will definitely give those dogs a piece of her mind while showing who is boss. The first dog we came upon just started barking at us and she immediately picked up a rock and threw it at him and he yelped and ran away… I was like… what in the world? Is she afraid of dogs or something..? But later in the day as she did this a couple of times I just figured it was her way of showing she was in charge. I don’t know! But the best moment of the day was when we had a member with us and she had a small dog with her and this made it so all the dogs were freaking out every time we walked by. AND OH MAN!!! She went wild! The other small dogs were fine, but the instant we saw this pit bull come chasing after us she went into destructor mode and took her water bottle out and was trying to spray water all over the dog while trying to find rocks to throw, and yell in English at this pit bull that is half her size! HAHA! I die laughing just thinking about it. And surprisingly I was calm through the whole thing? What? Haha!! Oh and she was Hermana Frame for the day because we lost our tags running that morning… Oh Hermana Ostler. She was so great.

Hermana Ostler and I! The skinny version of Hermana Frame and the fat version!!! HAHA!!
We had matching name tags for the day because she lost hers… Best Hermana leader!
Our socks. You can definitely tell the difference of an Hermana just getting to the mission
 and one leaving in a few weeks!

This week was so so so great! Once again we contacted so many families! And I had my first time contacting a family by myself! SUCH AN ACCOMPLISHMENT! WAHOO!! But oh if you could have seen it. The people were so kind because I was trying so hard to understand their replies but other than that… I think it went great, minus the fact all their names sound exactly the same and their addresses are nowhere to be found. Haha, no my confidence is growing and I love contacting as you can tell.

We are able to teach a converso reciente- recent concert named Hermana Engracia, but we call her Abuelita. OH HOW I LOVE THIS WOMAN!! She is 89 years old and tells us she wants to die every day, and prays for it in every prayer before we leave. We visit her daily because she can’t read and she loves the Book of Mormon. Oh and I have never met someone who loves SeƱor Thomas. Oh she is the cutest. But she did call me gordita the other day. I didn’t appreciate that. I told her the food was just too good here! Haha! I love reading to her.  She has taught me that perseverar hasta el fin… I can’t remember how to say that. Enduring to the end? Yeah… but that this is so important. Even though she wants to die, she keeps going. She jokes and laughs with us, and she tells us how thankful she is for her kids every day. Oh! And she sings in Quechua (ke-chew-wa). I love her so much if you can’t tell.

I am reading to Abuelita… Oh how I love her so so so much!
She has taught me so many lessons.
 It will be hard to leave her.

I am having so many experiences. So many here in the mission I wish I could write them all down and tell you all. But the most important part is I am here, teaching the gospel. And in the process it is changing me. I love what the gospel can do. It brings hope, faith, love, and it helps us understand our purpose here. If you are struggling with your testimony or you want to strengthen it at all, I promise get down on your knees. It brings you so much closer to your Heavenly Father. He hears you, He understands everything despite what has happened in your past, what is happening now, and the worries you have for the future. Pray, he will answer if you listen.

I love you all and thank you for your support and love!!

Hermana Frame

ICE CREAM!!! It is helado in espanol and I love it! I miss the soft serve in the US so much though!!!

Our capilla or church! It is so beautiful and no snow here in Peru! Sunny day in and day out! I love the church and it is definitely different than in the states, especially Utah- or Utah county haha.

Monday, November 10, 2014


So yeah what's up everybody!

This week has been pretty awesome!!  California.  Land of the never cold.  I miss it.  The only time it is kind of chilly is in the mornings when we run and then it's only like 45 degrees.  Anyways.  Enough complaining about not being freezing.

