Monday, December 14, 2015

Puno here I come!!!!

Well, I have to say that right now I am super, super happy, and a Little sad. I don’t know if that describes a woman in one sentence. But I have a TRANSFER! I am going to Puno! I am going to freeze my bum off and die because I won’t be able to breath! Haha! I am so excited. I will continue in my journey as an Hermana leader but will not be traveling at all!

YAY! I loved it and have enjoyed getting to know all the Hermanas and I will miss them so much. But I am most sad to leave my companion.  In these 6 weeks we have had such a blast. We have laughed more than I have my whole mission but I have learned so much from her. We are parting, knowing that we will see each other again… because we will have concilio’s and I hope to see her before she leaves.

But I am so excited to go to Puno! Hermana Campoverde is my companion and I already know her! She is from Ecuador and is super cute, so I am a double thumbs up. As for the other side.  Today will be hard to say goodbye to everyone and realize that my cute Abancay will be another chapter closed.

As for this week, I had many opportunities to just cry, laugh, love, serve, and just enjoy my mission. I loved each second. Beginning with traveling, we visited Hermana Vitola and her daughter… they are in training and they opened a sector but they are working hard and have seen fruits. I was able to go with Hermana Vitola and oh how I love this woman. She is a work horse and since the first time I met her we clicked. I will definitely miss her!

We had interviews as well and what a crazy experience for me. I was able to go in so happy and talking with president about all the progress with all the Hermana’s and in the sector but then he asked about my progress. It was a moment to reflect and understand really why I came into the mission, the work I have done, and all that I need to do. It was super hard for me. He gave me advice and of course I ended up leaving with tears in my eyes. Tears of gratitude, love for my calling as a missionary, and just enjoying the moment I was in. I love this work.

Right after we did a role play with Hermana Harbertson, the president’s wife, and I felt the spirit so strong. We were doing a first lesson with her, so just getting to know her and we had the challenge to invite her for baptism in the first lesson. We invited her and she accepted, and right after I began to testify. In this moment, I just began to cry. I felt every moment I have had thus far in my mission come back to me, all the hard times, the good times, the times I wanted to quit for the day, just everything all at once. And then as I testified and promised blessings I felt the spirit so strong. This is the true church. Christ is at the head. My calling is of God. The only way to live is through living the gospel. Living the gospel wherever you are.  It was an experience I will never forget.

 After, Hermana Solar started to cry. We started talking with Hermana Harbertson started to talk with us after about our feelings and what was happening at this point in our mission. She advised us that we are to be strong, not only for the last part of our missions but as wives mothers, and leaders. She could feel that we have so much to do to prepare the sisters for the second coming. I know it is closer than we think.

We were able to have a baptism this Saturday! It is a miracle to have baptisms even though we were gone for the whole transfer traveling. The work here is incredible. The Hermana that was baptized is named Maruja and she is amazing! She has a 5 year old and she has come to church and no one knew she wasn’t a member! What a blessing to be a part of her baptism. I don’t feel like we were needed at all, but I have learned so much in teaching her and feeling of her sweet spirit. She got pregnant when she was 19 out of wedlock and has now for 5 years not taken the sacrament. Her goal was to take it for the first time after her baptism. To see her reach her goal, and not only that but to have desires to go to the temple just brings tears to my eyes. She has made it her goal to become a disciple of Christ and it shows in her actions. I love this gospel.

I love what it does for me, and also for others. It is the church of Jesus Christ. I know that we are in the truth. Be grateful for that… But I have to go! I had a great week and I hope everyone did too! Celebrate, eat food, and just enjoy being with those you love during this Christmas season! I love you family and can’t wait to see you on skype!

Hermana Frame


We had an activity in Mirador in the morning before interviews! It was intense! We replayed what we did in concilio for the 2 zones in Abancay and Andahuaylas. It was a hit! The zone leaders and us set it all up and it all turned out great!

The baptism of Maruja was such a great day! Our district had 3 other baptisms as well, which made it the best day. After the baptisms we had a testimony meeting for our last time together as a district because Elder Caprio is ending his mission. It was such a good experience.

My fun adventure in Andahuaylas with Hermana Vitola! We went to a member’s house and she had names of all the missionaries that had passed through there or served there, so of course I had to put my name up there! Haha!

My companion thinks it’s funny to take pictures of me in random moments, like before I sleep…? Haha! I will miss her so much. We are mourning a bit right now to have had a cambio.

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