Monday, June 13, 2016

June 13, 2016 (I should have thought of putting the date every week earlier.)

Hey everybody!

It's been a great week and I'm loving my mission more than ever!

Eduardo got baptized this week and he's now headed off to Oregon to work up there!  We're contacting missionaries up there to help him out with the new member lessons and to find the church!  He's so great!  A true convert!  We're working with so many great people it would take way too long to update you on all of them!  Just know that more baptisms to come, more converts to be converted, more sinners to repent!!

Just a small observation I've had here on my mission: hard work is the answer to any problem you have! (Except maybe being overworked...)  Anyways, I find that the harder I throw my efforts into the work, the happier I am and the more glorious I feel!  I'm willing to bet anything that it's the same with normal members of the church!  The work of salvation is worked on many different battlefronts! Even Utah, that "zion curtain," has missionary work to be done. The work of salvation doesn't just mean helping somebody get baptized!  Everyone on earth either has or needs to enter into the baptismal covenant.  We need to help those who have made it keep it and those who haven't made it, make it!  None of you can take a casual stance on the work of salvation. The Lord intends us to help each other. The way we do that is through the work of salvation.  Reach out!  Help someone around you!  Lift! Be the person emanating happiness, excitement, love, and concern!  Selfless instead of selfish!  Charitable!  A smile and a positive attitude goes a long way!

Anyways.  I hope you all are having just the time of your lives!  There's no better time than the present!!

Love y'all!

Elder Frame

Thanks for the shirt madi!

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