Monday, January 26, 2015


Oh mah goodness.  I baptized a man!  It was so AWESOME!  I washed Angel clean of all of his dirty sins and he has become a holy man!  Angel's 18 and he decided to be baptized back at the start of January!  It's been SUHWEET teaching him and his family!  Now that he's taken this step, his three sisters and mom are following! They are praying about baptisms on the 15th of February!  His dad is also shaping up and he's going to talk to Presidente Haroldsen next Sunday so he can receive the Aaronic Priesthood and participate in the baptisms of his daughters and wife when they receive answers to their prayers!  

That's what this whole gospel thing is about.  Bringing families closer together.  Binding them through the eternities.  The family is so central to this gospel.  That is exactly why Satan targets the family on so many different fronts!  What a wretch.   Anyways, everything else here is going great!!!  

Funny stuff about my companion Elder Vargas:  

~He's illegal. Ha!

~Words I've had to explain to him since he didn't know what they meant: wretch, bodacious, and commando

~Words he says and I quote "tickle my tongue:" Persuade, hasten, and auxiliary

~He used to be in a hardcore heavy metal rock band and looked super emo (which is actually super cool cause he can play the guitar like an animal!)

Don't really know what else to talk about.  Oh, we were chastised as a mission by President Clark because "there have been too many holes in the walls from missionaries wrestling each other so that is now a written rule: Thou shalt not wrestle in thine apartments."  Don't worry.  I haven't put any holes in the walls, but I have been wrestling.  So bummer, we have to stop that now.

Oh yeah and I also got pulled over.  I thought we were invincible as missionaries against the cops, but yeah... we aren't.  We were going to be late back to the apartment because we were teaching in a lesson too long so I was booking it home!  We came up to a stop sign and I must have forgotten to stop completely...... so yeah, a cop saw and pulled me over.  He was a pretty rough guy and actually the first thing that ran through my mind was that he needed the gospel.  Anyways, I just yessired him a lot and he liked how respectful I was so he let me off the hook! So this makes it my 8th time being pulled over and I'm very happy to say that I only have one ticket on my record and that was back in Junior year.  Needless to say we were home late anyways.  Shoot.  Lots of repenting for me to do....

The work is HASTENING!  Help with it!  If you aren't sharing the gospel you aren't keeping your baptismal covenant!  #sharethegospel  it's as easy as that!  A quick post!  If one non-member friend retweets or likes what you've posted, that's 53,000 more people that will see it!  Stats from leadership training last week!  SHARE THE GOSPEL!!!

Love you all! Hope you love this super random email!

Elder Frame

PS.  I've been thinking about the second coming a lot this week.  It's gonna really be the pits to be alive when all that happens... I leave you with that bleak thought.

Hanford Zone

Selma District

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