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My first Zone in Quillabamba minus two latina sisters.
Us 4 North American hermanas in my first zone here in Quillabamba
Well, last week I had the most amazing experience with Karen who is one of our investigators that has been prepared to hear the gospel, but wow do I have quite the miracle this week. The Lord has been so good to me. I am so blessed here on the mission and this was one of the up moments of the mission… Hills and Valleys.. We all have to have them. It is what makes life… Well, life.

Frank and Katy. We contacted them as a companionship, Hermana Hoskins and I, on November 11, 2014. I remember it in detail. They were pushing their one year old little girl in their stroller by a park by their home as both of us came from the other direction and as we do before every family we get excited and say to each other “Oh another family! Wahoo lets go get them.” Haha.. No but we walked up to them and they were so courteous and kind as we talked with them about their beliefs and how families can be together forever and we would like to share a little bit more about the gospel with them. They politely let us come back a week later but to our dismay were not there. But I do have to say that from this moment that we had contacted them I KNEW there was something special about them. I would bug Hermana Hoskins about calling them all the time to see if we could visit them because I couldn’t get them out of their mind. I knew this was the spirit. But anyways we had a lesson with them about 2 weeks ago getting to know them and giving them the first lesson. They are both Lawyers that work in Cusco, very put together, and very welcoming and kind. Oh and wow they are definitely educated. But anyways, they responded really well to all we taught and we left them the challenge to read and pray to know if the church was true and left one pamphlet and set up another appointment that led to last night. WOW, I just get excited typing this story.


 But really, we ended up teaching them again last night and when we showed up they were so warm and welcoming and as we started the lesson Katy said “Well, we both read the pamphlet and prayed together to know it was true and we have felt so peaceful and we want to know more… There just wasn’t quite enough information in the pamphlet. Do you have more?” On the inside Hermana Hoskins and I are jumping for joy!

Talk about Golden Investigators.

We proceeded to teach them about the Book of Mormon, eternal families, and the plan of salvation, temples, the church organization, and so much more. We sat there for an hour teaching them, and they didn’t want us to leave but of course the polite thing to do is let us go. But wow, they had questions like “Can you tell us about a chapter specifically in the Book of Mormon that would be for families, and raising your kids? Or “Is there more that we would have to do after baptism?”, or “Wow, the Bible is amazing but so hard to understand, but when you read out of the Book of Mormon it is so clear and understandable.” And just the reaction of them both. Katy completely was taken aback when we talked about Eternal Families and the temple. I could just see in her eyes how excited she was and to see how engrossed both of them were as we described the Book of Mormon and the doctrines of the gospel. They couldn’t get enough of it. Wow, the spirit was so strong. I can’t even describe it. It was one of those times the spirit made everything clear, it was testifying of truth, and it helped them understand so much.

 We as teachers were definitely being led by the spirit and it was just an amazing experience. The spirit is the teacher. When I was set apart as a missionary in my blessing it talked about how people would be converted spirit to spirit because they will FEEL it is true. Wow, it was amazing. I wish I could just describe the happiness, the clarity, the joy, the truthfulness of it all. They are very logical people, and very intelligent but they could feel. They felt the truth in the words of the doctrine. During the lesson it was just one of those moments that nothing else mattered, and we were there in the right place at the right time. I would just look into their eyes and just see the desire to learn more. They want to know more. I LOVE IT! I love the spirit. The one thing that has been big for me in my life is to have the spirit always. When you don’t have the spirit, life is so much harder.

 But I have been reading in 1st Nephi and Laman and Lemuel crack me up! Oh my goodness. They constantly are back and forth. They don’t believe, murmur, and then get chastised. I was actually getting annoyed at them this week as I have been reading. HAHA! But really, they had such a rough road. And do you know why? My companion hit it right on the nail. They never received their answer to leave Jerusalem. They didn’t want to ask, they didn’t and they couldn’t understand the why to all that they were doing. When we receive an answer to know the church is true or you receive it little by little your life runs so much more smooth. You have the Lord on your side. Nephi is amazing. I will just end there because I could write so much about all the characteristics he has, all the ways he has reacted positively to situations, and the example he is to others. We all have a little bit of all of them in us. Lehi, Nephi, Sariah, Sam, Laman and Lemuel. It is just what we choose to be. I am so grateful we have the Book of Mormon. It testifies of truth. Even through the stories. I love all I have learned throughout my life. It is the guide for each one of us.

 There is power in reading each day, there really is. The Book of Mormon coupled with the spirit converts. I have a strong testimony of this. I am so grateful to be a tool in the Lords hands. I am here to serve His people and do His work. I am so blessed. Well, I have to go. I have a busy day ahead and there is more work to do! Until next week! Keep moving forward.

Hermana Frame

French toast with the new electric griddle 
Hermana Hoskins bought!
 Oh how I miss good breakfasts!
We ate chicken feet this week! YUM….
 Not really my favorite haha

drawing with our pensions grandson Hiroshi who is 5 years old…
 Oh me and this kid are best buddies.

This is a favorite picture of us because I am laughing at my companion as we enjoy the company of our pension and her daughter. It is good to have a little break at meal times to rest and chat for a bit.

favorite lessons with abuelita!
Doing some nursing on the side. Not!
Abuelita has a fungus infection and we are helping treat it.
Oh that lady I love her so much!

piano lessons with Yanina!
 I have started teaching a few kids how to play and it is so fun but SO hard!
 Yikes! Teaching in Spanish has been quite the challenge.

Angie a cute girl that yells at us each day as we leave the house. She yells “HERMANITAS!” Oh she is a doll.

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