Wednesday, July 27, 2016

July 25, 2016

Alex P.

22 years old.  Beast at basketball.  Quiet. Humble. Quick physically and mentally.

No this isn't an obituary.

Alex will be baptized this Sunday.  He has been through a lot during his stay here on earth so far.  We've been teaching him for roughly 4 weeks.  He has progressed so much.  He's come a long ways.  I love him so much.  This is just one of the souls that I have had the opportunity to teach and to lead to the gate of baptism.  I've thought a lot about this amazing calling I've been set apart to this week.  I am a representative of Jesus Christ, the Son of God.

I studied John 10 a lot this week.  It talks about the Good Shepherd being Jesus Christ.  At one point he calls himself "the door" of the sheepfold.  That left me wondering who the shepherd were.  Then I realized that I am!  We are!  Members of the church are and we know!  WE KNOW!  We know how all these people can stop the hurt, stop the guilt, stop the pain!  WE KNOW!  Why in the world are we not doing our VERY BEST to find and help these people to come unto the Master Physician?!  We are the shepherds!  Our circle of influence is our sheep herd!  We should all be helping all we come into contact with feel the influence of the One we emulate! John 10 talks about the sheep knowing the shepherd's voice. If we are truly emulating Him, then we are helping them learn the true Shepherd's voice.  I feel so very blessed to be set apart to this high and holy calling.  I get to represent the master Shepherd.  I am His set apart instrument.

Hopefully that all made sense.  Those were all thoughts I had while studying John 10.  You should study it by the way.  So. Good.

To close, I just want to say that I feel a great deal of love for my Savior. I know that he loves us.  I know that he hears us. I know it.  The Atonement is real.  It happened.  Never doubt.  The adversary creates doubt.  The Savior's overpowering, overwhelming love is ours.  It will forever be there.  I've felt it so much this week.  We owe Him everything.  It's my privilege to give Him my everything for these last few weeks of work directly in His service.

I love you all.

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