Monday, November 9, 2015

Don’t let go!

Well happy first week of November... oh wait it is the second! This week flew for me! I was in Cusco for a few days, in my sector for a few, and it feels like just everywhere all over! No but I was by myself for 4 days until my companion Hermana Solar and I went to concilio on Friday... Crazy few days but I told the Lord... I am going to give it my all these few days by going with members, studying, and doing all I could and he blessed me so much! It was a blessing to see what he does when we do our all where we are at.

But we had a great week! I am SO excited to be companions with Hermana Solar. A little bit about her. She is from Chile, she looks American, and she speaks pretty fast... Haha I love it! She grew up in the gospel and has a sibling in the mission! WAHOO! Crazy... but it has been cool to be with a companion that has had the gospel her whole life. We have the same time in the mission and it is cool to be here with her in Abancay! I want two changes but we will see!

We found out that we will be visiting 4 more sisters and wow, that makes 16 sisters that we will visit! And to top it all off they are all training right now! 11 new sisters came into the mission and we have 8 of them that we visit! What a blessing, and what an adventure it will be! We are excited. The Lord knows why.... He always has a plan and even though I am going crazy leading a sector, visiting the Hermana’s, and changed companions, I am LOVING EVERY SECOND! 

My companion has needed medications and we have put an IV in so she can receive them faster... she has an intestinal infection and it is helping. What a blessing to be using all my nursing knowledge! Never would have thought! Last night I was working with all the IV equipment and all of it all came back! WAHOO! I was so scared that while being here I would forget. 
Working with IVs in Peru!
 The crazy part is we bought all the stuff
 and should go in to the clinic to get it done
 but I have all the skills to do it,
 so why not? Loving the IV pole? Haha!

This week at Concilio the assistants told us to bring pday clothes and we were able to do an activity in the morning where they took us up a mountain and then blindfolded us, told us there was a rope, and that we had to make it to president which was "down there somewhere" and we couldn’t take both hands off the rope. Of course I was brave and said I would go first. So down I went. We were literally told to go down the side of a mountain blindfolded. Crazy! It was an imitation of the Tree of Life. I learned SO much! There came a point where I stopped and couldn’t find a point of the rope and said... I didn’t make it? There was people tempting us all along the way and they said... Take your hand off... You have to to be able to make it... Then I heard one of the Hermana’s right behind me say. Hermana Frame DO NOT TAKE YOUR HAND OFF. I took the advice kept looking and found the next part of the rope. I learned that we need to listen to the right people and remember what the instructions were in the beginning. It was a fun experience!

Well, have to go! Have a great week!
Hermana Frame

With the pics...

I was able to see my daughter! And now she has a daughter!
 What a blessing! I am a grandma! 

We had a blast at concilio with all the new Hermana’s.
 Ate food, laughed, and just enjoyed being together!
 I love all the friends I have made here!

My companion is the best! 

Enjoy a few random pics from Hermana Tangos last week.
 Forgot to send them! 
We made a cake for a wedding.. It was super fun!

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