Thursday, October 2, 2014

Whaddup!!!!!! Last Week!

Branch President, Pres. Campos on left and his Second Counselor, Pres. Tikalski on the right!

Ha!  So I am super giddy right now at this moment emailing all yall!  I am going to actually teach some real people who will actually maybe possibly get baptized and have eternal life.  And, they´ll be from California!  We talked as a district about if we try super hard we can change the political views of California and we as Republicans will have even more votes.  Ha just kidding.  I have no political views because I am from the church who doesn´t have a political preference.

Anyways.  I had so many opportunities to serve and be a channel for the spirit in the lives of other people this week!  Zone Leader is possibly the greatest leadership position ever in the CCM because all I do is just serve others by being their friends! And there is in no way any paperwork involved or anything else like I´ve heard out in the real mission field.  One awesome experience I had this week as Zone Leader was standing in for a comfort blessing for an Hermana.  She was having troubles with some idiot immature elders (basically all of us in the CCM) and she asked us if we could give her a blessing.  I was honored and very happy she felt like she could trust us as her Zone Leaders because that meant I was doing my job right!  Anyways my companion gave her a beautiful blessing!  I know the spirit was there because I was praying for my companion as I stood in and every time I thought of something else he could bless her with, he´d say it almost right after I thought it!  She´s doing great now and I know where she´s coming from.  The CCM kinda feels like an extension of High School at times and it´s stupid.  Anyways, the priesthood is real and never forget that!

Sunday was super awesome!  Since General Conference is next week and we are leaving a few days after it, we did our goodbye special musical number as the oldest district in our branch.  We sang Abide With Me ´Tis Eventide in español which is Conmigo Que Daté Señor.  It was pretty good!  At night we had the weekly devotional and we listened to Elder Bednar give one of his MTC talks about the character of Christ which I will expound on at the end of this letter!  After his talk we went back to classroom and in the hallway of the building was a mouse!!  We all chased it around the hall for a minute and I ended up with some cups and we trapped it in between two cups!  I named her/him/it Gertrude.  An elder wanted to hold it so I let it go into his hand.  He took it outside and let it go and we´ve never seen it since.  So yeah that was our Sunday adventure!
My morning teacher, Hermana Santiago!

Addonai Salomon, my night teacher!
WE TAUGHT OUR FIRST REAL INVESTIGATOR THIS WEEK TOO!  It was during a thing called TRC when random people from the city can come and be taught by struggling gringos!  Usually it´s just a bunch of members coming to help, but we got lucky and taught a real one!  Her name was Maricárme.  She was the nicest old lady I´ve ever met!  She wanted to know what we do in our "big white building" cause they wouldn´t let her in.  Ha.  I didn´t know what to say to that so I told her we do bautimos de los muertos or baptisms of the dead.  We went into a whole big conversation about that and somehow we ended up teaching her the whole plan of salvation.  She was super interested!  She took notes the whole time and asked if she could keep the pamphlet.  Then she wanted to give us her address so we could come to her house to continue teaching her! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!  We had to tell her we can´t leave the CCM!  I hate that rule right now!  We were gonna baptize the crap out of Maricárme!!!  Oh well.  We asked our leader to put her in contact with the missionaries in her area so she could continue to be taught but she asked if she could just come back and continue to be taught by us.  AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!  What the heck!  She loved us and we had to teach her our last week here!  Hopefully the other missionaries help her out!  I can´t wait to get to Fresno.

Ok.  So this talk by Elder Bednar was THE BEST talk I´ve ever heard.  Sorry Elder Holland.  It was about the character of Christ.  Here are a few of my notes:
-Learn OF Him not about Him.  
-There would have been no atoning sacrifice without the Character of Christ.
-Christ was all about TURNING OUT not TURNING IN.
-Testimonies are not enough; you MUST be converted to HIM! 
-If you lose yourself in others, you´ll find yourself, but you won´t be looking.
I know that as you learn of Christ you will truly come to find out who you are!  I know that my Redeemer lives!  I know that through his sacrifice we can live again and be able to overcome anything in this life!  I know we can all become like Christ but you have to start NOW!  You might think that´s a big thing to ask and you´re right!  That´s why you need to start now and continue to become like him a little bit each day!

I love you all!


Con amor,

                  Elder Frame

Selfie overload!!!!!

Elder Garbero loving the CCM.   (He has the voice of an angel, and has a scholarship to sing at BYU for opera, so yeah!)

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