Monday, November 23, 2015

We were….. ROBBED!!!!!

I knew it would happen once in my mission. My mom told me before the mission to not bring a few things because I would stand out… I whined about it and didn’t bring the stuff… BUT THEY STILL ROBBED ME. I am trying to come to terms with it.

Ugh! We were going to the terminal to travel back to Abancay on Friday at 5 in the morning and the taxista just drove off with our stuff! We paid, got out of the car and said… can you open the back? He was being honked at by other cars so pulled up a little bit and we thought he would stop, but no he drove off even before we could get his license plate number. WHAT!!! We were so bummed; we waited and waited until we almost missed our bus at 6. Oh I just want to cry thinking about it.

 The only really valuable thing… well that was worth money was the recorder that my Mom sent to me. Just so you know I miss it. But even more… My predicad mi evengelio, and my study journal were in there! What is this taxi driver going to do with those two things… and dirty garments? No comment. But it made me really reflect on what is of value to us. Yes, mom you will be sad because I will not be sending voice recordings.. but those two books were so special to me. I marked them, and read them every day… basically you can tell I am sad.

But, moving on. I have realized more and more that the material things are not what bring us joy. It is the knowledge we gain… particularly in the gospel. It is the relationships we have with those that we love. Yeah, it is all what you have heard before. But just think…. If you lost everything. What would you think? Remember everything can be lost in 2 seconds. Your house burns down, you are in an earthquake… etc. It is really interesting.

This week we have had a great week! Other than getting robbed! Haha! But Hermana Solar and I are just ripping it up! We have a baptism this Saturday and we are so excited! Her name is Ana… The first lesson I had with her she didn’t believe in God. Wow, she has made it SO far. We have really focused on helping her with the opinion of others. She is the FIRST one to be baptized in her family and when she told her mom, or asked her mom is she could be baptized she yelled at her on the phone and said she would stop sending money to help with her schooling. Ana, well, let’s just say she did what was best, prayed about it, and said. “I am 20 and my Mom will understand later.”  Wow, what an eternal perspective and huge act of faith. We are excited for her! More deets next week.

Well, I am here in Cusco ready for another week of visits in Urubamba and loving my time in both my sector and the fifty million other areas we visit. Wherever I am, I KNOW THAT IT IS THE LORDS WORK. He is the one leading it. As I get farther into my mission I am understanding more that my life is an offering to Him. I am here because He loves me and wants me to progress and it is through doing His will.

Well, have fun with the pics. There is a lot! Haha! So ready for Christmas and trying to be in the Thanksgiving mood but here in Peru they have no clue what it is. I will try and start the new tradition here… but I don’t think they will go for it as it started from the pilgrims in the United States. Haha!

But, I love each of you and thank you for the support that you have given me here in the mission! I say it each week but this is literally one of the best years of my life. I am so blessed to be here. Until next week!

Hermana Frame

P-day in Cusco last week and me with my granddaughter!
 Hermana Bazo, who I trained is training her! 
She lived in Spain for 5 years... fun fact and she is darling!

We had a fun pday in Cusco today and yesterday
... Helados... 
Ice cream in the mall in front of the gigantic Christmas tree.

 Thanks mom! I saved them all from last Christmas
 and this last Friday was a rough day
 and I said... I need something happy
 so we put up the decorations.
 Can’t wait for Christmas!

MOM! Look at all the big letters you have sent!
 It literally covered the whole floor! 
We had fun taking pics too.... Haha we have a great time together.

My companion had to get blood taken
 and so I took a pic right after she cried.
 What a great companion right? 
She is one tough cookie. 
We are trying to figure out what she has.

Look at all the cards you have all sent me.
 I didn’t realize it until I pulled them all out this last week.

This is a plate of food we ate that it is right in the heart of Cusco.
 The sector is called Piccu!
 It was super good and just a random plate of food.
 Don’t know... Haha

We celebrated one of the sisters and she completed a year! 
We burned one of her skirts... it is a tradition which I didn’t do... sad  :(   haha but we had fun
 and her mission leader bought a cake and we blindfolded her to surprise her! 
It was fun to make it a great day.

 Enjoy the photos of all the clothes I wore this week
 because I don’t have mine anymore.... Haha!
 The #missionlife

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