Monday, October 27, 2014

“QUILLABAMBA!!!! (kia-bomb-buh)”

At the Lima Peru Temple with Hermana Jesperson.  My companion while at the CCM in Lima!

Hermana Hoskins, my new companion!
As president Harbertson starts naming new companionships and the areas my heart starts beating 10x faster than normal. My palms are sweating, I want to cry because everything is so new and I will be leaving Hermana Jesperson but shout out with joy all at the same time because of how excited I am because the journey is really happening. It is alphabetical as he is naming companionships and I was towards the beginning. As he said my name the world just stopped. Literally. For what felt like a million years. Slowly time started again... and he went onto say- Hermana Frame will be serving with Hermana Hoskins in Quillabamba Peru! All that happened was complete shock and burst of excitement.


Psych! I planned on cold weather- boots, coats, sweaters, well that will be on hold for a while.... Bring on the hot-humid air, millions of bugs, machetes, cold showers, amazing food, and tons of trees. OH MY GOODNESS I can’t even describe I have been here 5 days and I am amazed each day I look out the window or walk around. Monkeys swinging in the trees, tons of fruit (mangos, bananas, mandarins, grapes, coconuts, you name it) and the river right there in the city. Quillabamba is very comparable in weather to Hawaii and about the size of Orem-- but a lot more people! There are only 2 jungle areas in our mission and there are 12 missions so wow I am dying! This city is surrounded by jungle. It has paved roads, sidewalks, stores, and all sorts of parks, swimming pools, etc. But I have a part in my sector called Macamango and we can’t go there at night but this is the intense jungle. Machetes are used, tons of animals and bugs and it is a long walk that is so hot and we are sweating buckets each time we go and visit members out there. But I have NEVER been so grateful for shade in my life!!!!

The drive last Thursday was so beautiful! But I almost died like 10 times! The driver was insane! And the roads don’t have side rails and it has been known for people dying all the time. But the drive from Cusco to Quillabamaba was 6 hours! Crammed in a van holding my bags- all that I have on my lap, bugs biting my legs, and a brand new comp by my side. Oh the life of a missionary! I love it. 
This is the view as I am crammed in the van and hoping to survive the drive!
I love being a missionary!
But more than that, more than being in the amazon rainforest, more than the beautiful nature, more than how rough it is, I am actually out here now spreading the joy this gospel brings. Last night I hit a bump in the road. It was one of those moments where everything was going wrong- we tried finding members- but they have no addresses- SO FRUSTRATING!!  We hadn’t taught any lessons, it was so hot, the bugs were eating us alive, and we had no success. Oh and to top things off we found out 2 days in being here we have to move- SO STRESSFUL! So as of right now my comp and I are homeless in Quillabamba. Haha kidding! But we did open a new sector so my poor comp is trying to figure everything out, plus train me, plus find somewhere to live. Oh man I pray for her every second of the day! Anyways, last night we had no success- nada- we prayed earlier for what we needed to do and to lead us to who needed us right then. Well, the answer did not come right away. We said a prayer around noon and nothing happened till that night. We then just started trying to contact, meet members, and make phone calls but nothing was happening. So we went back to the apartment and plopped on the bed and wanted to give up. No one wanted to listen, we couldn’t find anyone we knew and we were so so drained. But right as we got back to the apartment I felt like we just needed to go. Go and get our food and on the way contact people in the park. so I told my comp and I said the Lord cant bless us if we just give up- we have to go get our food anyways so let’s just talk to people on the way- we were so unmotivated but with whatever energy we had left we started walking the 10 blocks to our pensionista- WOW!!! Miracles! We were not only just able to contact one or two people but whole families! And they were so receptive! Oh how my love for them increased! I am hoping we get a hold of them this next week again so we can start teaching. They were so ready. It brings so much joy to my soul to spread what is near and dear to my heart. The fact that other families can know they can be together forever.


Anyways, I have to go! Have a great week! Thank you all for your support and love!

Hermana Frame
Tthe missionaries from Spanish Fork- Elder Thacker, Elder Thompson, and me at changes!

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