Monday, January 26, 2015


Oh mah goodness.  I baptized a man!  It was so AWESOME!  I washed Angel clean of all of his dirty sins and he has become a holy man!  Angel's 18 and he decided to be baptized back at the start of January!  It's been SUHWEET teaching him and his family!  Now that he's taken this step, his three sisters and mom are following! They are praying about baptisms on the 15th of February!  His dad is also shaping up and he's going to talk to Presidente Haroldsen next Sunday so he can receive the Aaronic Priesthood and participate in the baptisms of his daughters and wife when they receive answers to their prayers!  

That's what this whole gospel thing is about.  Bringing families closer together.  Binding them through the eternities.  The family is so central to this gospel.  That is exactly why Satan targets the family on so many different fronts!  What a wretch.   Anyways, everything else here is going great!!!  

Funny stuff about my companion Elder Vargas:  

~He's illegal. Ha!

~Words I've had to explain to him since he didn't know what they meant: wretch, bodacious, and commando

~Words he says and I quote "tickle my tongue:" Persuade, hasten, and auxiliary

~He used to be in a hardcore heavy metal rock band and looked super emo (which is actually super cool cause he can play the guitar like an animal!)

Don't really know what else to talk about.  Oh, we were chastised as a mission by President Clark because "there have been too many holes in the walls from missionaries wrestling each other so that is now a written rule: Thou shalt not wrestle in thine apartments."  Don't worry.  I haven't put any holes in the walls, but I have been wrestling.  So bummer, we have to stop that now.

Oh yeah and I also got pulled over.  I thought we were invincible as missionaries against the cops, but yeah... we aren't.  We were going to be late back to the apartment because we were teaching in a lesson too long so I was booking it home!  We came up to a stop sign and I must have forgotten to stop completely...... so yeah, a cop saw and pulled me over.  He was a pretty rough guy and actually the first thing that ran through my mind was that he needed the gospel.  Anyways, I just yessired him a lot and he liked how respectful I was so he let me off the hook! So this makes it my 8th time being pulled over and I'm very happy to say that I only have one ticket on my record and that was back in Junior year.  Needless to say we were home late anyways.  Shoot.  Lots of repenting for me to do....

The work is HASTENING!  Help with it!  If you aren't sharing the gospel you aren't keeping your baptismal covenant!  #sharethegospel  it's as easy as that!  A quick post!  If one non-member friend retweets or likes what you've posted, that's 53,000 more people that will see it!  Stats from leadership training last week!  SHARE THE GOSPEL!!!

Love you all! Hope you love this super random email!

Elder Frame

PS.  I've been thinking about the second coming a lot this week.  It's gonna really be the pits to be alive when all that happens... I leave you with that bleak thought.

Hanford Zone

Selma District

The Fact Is….

A week full of facts! Well, they are probably facts with a tid bit of opinion and comments. Haha!

5 facts about this week…

-My teaching has improved SOOO much! YAYAYAYAY! It takes so much faith and relying on the Lord! The gifts of tongues is real and if I listen to the spirit that is all that matters

-Realizing agency is so important. The power to choose. It is all a part of the plan. It is a gift that is given to all of us. It is hard for me to see those that push away the gospel or don’t accept our message. It breaks my heart. But everyone has agency.

-Communication is KEY in everything. In my companionship, in working with the members, in teaching our converts, with our investigators, and the most important with the Lord. Daily prayers. They are SO powerful.

-We found a little store called BEMBOS!!!!! ICE CREEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAMMMMMMM! And it is soft serve!! It is my favorite part of p-day!

-I have to work hard on a mission. But I have to work effectively. If I have the spirit, I can teach with the spirit, and if I teach with the spirit, I can touch hearts, and if I touch hearts it makes me so happy.

5 facts about the Peru Cusco Mission

- Our focus is to find families. We have a goal of contacting 12 families a week. It is the council from our president and I have definitely experienced miracles following his council.

-Unlike other missions in Peru our mission has so much diversity. We have the jungle/rainforest, snow in Puno, to Cusco which is SOOO high (altitude). We also have so much history. The Incans and of course Maccu Piccu. LOVE IT!!!

-Transportation in our mission is really different. We walk all the time in our sectors but when we have to go to the mission home it is a whole day experience. Going to Cusco is 7 hours from here and the longest trip is 10 hours from Puerto Maldonado.

-We cannot eat strawberries, lettuce, cervice, and eat pork.

