Monday, July 11, 2016

July 11, 2016

Otra vez les escribo de los innumerable misericordias del Senor con gusto y placer!

Wonderful!  The word to describe the Lord's way of teaching us!  I have had so many experiences this week teaching me to be a better disciple.  I would like to share the one that stands first and foremost in my mind.  It is about a less active member.  I'll call him Jorge.

Jorge is a good-natured, burly, restless man of about 5' 10''.  Humorous in nature he acts like nothing is wrong.  If you'd met him on the street you would expect that he grew up in a normal home and had a normal life. But if you take a look at the life Jorge has had it would tell you a very different story.  Jorge has had many many trials and hardships in his life.  Some by his own making, some by way of others and some without any explanation.  Growing up in gang related activity Jorge has struggled in to find meaning and purpose in a life of hate, revenge and pain.  Addiction dulled the pain occasionally, but it was always there.  He's been in and out of prison for the past 25 years.  I met him when I first was transferred here to Kerman.  He loves the missionaries and feeds us a lot.  We always knew his past life was rough. We didn't ever talk about it because we didn't want to reopen old wounds.  This past week Jorge had many spiritual experiences which all came to a climax while we taught him a lesson from D&C 19:16-19.  After reading those verses Jorge told us his life story and cried and cried.  He told us how hard it was to forgive and forget.  How hard it was to lose friends and family members.  How hard it was to carry so much grief and pain.  We listened intensely.  I found myself praying for Jorge.  I felt heartsick for him.  While he continued to pour out his thoughts and feelings to us my feelings developed into more than just sadness.  I felt a genuine love for this man.  I wanted the very best for him.  I wished I could take it all away from him.  Then the thought came to mind: You can't. But you represent the one who can.  The spirit hit me like a tidal wave and I struggled to keep my emotions in check.  Here I was in a town called Kerman, a place I had never heard of before my mission, listening to an acquaintance of 3 months tell me his life story.  I was overwhelmed with the power of the calling and my setting apart to represent our Lord and Savior.  Most of all I was amazed and grateful for the wonderful experience of having a taste of what our Heavenly Father and elder brother Jesus Christ feel for us.  After Jorge finished his story I bore witness that Jesus Christ knew him and loved him.  I told him that Christ could lift him up, dust him off, give him new life.  The spirit was so strong there it was almost as if you could feel him embracing each of us.  It was so palpable.  That experience is one of many I've had on my mission.

I know that each of us is a loved and cherished son or daughter of our Heavenly Father.  He knows each and every one of us and our challenges.

I love my mission.  It has allowed me to grow in so many different ways.  I am especially grateful for the people I serve. I love them.  I feel so humbled to be able to wear the Savior's name on my chest and testify of Him every day.  The gospel is true.

Until next week!

Elder Frame

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