Monday, May 30, 2016


Hey everybody!  Another week in paradise and helping other people to get there!

So.  I got a new companion.  He is the greatest.  Here's some background:

Elder Flores is a Marine!  He's 18 years old.  He came on his mission like 10 days after being in Iraq for 6 months!  How bizarre is that!  He told me about boot camp and stuff and they put you through hell there!  He's got so many stories.  I just listen to all of them with my jaw on the floor.  So anyways, he was baptized at age 13 and went inactive ever since.  He joined the Marines and he had to choose a church to attend and as he looked down the list he saw the Mormon Church.  He thought "I think I was baptized Mormon..."  So he went there to the branch and the branch president told him he felt that he needed to give Elder Flores a blessing.  When he did so, the branch president said some things that Elder Flores hadn't told anyone and he and the branch president started crying. The experience kind of freaked him out and so he never went back to the Mormon Church after that.  He was then deployed and he forgot about it all, but his branch president found his number and called him every day he was in Iraq.  After a particularly hard mission a catholic priest found out he was Mormon and gave him a book of Mormon.  He opened it up and the first things that he read were Moroni 10 verses 18 and 19.  They spoke to him and changed him.  He told his branch president and they ended up talking about missions and he decided he wanted to serve.  He approached his commanding officer to tell him he wanted to serve and it turned out that his commanding officer served one too!  He was mormon!  So in the end some strings were pulled for him and here he is with me serving in Kerman California to bring other souls to Christ!  He is so great and full of energy!  He loves his mission so much!  Haha he's just on this spiritual high all the time and he loves the environment!  I have loved being his companion so much!

So yeah.  There you go!  We've already had some crazy experiences together and we are planning on many baptisms and a lot a lot of finding the prepared!!  Haha I am so excited!  Elder Flores is like I just got a shot of caffeine straight into my veins! Everything is so spiritual and fun to do now!  Man, I hadn't realized how different companions affect different parts of the work!  I'M LOVING IT!  We'll let you know how our adventures continue to roll!

Love you all! Thanks so much for the continued support!  Christ lives!  He loves us!  He is in the details of our lives!  Find Him in your everyday lives!

Elder Frame

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