-Our motto in the mission is “Faith, Obedience, Diligence, Charity.”

5 facts about Missionary Work

-It is the happiest and one of the hardest times in your life

-Constant change, but not all at the same time. Changes with companions, a new area, or new people can happen in the snap of a finger but yet each day is the same schedule doing the same things. Depending on the day it is easy or hard.

-You get up at 6:30 EVERY DAY! This I love. It is not like 5 o clock clinicals in nursing school and I am guaranteed 8 hours of sleep! I am so worn out emotionally, physically, spiritually, and mentally. So blessed to have so much sleep!

-You get as much out of it as you put in. Just like in anything. But I find as I am focused on why I am here and the purpose of missionary work I am SOOO happy.

-You meet SOOOO many people. I LOVE THIS! I am such a people person and talking with them about their life is great. I love to share the gospel to. So win-win situation.

5 facts about Hermana Frame on a mission…

-I LOVE EVERY BIT OF IT!!! The people, the leaders, my companion, the schedule, the place, the smells.. Okay maybe not the smells most of the time but still

-I do miss AMERICA!!! We sang the national anthem this week as a companionship. It was great, but it did make me miss my homeland.

-Talking about the gospel 24/7! I love it!

-I am a literal giant here with how tall I am! Goodness me. It is great but I am constantly looking down at them. It is so funny!

-My testimony has been stretched, strengthened, tested, and solidified here on the mission.

To end I want to share a scripture. I love it so much. “… Consider on the blessed and happy state of those that keep the commandments of God. For behold they are blessed in all things, both temporal and spiritual; and if they hold out faithful to the end they may dwell with God in a state of never-ending happiness. O remember remember that these things are true; for the Lord God hath spoken it.”  I totally can’t remember the reference but it is so good! HAHA! I promise I didn’t come up with it myself. I just didn’t write it down. Well, I hope you all have a great week and enjoy the pictures of us at the zoo and the random dog our recent convert Wendy had during one of our lessons (super awkward pics… something to make you laugh). Anyways, love you all! Keep moving forward.

Hermana Frame

Monday, January 19, 2015

Another Week????!!!

I can't believe another week is gone!  Plus, it's a quick one this week!  Don't have a lot of time to write so forgive me!!

Angel!!!  He's gonna be baptized this weekend!  My first truly real baptism since I'm not being trained anymore!  It's gonna be GREAT!

No more time, but just know that no matter how dumb I may sound, the spirit is able to work through people like me as long as we try our hardest!  The people of the California Fresno mission are in good hands, not because they are my hands, but because they are Gods hands!

Love you all!

Elder Frame

Elder Hopkins fell asleep, so Elder Munzon is giving him some brotherly love!

Elder Vargas and I
People out here are just as ghetto as our family and they use washer bins as fire pits too!!


My first Zone in Quillabamba minus two latina sisters.
Us 4 North American hermanas in my first zone here in Quillabamba
Well, last week I had the most amazing experience with Karen who is one of our investigators that has been prepared to hear the gospel, but wow do I have quite the miracle this week. The Lord has been so good to me. I am so blessed here on the mission and this was one of the up moments of the mission… Hills and Valleys.. We all have to have them. It is what makes life… Well, life.

Frank and Katy. We contacted them as a companionship, Hermana Hoskins and I, on November 11, 2014. I remember it in detail. They were pushing their one year old little girl in their stroller by a park by their home as both of us came from the other direction and as we do before every family we get excited and say to each other “Oh another family! Wahoo lets go get them.” Haha.. No but we walked up to them and they were so courteous and kind as we talked with them about their beliefs and how families can be together forever and we would like to share a little bit more about the gospel with them. They politely let us come back a week later but to our dismay were not there. But I do have to say that from this moment that we had contacted them I KNEW there was something special about them. I would bug Hermana Hoskins about calling them all the time to see if we could visit them because I couldn’t get them out of their mind. I knew this was the spirit. But anyways we had a lesson with them about 2 weeks ago getting to know them and giving them the first lesson. They are both Lawyers that work in Cusco, very put together, and very welcoming and kind. Oh and wow they are definitely educated. But anyways, they responded really well to all we taught and we left them the challenge to read and pray to know if the church was true and left one pamphlet and set up another appointment that led to last night. WOW, I just get excited typing this story.


 But really, we ended up teaching them again last night and when we showed up they were so warm and welcoming and as we started the lesson Katy said “Well, we both read the pamphlet and prayed together to know it was true and we have felt so peaceful and we want to know more… There just wasn’t quite enough information in the pamphlet. Do you have more?” On the inside Hermana Hoskins and I are jumping for joy!