So the work is still moving!  As usual!  Marilu, Brandon, and now Erick all have baptismal dates!!  Marilu and Brandon on the 22nd of November and Erick on the 6th of December!  We found a family of 4 around 2 weeks ago and it's looking the mom and 2 kids will probably be pretty solid!  The mom's name is Esperanza and she has 2 little girls, both under baptism age, dang it, and her husband who she's said his name but I can't remember it right now.  Esperanza is pretty solid but her husband is always at work... so that doesn't help a lot.  Other than all of them we just have a bunch of potentials we are trying.  Also we are continuing to work with the less actives.  Shoot, a lot of them kinda hate the church and we've had 2 people tell us to remove their names from the church and to never contact them again.  Pretty sad but we honored their request and they have been blotted out!

Other random stuff:  I had a jalepeno pepper the other day.  I ate it and shooooooooooooooooooooooot.  It was HOT!  Haha it was at President Jimenez's casa. They all laughed when I ate it and stuff but then I started getting SUPER red! Haha I'm already sorta red but give me a Jalepeno pepper.....  Haha I guess that freaked them out cause they gave me a lemon with salt, ice, a caramel candy and told me to go to their bathroom in case I threw up.  Haha I was sweating a bunch!  Shoot it was really HOT!  They said next time we came for dinner they'd have Ghost Peppers for us!  That'll be great!

I went on an exchange with Elder Pereida this week.  He is my District leader's companion.  He's from Guatamala and he is the funniest Elder!  I had such a good time! He does really well connecting with the members and he knows the Bible like the back of his hand!  He said he's thrown down hard on Jehovah's Witnesses before!  Shoot.  I told him that I kinda wanted to bash at least one time with the J-dubs.  He said he'd train me if I wanted to throw down like one of the greats like him.  Shoot, I love him!  He's great!

Anyways.  The Church is true!

Oran Siempre!

Elder Frame

Elder Pereida! He's such a goofball

Elder Pereida's desk toys

Study room

My desk!

Our bedroom

The Kitchen

I am Addicted…

I am addicted, literally. To two things. First, to Fanta. Yep, the soda. I never drank soda when I was in the U.S. But here, wow this week I have had one every day!!! It is amazing how good it is! It is probably because we walk so much in the heat and humidity that we stop in one of the tiendas and get one. In the pictures my comp has water. Don’t be fooled my friends…. She drinks so much soda it’s funny! But this week one of my goals is to cut down on the Fanta. It is not that great for my body, but oh YUM I LOVE IT SO MUCH!!!

The second thing I am addicted to is the gospel. How original right? No but really. This week has been amazing. After last week’s letter I am sure you all think I am hating it. NO I LOVE IT! This week I have been on cloud 9!

We have taught so many people, contacted like crazy, and experienced so much. The missionary life is so amazing. One of my favorite times of the day is to study. I crave the doctrine. I crave reading the Book of Mormon. Seriously it is crazy how addicted I am. If I could just sit in my room and read the conference talks, read Preach My Gospel, and read the scriptures I would be Gucci! But I have to go spread the gospel! That is the awesome part about it. The gospel is amazing! It changes lives. It brings hope, peace and joy in not only our everyday life but for eternity.  My favorite thing this week is to contact families. We like to go to the plaza or just walk the main streets and talk to families about the gospel. I am excited to get better at Spanish so I can say more but it is so fun to talk to the cute kids and meet all the people. We have a lot of appointments this week which is great. I hope we can follow up and start teaching them!

Funny experience this week.... We have gotten fumigated 3 times this week! They fumigate to get rid of the critters and mostly to get rid of mosquitos because of dengue. One day we were studying and all of a sudden a guy in a gas mask with a huge machine that looks like a huge lightning bolt shooter-thing tells us to go out quick because he is going to spray fumes. WHAT!???  RUN FOR OUR LIVES!!! And once again I am so confused because the machine is super loud and my comp is the one talking to him.  Well we didn’t have time to grab anything and my comp didn’t have shoes on, and it was so funny because we ended up having to stay outside for an hour while we waited for the house to "fumigate" Haha! So we tried talking to people as we walked by but it was SO FUNNY! But it happened 3 times! I don’t see the point because there is bugs everywhere and the people are not super clean anyway so I don’t know…

I am excited to say I have 2 months in the mission! It is crazy but I have learned so much and I have so much to learn. The people are amazing here and I am really feeling the hand of the Lord in my life. Each time we teach I feel Heavenly Fathers love for the people. It is real.

