Monday, May 23, 2016

"sprinting to the finish"

Another great week on the greatest adventure of a lifetime!
 We had a great baptism for Jose Luis yesterday!  He finally got baptized!  It's been 8 months coming!  We had a great lesson that morning because we received a call from him that morning with him saying that he felt really sick and that he wouldn't be able to make it to church and his baptism.  We went right over after he told us that and we talked to him about his situation.  He said that he hadn't been able to walk straight because he was dizzy and queasy since his baptismal interview the day before.  We talked about faith with him and then asked if he wanted a blessing.  He said that yes and I anointed him and Elder Matienzo gave him a blessing.  Elder Matienzo told him in the blessing that God would take away the pains from him if he showed faith and went to church and to his baptism.  After the blessing we talked again and he kept telling us "but what if..... or what if...."  I told him after hearing a few of those that having faith would mean going to church and just moving forward with what he committed to do:  be baptized.  He decided that that was right and told us that he'd see us at church.  At church we waited to see him and when he walked up he beamed at us and told us that he didn't feel sick at all anymore.  Then he blamed it all on the chamuco(devil).  Haha it was a great day for him and it'll be an even greater day next Sunday when he receives the Holy Ghost.  He's great and he just wants to go to the temple, so we're working on getting that to happen next week after he receives the Holy Ghost!  So great to be in the service of the Lord!!

Transfers also happened this past week and Elder Matienzo will be leaving me in Kerman.  AND I'LL BE TRAINING!  I wanted to do that so bad!  My last two transfers will be with a brand new missionary and I'll be able to help him see how his mission can be such an amazing life-changing experience for him and those he serves!  It's going to be my "sprinting to the finish" for my mission! Just going crazy trying to help this missionary become better than I ever was!  I'm so excited and I hope he's coming ready to work because that's all we're gonna be doing!  So great!!

I love my mission! I love this church! I love my companion!  I love my investigators! I love my members!  I love Jesus Christ!

Elder Frame

Cool Members here in Kerman!

Jose Luis's baptism!

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