Talk about Golden Investigators.

We proceeded to teach them about the Book of Mormon, eternal families, and the plan of salvation, temples, the church organization, and so much more. We sat there for an hour teaching them, and they didn’t want us to leave but of course the polite thing to do is let us go. But wow, they had questions like “Can you tell us about a chapter specifically in the Book of Mormon that would be for families, and raising your kids? Or “Is there more that we would have to do after baptism?”, or “Wow, the Bible is amazing but so hard to understand, but when you read out of the Book of Mormon it is so clear and understandable.” And just the reaction of them both. Katy completely was taken aback when we talked about Eternal Families and the temple. I could just see in her eyes how excited she was and to see how engrossed both of them were as we described the Book of Mormon and the doctrines of the gospel. They couldn’t get enough of it. Wow, the spirit was so strong. I can’t even describe it. It was one of those times the spirit made everything clear, it was testifying of truth, and it helped them understand so much.

 We as teachers were definitely being led by the spirit and it was just an amazing experience. The spirit is the teacher. When I was set apart as a missionary in my blessing it talked about how people would be converted spirit to spirit because they will FEEL it is true. Wow, it was amazing. I wish I could just describe the happiness, the clarity, the joy, the truthfulness of it all. They are very logical people, and very intelligent but they could feel. They felt the truth in the words of the doctrine. During the lesson it was just one of those moments that nothing else mattered, and we were there in the right place at the right time. I would just look into their eyes and just see the desire to learn more. They want to know more. I LOVE IT! I love the spirit. The one thing that has been big for me in my life is to have the spirit always. When you don’t have the spirit, life is so much harder.

 But I have been reading in 1st Nephi and Laman and Lemuel crack me up! Oh my goodness. They constantly are back and forth. They don’t believe, murmur, and then get chastised. I was actually getting annoyed at them this week as I have been reading. HAHA! But really, they had such a rough road. And do you know why? My companion hit it right on the nail. They never received their answer to leave Jerusalem. They didn’t want to ask, they didn’t and they couldn’t understand the why to all that they were doing. When we receive an answer to know the church is true or you receive it little by little your life runs so much more smooth. You have the Lord on your side. Nephi is amazing. I will just end there because I could write so much about all the characteristics he has, all the ways he has reacted positively to situations, and the example he is to others. We all have a little bit of all of them in us. Lehi, Nephi, Sariah, Sam, Laman and Lemuel. It is just what we choose to be. I am so grateful we have the Book of Mormon. It testifies of truth. Even through the stories. I love all I have learned throughout my life. It is the guide for each one of us.

 There is power in reading each day, there really is. The Book of Mormon coupled with the spirit converts. I have a strong testimony of this. I am so grateful to be a tool in the Lords hands. I am here to serve His people and do His work. I am so blessed. Well, I have to go. I have a busy day ahead and there is more work to do! Until next week! Keep moving forward.

Hermana Frame

French toast with the new electric griddle 
Hermana Hoskins bought!
 Oh how I miss good breakfasts!
We ate chicken feet this week! YUM….
 Not really my favorite haha

drawing with our pensions grandson Hiroshi who is 5 years old…
 Oh me and this kid are best buddies.

This is a favorite picture of us because I am laughing at my companion as we enjoy the company of our pension and her daughter. It is good to have a little break at meal times to rest and chat for a bit.

favorite lessons with abuelita!
Doing some nursing on the side. Not!
Abuelita has a fungus infection and we are helping treat it.
Oh that lady I love her so much!

piano lessons with Yanina!
 I have started teaching a few kids how to play and it is so fun but SO hard!
 Yikes! Teaching in Spanish has been quite the challenge.

Angie a cute girl that yells at us each day as we leave the house. She yells “HERMANITAS!” Oh she is a doll.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Promised Land = Parlier

Welcome to Hanford and Kingsburg!  (The fields)
Well.  I'm settled in here at Kingsburg and especially Parlier!  That place needs to be translated!  I love it there!  I dread the wretched days we have to stay in Kingsburg and work with all the white people!  There are people in Kingsburg we are working with but it's not the same working in English as it is in Spanish!  I am SO happy I am able to work with the Latinos.  We Caucasians need to chill a little bit and have a little hospitality and respect!  I've been called way more names, yelled at more, and spit at more here in Kingsburg than I have anywhere in my life!  But, I am a representative of Jesus Christ and I am working on my charity and love toward my fellowmen.  I'll love them eventually, I'm sure........

