Monday, October 20, 2014

Luv Makes the World Go Round

Hello everyone.

So yeah. This week has been such a blur!  I'm getting used to being pretty quiet during lessons because I try to listen and follow the Spanish really good.  My Spanish is improving!  When I do talk I can basically talk with only a few pauses but I know every word I need! It's a slow process still though and I'm working on patience.  It's bloody hard.  Anyways, lemme tell yall about my investigators that are actually progressing:

Marilu:  She is super prepared.  She came from a divorce and Mexico.  She is staying in her cousin’s house which is in the nice part of town so it's a nice change of atmosphere when we go teach her.  She also has a son who is 11 and can also be baptized.  We gave her a church tour on Thursday and when we talked about when Christ was baptized and the need for her to be baptized she got all quiet and her eyes started watering.  The spirit was there so strong!!  It was amazing!  And she agreed to be baptized on the 8th of November!  I'm so excited!  I'm doing what my purpose says!!  It feels so good to be helping people save their souls!!!!!!!!

Erick:  His whole family is members.  He goes to church every week.  He reads the Book of Mormon.  But he won't get baptized.  He's a bum.  He just won't get baptized.  We have him praying about the baptismal date of November 1st.  He will receive an answer as long as he sincerely prays about it but yeah, he is such a homie!  He always gives us the football scores during Sunday school and we teach him in English so it's a nice change.

Tim: He's 17 and dating a member in the Spanish branch but he's as white as can be.  OK and also he's actually not technically our investigator yet but we have an appointment with him to teach him on Wednesday so he will be after that!  He wants to marry the girl but she only wants to be married in the temple so he's taking the lessons to make her happy.  I don't really think he's that interested but when we're through with him he will be!!

So yeah that's our two maybe three investigators who are progressing.  All the other ones just like talking to us which is good but isn't a good use of our time.

So tender mercy the other day.  We missed dinner the other night and I memorized where the three Taco Bells were in our area in Modesto and we were close to one so we had dinner there!! Beefy 5 layer burritos all around baby!!!!  Also, a little background to the story, we aren't allowed to have caffeine unless it's offered to us.  I really needed me a Baja Blast, so when I was ordering I asked the cashier lady, "Hey, what's your most popular drink here that you can offer me?"  She said that it was either the Iced Tea or the Baja Blast, so right after she said Baja Blast I said "Yeah I'll have that one."  She looked at me all weird then handed me a cup.  I know that was probably a little apostate but it had to be done for the good of all people in Modesto.  Without my Baja, I probably wouldn't be able to help them all be baptized!

Beefy 5 layer burrito and a Baja Blast!

Spiritual time.  So I was studying the talk given by Jorg Klebingat in General Conference this morning and it is amazing. Read it.  It got me thinking, would I truly be able to walk up to the Savior confidently right now or would I shirk and be ashamed?  Would you truly be able to walk up to the Savior confidently and give him a hug?  If not, what would be holding you back?  There were things I know that would be holding me back.  It's a good thing we have the Lord's infinite Atonement because that means we can have the power to be rid of the guilt of those things and have the strength and power to change and overcome those aspects of our person 24/7.  Use the Lord's Atonement 24/7.  It's there to empower, change and cleanse us!

Love you all!


Con amor,
                  Elder Frame

My zone leader.

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