Before I go, I want to emphasize how important it is to do missionary work. M. Russell Ballard said “The world is in need of your help. There are feet to steady, hands to grasp, minds to encourage, hearts to inspire, and souls to save. The blessings of eternity await you.” Go and read the talk by him in the Nov. 2013 issue of the Ensign. It is “Put your trust in the Lord”. Do a little better each day. The gospel is amazing. Put it first in your life and everything will work out. Pray, read, live, repeat. I love you all! Untill next week.

Hermana Frame

The spider we found walking on one of the main streets here. It was huge and yellow! My comp loves to collect bugs but I told her we had to leave it… Haha
Fanta in a bag! The owners of the tiendas (little stores they have in their homes) don’t let you take the glass bottles so they put it in the plastic bags. It gets really messy but it is SO worth it! Me and my cute 
Companion Hermana Hoskins

These are called Moto taxies… We actually teach one of our investigators in it. Her name is Wendy! I will have to send a pic next week of her with us.  

But these things are all over Quillabamba, and it is how we travel.

There is a picture of what it looks like when we are in one too. We mostly take it to go to the church because it is farther into Quillabamba.

Macamango ! The school there and the dirt roads… It feels like I am in Africa or somewhere super poor when we go there.
 It is all dirt roads and you can hear the bugs at night, the frogs in the water, and all the crazy noises of the jungle.

The plaza. I will send better pics next week! But it is one of my favorite places and they keep it SO clean! It is closer to the middle part of the city. We LOVE to contact here!
El Marcado! I love this place!
I buy my granadillas here each week! It is only on Mondays
and all thepeople bring their fresh fruit and veggies
to sell for really cheap. Which is dirt cheap in the U.S.
But wow the culture is amazing here!
I learn something new, see something new,
and taste something new every day! I LOVE PERU!!!!!

Monday, November 3, 2014


This was last Saturday at that little boy’s baptism.  I'm walking on Water!! 
 Power of the Priesthood!!


So yeah!  The work.  It is going.  And it is AWESOME.

Love yall!

Elder Frame

Ha.  Just kiddin.

I wouldn't do that to yall!  No this week has been great!  So here's everything!

Wednesday:  We had a Halloween party for the wards.  Everybody was dressed up all scary like and stuff.  Apparently everybody was disappointed we didn't dress up, but we aren't allowed to dress up anyway, so yah.  That was kind of tiring telling everybody.  Other than that it was great!  Candy, candy corn, candy cotton, candy, candy, and more candy!  I gained 2 pounds literally.  No I really did.  I weighed myself before and after.

Friday aka Halloween:  So we had to be back to our apartments by 6:00.  So we went back to the apartment and watched Forever Strong. Ha, since the coach from that movie, Larry Gelwix, was the old mission president in this mission, that movie was still on the CAN watch list. Ha it was pretty sweet!

All the other days we did many many visits and we've been knocking doors!  We've found 6 new potentials and 2 new investigators who seem pretty solid!  Maria and Vanessa!  They were pretty interested so I'll keep you posted!  As for Marilu, we visited her on Wednesday and she wanted to talk to us about her baptism.  We were kinda worried about what she was going to say.  It was more than ok though because she said she wanted to push her date back so she could get baptized with her 10 year old son Brandon on November 22!!!  WOOOOOOHOOOOOO!!  DOUBLE BAPTISM!!  She's been coming to church every single week!  Reading!  Praying!  Everything!  She's so awesome!  Erick is still a bum and avoiding us.  We're gonna get him!!