Anyways, now we get to talk about Parlier!!  That place is my favorite!  Everyone there listens to us, we set 5 baptismal dates just last week!  We are going to make the Parlier mission!!!  I love it!  My companion Elder Vargas is helping me with my Spanish a bunch, and everything is progressing!  I don't know how else to explain how I feel!  It's SUPER satisfying to help these people come closer to Christ and bring them peace in this life and the next!  GO ON MISSIONS!  You will never ever ever ever ever regret it!  Pray, work, do whatever it takes to get yourself out here in the Lord's vineyard!  I will forever remember this time in my life!  It has been so great so far and I can't wait to see what more is in store!

On the worldly side of things we played some indoor soccer yesterday for a tri-zone activity for preparation day! I cannot believe I have been sitting in darkness never playing indoor soccer before my mission!  It was AMAZING!  Soccer may be the greatest sport to have ever been invented!  The place we went was turf on top of a hockey rink!  It was SUPER fun!!!  Especially with all of the natives!! They are all super good and it's always a challenge to go up against them!!  LOVE IT!

Well!  Never let the small things go!  It's always the small battles that eventually win the war! 


You will be blessed beyond measure!  I can tell you this is the happiest I have ever been in my life and it is because I am doing those things every day!

I love you all and go baptize!  Every member a missionary!

Elder Frame

Photos........Families from Modesto..........

Monday, January 12, 2015

Freddy Kruger?

Yeah, so I might as well start with the fact that my title is a scary movie. Wow, this story is ridiculous and if you know me… It will be even funnier. Last Saturday I was sitting in my pensions house with everyone. Meaning my companion, and each family member  which is random because it is only usually my pension and my companion… But anyways we were all discussing something about the New Years and one of my pensions sons turns to us and asked if we had ever seen Freddy Kruger. I was like yeah!!! The one that is related to Christmas. They all just looked at me for what felt like forever and then just started laughing SO HARD. I totally felt embarrassed and my companion Hermana Hoskins was like WHAT????? Haha!  I knew I said something wrong. Oh man. No Hermana Frame, Freddy Kruger is a scary movie with a man that scares children. Wow and I related this to Christmas. HAHAHAHA! But I do have a valid point. I have seen Mr. Krugers Christmas which is a delightful Mormon related Christmas movie that I watched growing up. Wow, thanks parents for keeping me sheltered. That sounds sarcastic, but I mean it from the bottom of my heart. Oh goodness me. Definitely a Madi moment.

But anyway this week has been great! Many blessing, many people we were able to teach, and many changes! I found out today that I am staying in QUILLABAMBA!!! YAYAAYAYAYAYAYAY!!! More humidy, rain, and sweating 24-7. No, I seriously love it. As I talk to more missionaries it is the same as Hawaii. It looks like it, feels like it, and wow it is just so beautiful! The greatest thing though is that I get to be with my trainer for another change!!! WAHOO! We have learned so much together and we are going to have so many more adventures.

This week though we both had a great experience with a woman we were able to teach this last Saturday. We went to help a member in our ward with her store to restock and then to share a short message and ask for references.  As we finished stocking her store with milk, we sat down to have some frozen chicolac (chocolate milk) and chat with her for a little bit since her daughter was in Cusco and she has been so lonely. But anyways there was a girl that came into her store that looked about our age. Mery helped her and then right after asked her if she would like to listen to the missionaries. She said yes and we BOOM had a lesson right there. And this was no ordinary lesson. WOW SHE IS SO PREPARED. As we taught she understood everything. She could feel the spirit. She knew a lot about the bible and her understanding of the need for prophets and the restoration was unbelievable. Hermana Hoskins and I knew we needed to challenge her for baptism and we did. She wants to be baptized! There is so much she wants to learn before then, and she says her life is a little rough right now but this is the way she needs to go. The gospel is true everyone.

 Wow, if I could just write 10 pages about how the gospel really changes lives, the spirit is key in all missionary work, the book of Mormon is true, and Joseph Smith is a prophet, I would. But I have 1 hour to email. God prepares those that need the gospel now. She had such an open heart and I am so glad we both as a companionship were in a position to share the gospel  with Karen in that exact moment.

