Monday, January 12, 2015

Freddy Kruger?

Yeah, so I might as well start with the fact that my title is a scary movie. Wow, this story is ridiculous and if you know me… It will be even funnier. Last Saturday I was sitting in my pensions house with everyone. Meaning my companion, and each family member  which is random because it is only usually my pension and my companion… But anyways we were all discussing something about the New Years and one of my pensions sons turns to us and asked if we had ever seen Freddy Kruger. I was like yeah!!! The one that is related to Christmas. They all just looked at me for what felt like forever and then just started laughing SO HARD. I totally felt embarrassed and my companion Hermana Hoskins was like WHAT????? Haha!  I knew I said something wrong. Oh man. No Hermana Frame, Freddy Kruger is a scary movie with a man that scares children. Wow and I related this to Christmas. HAHAHAHA! But I do have a valid point. I have seen Mr. Krugers Christmas which is a delightful Mormon related Christmas movie that I watched growing up. Wow, thanks parents for keeping me sheltered. That sounds sarcastic, but I mean it from the bottom of my heart. Oh goodness me. Definitely a Madi moment.

But anyway this week has been great! Many blessing, many people we were able to teach, and many changes! I found out today that I am staying in QUILLABAMBA!!! YAYAAYAYAYAYAYAY!!! More humidy, rain, and sweating 24-7. No, I seriously love it. As I talk to more missionaries it is the same as Hawaii. It looks like it, feels like it, and wow it is just so beautiful! The greatest thing though is that I get to be with my trainer for another change!!! WAHOO! We have learned so much together and we are going to have so many more adventures.

This week though we both had a great experience with a woman we were able to teach this last Saturday. We went to help a member in our ward with her store to restock and then to share a short message and ask for references.  As we finished stocking her store with milk, we sat down to have some frozen chicolac (chocolate milk) and chat with her for a little bit since her daughter was in Cusco and she has been so lonely. But anyways there was a girl that came into her store that looked about our age. Mery helped her and then right after asked her if she would like to listen to the missionaries. She said yes and we BOOM had a lesson right there. And this was no ordinary lesson. WOW SHE IS SO PREPARED. As we taught she understood everything. She could feel the spirit. She knew a lot about the bible and her understanding of the need for prophets and the restoration was unbelievable. Hermana Hoskins and I knew we needed to challenge her for baptism and we did. She wants to be baptized! There is so much she wants to learn before then, and she says her life is a little rough right now but this is the way she needs to go. The gospel is true everyone.

 Wow, if I could just write 10 pages about how the gospel really changes lives, the spirit is key in all missionary work, the book of Mormon is true, and Joseph Smith is a prophet, I would. But I have 1 hour to email. God prepares those that need the gospel now. She had such an open heart and I am so glad we both as a companionship were in a position to share the gospel  with Karen in that exact moment.

 Missionary work is amazing. We all can do it. No matter if we are a missionary with a name tag or not. The purpose is to spread the light of Jesus Christ. It is here on the earth. The RESTORED GOSPEL is on the earth now. In the exact form that Jesus Christ established on the earth when he was here. I know that what I am doing is a special work. But all of you can do it to. Share your testimony. Live worthy. Go to the temple with a friend. Write a family member a note. Work in your callings with all your heart. Dedicate your lives to Jesus Christ. He is our Savior. He is our Redeemer. He is my friend. I love this gospel. I always will. I am happy to be at this point in my life.

Please know I am grateful for this opportunity, and it really is a privilege to be here. I love you all and until next week! Keep moving forward.

Hermana Frame 

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