Anyways.  I was thinking about finding this week since we have actually had some success for once with knocking on doors.  We are trying to find people to teach the gospel as missionaries, but I kinda applied that to everywhere else in my life.  I should be finding ways to serve.  Finding people who maybe just need a friend.  Finding out more about the gospel.  Finding, finding finding.  Hey you should too.  

Hey!  God Bless!


Con Amor,
Elder Frame

There is a reason....

There is a reason.....
-that I have a million bug bites
-I can't flush the toilet paper in the toilet (I know it sounds weird but it is frustrating)
-I don’t understand Spanish
-I have to take 2-3 showers a day because it is so humid here
-My companion and I have super different personalities
-I walk 6-8 hours a day and my feet hurt at the end of the day
-I am a million miles away from everything that is comfortable to me
-I am learning Spanish
-I have diarrhea randomly from certain foods- TMI I know but seriously it is a real problem
-I am woken up at 3 in the morning because my legs itch so badly and I am dying from the heat
-The shower has no pressure and is hot when it is already 150 degrees here already! 
-I look stupid half the time when I speak 
-I am serving in Peru
-I am serving in Quillabamba
-I am a missionary.

This all seems like I am complaining. And let me tell you, I am done sugar coating it all. It was a hard week. I am adjusting to missionary life and with that come so many trials. But through it all I can’t tell you how amazing it is when I lay in bed at night and think of what I am able to do, and what a privilege it is to be here on my mission. It has been all I have ever wanted to do for so long and I am here. Sometimes like this week I forget my purpose. Yesterday I had my 6th birthday of my patriarchal blessing. In there it talks about serving my mission and I pulled it out to read and wow. I am supposed to be here. No matter how hard. The people need this message. They need what I have. I am a disciple of Jesus Christ and this brings me so much joy. Salvation is not easy and this is why sometimes I wonder why it is so hard. But I remind myself this is the time I can give it all I got. I get to share the one thing closest to my heart and that is the gospel. It is amazing how much I am learning and I remind myself to find the blessings each day. I am not a sad person... Haha. If anyone knows me this is NOT my personality. The Lord blesses me so much and through my obedience and complete faith in Him, He will help others come to the gospel. I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY. I love it. Despite how hard it can be. Before I go, I have to share a funny experience... So on the other side of heaven there is the part where Elder Grohberg is walking along a path and the mosquitos and bugs are eating him alive and he all of a sudden just starts screaming and yelling while flailing his arms in the air because he was sick of getting bit. Well, I can testify that I have had THE SAME experience. Literally. We were walking and I just stopped threw a fit and started scratching my legs, while stomping and yelling in English- HEAVENLY FATHER WHY DID YOU CREATE BUGS! Haha oh man my companion was laughing for days, and still reminds me of this moment. 

Oh how I love this work. I really do. Until next week.

Hermana Frame

Flowers we see on our streets. Some of them seriously look fake but they
 are all so so so pretty!

my bug bites on my legs.... oh man I had a flip out moment this week. Even putting on repellent and trying to avoid bugs it’s impossible! I sometimes am up at night but I have taken Benadryl.... and that helps. Goodness me!


 My comp and I teach 3-5 students Tuesday thru Friday and it is fun but definitely makes me grateful for the seminary we have in the states. But I love the teenagers. They are so strong here.
I had to hand wash my own laundry. Make sure you are always grateful for washing machines! My hands are SO sore!
It is so beautiful when it rains. And it’s not hot so that is a plus. But this is in our sector.
I ate chicken heart, and also chicken lungs this week! I LOVE THE CHICKEN HEART. But the lungs on the other hand are not so great... They taste like iron, lots of it

Este perro es muy feo! This dog was prego and it is the ugliest thing I have ever seen. They love these dogs here and I want to puke every time I see them.
The river- RIO! It is so beautiful. I forget I am in Peru sometimes till I see things like this. 
It is a river on the way to Macamango