 Missionary work is amazing. We all can do it. No matter if we are a missionary with a name tag or not. The purpose is to spread the light of Jesus Christ. It is here on the earth. The RESTORED GOSPEL is on the earth now. In the exact form that Jesus Christ established on the earth when he was here. I know that what I am doing is a special work. But all of you can do it to. Share your testimony. Live worthy. Go to the temple with a friend. Write a family member a note. Work in your callings with all your heart. Dedicate your lives to Jesus Christ. He is our Savior. He is our Redeemer. He is my friend. I love this gospel. I always will. I am happy to be at this point in my life.

Please know I am grateful for this opportunity, and it really is a privilege to be here. I love you all and until next week! Keep moving forward.

Hermana Frame 

Monday, January 5, 2015

Feliz Ano Nuevo!!!!!

Well!  I'm here in Kingsburg with Elder Vargas my new companion/trainee!  Ha, he's not really my trainee!  He knows the area super good and he's got a bunch of member trust and is fluent in Spanish!  That only leaves me to train him on how to teach and how to be exactly obedient!  Ha, training Elder Vargas.  He's basically training me since I'm new to the area and still learning Spanish!  It's awesome though!  I don't have some bum missionary who is trunky and vegetating to the end!  Elder Vargas wants to work and that is just fine with me!  We are going to baptize the multitudes here in Kingsburg!

Clarification.  We will baptize multitudes in Parlier!  Kingsburg is a bunch of white people that aren't ready for the goodness of the gospel and Parlier is the gold at the end of the rainbow!  The light at the end of the tunnel!  The diamond in the rough!  There are so many people there ready to listen to the gospel!  It's a small town of all of the field workers!  They all live humble lives, but they are super ready to receive the fullness of the gospel in their lives!  Most of our work is there so we are looking for an apartment out there so we can move out there and live amongst the beleivers!  Haha don't get me wrong Kingsburg is good and there are people ready to hear the gospel here too so we spend 2 days a week there.  Parlier is where it is at though!!  

Looks like my area is a bunch of fields.  Right now it just looks like a bunch of dead wood all stood up in rows cause it's been so cold, but I'm sure come spring it's gonna be booming!  Can't wait!

Investigators!  We have around 16 right now!  AWESOME!  Modesto kinda struggled with having investigators, but this area is boooooming!  It's awesome!  Ha and 14 of them are in Parlier!  That place will be translated by the time me and Elder Vargas are finished with it!  Parlier!!!  Anyways, 2 we are focusing on are Brianda and Angel.  Brianda has Muscular Dystrophy and is dying.  It's really sad but she is super strong!  It's amazing! She's enjoying every single moment she has left and she says she is ready for baptism, but is shy about being dunked in the water because more than 1 person will have to do the baptism.  So we are working on that.  She'll yield to the enticing of the spirit!  Angel is the son of a less active member!  He's always hated the fact that he was baptized as a baby. He never has felt like that is something that you should do and so when the missionaries stopped by to teach his dad the less active, he asked them about that and he liked what he heard and has been taking the lessons ever since!  Last night, we went over and taught him.  What's awesome is he invited his girlfriend over to listen in too!  We taught the plan of salvation and challenged both to baptism for the 25th of this month!  Angel said he's wanted that for a while now and that it's about time we asked!  That is the greatest answer to a baptismal challenge I've had yet!  His girlfriend said that she would like to keep learning before she makes a decision, so we told her we'd be happy to oblige!!  The work is AWESOME and is moving forward every second of every day!

Hey.  I love you all.  Jesus Christ loves you all.  Heavenly Father loves you all.  Remember that always!  No matter what.  NO MATTER WHAT..... they will always love you and you always have them to turn to for strength, peace, love, and hope!

Happy New Year!

Love yall!

Elder Frame

Burning Dolls and Patience

Hermana Valverde and I on our day together! We had the sister leaders come again and it was my first time being with a Latina! Oh that poor girl because my Spanish still isn’t that great but we got along just fine! She is so sassy and a hard worker at the same time. She taught me a lot and wow it was fun to see her interact with the people because she is from the same culture (she is from Trujillo Peru)
Well I am going to write a short message this week! I had quite the week from moving this week to the New Year here in Quillabamba Peru to learning how to be patient with myself. I feel like I say this every day.

 Patience patience patience. 

AHHHHHHHHHH!!!! I have to read about it every day
 and remind myself the language will come. 

Anyways, first off the new year was great!
 We got to see many different things.
 One was that they make munecas (dolls) out of their old clothes
 and they write their bad habits or things that they want to change 
about themselves on paper and stuff it in the dolls and then burn it!

