Monday, November 16, 2015

Full of Memories

Well, to start off, we had a great week in Abancay! And we are now in Cusco, traveled this morning and loving every bit of it! The visits have already started with our sweet hermanas. We will be returning this Friday and my poor Hermana Solar is so dizzy and not loving that we travel so much but…. We will live.

This week I have had one of the best weeks in the mission. My companion knows how to get stuff done and we both have the ganas.. the whats that called… well we just want to go and work. The branch we are in is strong… 140 to 160 members attend but the problem is priesthood. If they payed their tithing and there were more priesthood members we would be Gucci! But they give us references left and right! It is amazing to be a part of the work here.  We are sad to have to leave so often but know there is a purpose. This week we have 2 great progressing investigators and we have found so many more potentials. I have felt the spirit so strong this week during the lessons and I know it is because I am focusing on purifying myself. It is a hard thing to do! My companion and I are getting rid of all the slang words we say… or jergas as they say in Spanish. And if I say one I have to do a push up. Oh man… I have cut back but it is still SO HARD! Mom, remember when I had to wash floor boards because I couldn’t get over saying dang it or stupid or freaking…. Yeah. Still working on it. But I know the small things I change make the biggest difference. I can feel the spirit more and the people we are teaching feel it as well. And this is what I call success. But no, it is not easy.

This week we also had an emergency trip to Andahaylas to help some of the hermanas there. There is a new Hermana that has been having a rough time adjust to the mission. She is doing so wel,l but satan is working super hard! On top of trying to adjust to the new food, mission schedule, new country and all we found out she has 4 types of parasites! OH THE POOR THING! We were able to go and just give a bit of comfort and take her to the medic…. During our travel, which btw is not the most pleasant travel… I was so selfish. I was worried about my sector, how sick I was on the trip, and just super bugged… Don’t know what was up. But then I said a prayer. I told God… I know there is a reason we are going. This Hermana needed our help. And as we were able to go I just felt like we needed to go to the medic. We did and found out that she had parasites. She was not opening up to me at all before and  I could not figure it out because I had no clue. But GOING there and being present she opened up and it was all taken care of. Being able to testify to her that the mission is totally worth it, and that she will make it through helped me just understand so much better that there is a reason for everything.

This week I have been able to talk with my companion a LOT about my last sector in Quillabamba. She took my place just when I went to Abancay. Oh the miracles. In the photos you will see baptisms, service, and the members doing all they can to help my converts. Oh it just makes me tear up thinking about it. I was able to be a part of all of their lives, and to hear their progress just makes me so happy. The abuelitos are alive and well! The ward went and did a service project for them and cleaned out their house from bottom to top! Oh, how I miss them. The blessings. I would have never imagined… the small things become those great things. I love being a part of this church, and more a missionary here in Peru.
Well, I love you all and I hope you are all doing well. Until next week….

Hermana Frame

Well, we traveled.... and took a picture of the car that took us back to abancay!
 It says. I go with god, and if I don’t come back I will be with Him. Haha!
 Hopefully not! I politely asked the driver to drive slower than normal.
 But seriously the drivers DO NOT drive safe. Just a fact.
And us taking pics of us fake sleeping. 

Yeah we are like 4 year olds haha!
 We had a good laugh though because I look like an idiot!

We went to Mirador! It is where you look over Abancay and it was super pretty and I love my zone! 

Loving the pushups. NOT! But it is the perfect punishment.... because I hate it so much. Haha!

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