Monday, October 27, 2014

A Stone Rolling Forward not The Stoned Be Rolling

Ha.  You possibly might be wondering why I have such an apostate title.  Well I have an experience to share with thee.  While in the act of walking down the road, knocking upon every domicile in sight, I and my companion Elder Budding, happened upon a red-eyed(stoned) man stumbling around talking to nobody in particular.  We are to share our message with any soul we should come upon and with this commandment in mind we commenced chatting with the craze.  We started amicably speaking with him until he saw our name tags and he got all wide eyed and started yelling about polygamist settlers and the such. We waited till he calmed down and after about 2 minutes of cursing, wailing, and nashing of teeth we told him a little bit about the pioneers and about a musical our stake was putting on called A Stone Rolling Forward which was about the pioneers.  He stared at us for 4 seconds, then burst into jovial laughter saying that that was a great name for the play! We didn't know why he thought it was so funny until he said the name back to us: "The Stoned Be Rolling!"  He kept on laughing and walked away and wouldn't listen to us anymore as we tried to keep the conversation going in order to baptize the poor chap. So anyways.  That was the story behind that.

The play was actually really good.  It was about a missionary about to leave on his mission and then it goes into some accounts of his family history and how he came to be to be a missionary.  We were actually in it at the end welcoming him into the MTC!  Ha so now I can check "Be in a play" off my bucket list.  We got Marilu to come to it though and one of the branch member's non-member mom got super interested in the pioneers so we are going to watch 17 Milagros with her this Thursday!  The work is rolling forward in many different ways!

So update on the investigators!

Marilu- Still going strong!  She's living the Word of Wisdom now and is reading the Book of Mormon more and more!  We also had a baptism and confirmation of an 8 year old in the branch on Sunday so she was able to come to that!  The baptism was super spiritual, but more and more people kept showing up throughout the baptism and by the end you could hardly hear cause there were so many children!!  Anyways, she said she felt the spirit so score!!

Erick- What a bum.  He's been avoiding us all week, so not a good sign, but we are going to nab him one of these days and get him to tell us how his prayers went!

Tim- Bailed out on us on Wednesday, but says he still wants to listen to us so we are going to try him Thursday this week!

Finding finding and more finding!  We hopefully will get another investigator after we teach that lady who was interested in the play.

So I love you all and remember the power of prayer!!!

Con Amor,

Elder Frame

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