This is the ashes from the munecas that they burn on New Year’s Eve.We saw all kinds of piles of ashes everywhere on New Year’s Day…
 Oh and they take their suitcases and run down the streets if they want to go on a trip this next year. Haha I thought that one was pretty cool! 
I will probably have to start that one as a new tradition once I get back to the states.

 But TONS of fireworks! And it starts a little before midnight
 and doesn't stop for seriously 2 days. 
Well a ton during the madrugada-middle of the night
 and then the next few days they were randomly going off. 

Thanks Mom for the earplugs! They have saved my life! 

They have tons of parties too! But luckily we didn't run into any drunks the night before but definitely the next day!!! Wow there was just random drunk men peeing in the streets and totally passed out on the sidewalks. That one was a new one for me.
 It was quite entertaining and it was definitely a bigger ordeal than Christmas!
 Wow!! But so fun to see it from another cultures perspective.
Hermana Valverde and I doing service in a menos activos restaurant. 
We helped them prepare food for that night, New Year’s Night.
 It was so fun and interesting so see how they prepared food!

Well, once again I am writing about how the mission is hard.
 I am such a happy person.
 I love every part. 
But just like everyone has said the mission is hard. 
Each missionary goes through something that is hard for them.
 But I have come to the conclusion that you cannot judge others.
 You don’t understand their whole story, and assuming is always the worst way to go.  Here on the mission so many missionaries compare each other and their Spanish and I have gotten caught up in this. For instance they will say “Wow they must have this much time in the mission because they speak so poorly, or this missionary probably has this much time because wow they are so amazing!” Since day one seriously the one thing I have struggled with is the language and now that my training is almost done I am freaking out. 
I feel like such a failure which is not true! 
I have made so much progress.
 But part of it is that I am not being patient.
 I am only 4 months into the mission.
 I just expect perfection.
 My companion has been so good to deal with me this week. It has been so hard. But don’t get me wrong.
 There has been so many miracles along the way.
 The Lord has blessed me. He has, and I need to recognize it. 
I found a scripture that has helped me so much.
 It is Jacob 4:7 “ The Lord God showeth us our weakness 
that we may know that it is by grace,
 and his great condescension’s unto the children of men,
 that we have power to do these things.” 
There is a book specifically for missionaries called “Adjusting to Missionary Life.” Wow this has been my bible this week. 
In there I have found that I HAVE to be patient.
 Even though memorizing is so hard for me there is so many solutions. I can learn different ways to memorize like coming up with actions, making flashcards, and so many other things. I have to keep a sense of humor. Especially with me because I am constantly making mistakes. 
Haha! I can’t even tell you.
 I have to find strength in my weaknesses.
 Even though I can’t speak very well
 I can share my testimony through my smile,
 service, and body language.
 And the number one thing I cannot do is compare myself to others.
 This is MY mission.
 I can only compare myself from what I did yesterday.
 The Lord has called me here.
 I remind myself every day of my purpose.
 I can go and do what he has commanded because
 he always provides a way.
 No matter how hard it is always worth it.
 I want to thank all of you
 for your support, love, and help no matter what point in my life.
 I hope you have all had a great week
 and I would love to hear from you!
 I do love my mission.
 I feel bad because it is one of those complaining emails but its real life.
 I can’t sugar coat it.
 But wow I am still so grateful despite all the struggles
.  It refines me, it molds me, and I will be better because of it.
 Keep moving forward.
 It has always been my motto. 
Love you all! 
Until next week!

Hermana Frame

We moved this week and it was quite the stressful ordeal and to top it all off the sink was broke.
 So of course Hermana Hoskins and I decided we could totally do it.
We are definitely not the normal sister missionaries.
We seriously went and bought a wrench to fix it! Look at us go!
My companion did my hair twice this week because I was sick of doing my hair so WAAALAAA!! She is the best and it was definitely a good change from feeling like I have a mop for a hairdo.

This is a fun picture I took right after the New Year at our pensions house of her grandson and I. I love talking to him because he has as much vocabulary as I do and I can totally understand him HAHA!
A gigantic spider my companion found in a park that is in our area!!! A stinking tarantula!!! I died. Goodness me I just pray every night that I don’t ever find one close to our house
This is a Peruvian drink called Chichamorada. It has definitely become an acquired taste… I have talked about it before but they boil the black-purple corn with the pina rounds and then they drain it and serve it as a cold drink. I love it now! It is so good!