Tuesday, December 22, 2015


Investigator update: Jairo.
Some sad news. Our December baptism, Jairo, is now wanted by the state. He had some fines he was working really hard to pay off and sadly didn't earn the money in time. He is now "wanted" as an old western show might say. As far as we know, he is stuck in Tulare and doesn't have any mode of transportation anymore. Man. He was progressing so quickly. He had such a great desire to be a better man! Especially for his kids! He wanted to change so much! He'd been clean for a month without drugs or alcohol! We are hoping he'll make it back here for at least one last lesson where we can load him up with stuff to read in jail.

Eso! Christmas just around the corner.  Some thoughts:

-Man, can't wait to see my family.
-I wish it would snow.
-Can't believe Jehovah's Witnesses don't celebrate this good stuff.
-Christ lived in a hard time.
-The Church makes great videos all the time.
-Santa should be a real thing.

Hey everyone!  Don't forget the reason for the season and I hope yall have a great holiday and Christmas!  FELIZ NAVIDAD!


Elder Frame

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