Monday, December 7, 2015

What If…

This week we are reporting from Abancay!!!! But in less than 2 hours we will be traveling to Andahuaylas … loving the life! No, I actually love it but am wishing for a little bit more time in my sector… there is SO much work here and I feel like we are in a combie or bus for half of the time. But I am SO wanting another transfer… we will see what happens.

My companion right now is literally such a blessing. We laugh SO much together… mostly because she loves grammar, and how to speak… and she just laughs at everything I say… Haha! The lord knows that the Spanish needs to improve in the world of Hermana Frame.

But, as it is now December I am so grateful to be here in the mission. Even though, yes at times… as a missionary you miss the little things you do with family and friends. But as I have been here I realize truly what it means… I knew it was about Christ before, but now my vision has widened. I have been so emotional lately, full of gratitude to be able to testify of Jesus Christ every day of my life.

This last week, I have read one of the advent calendar stories my mom sent last Christmas… but I read one that really caught my eye. It is called “If I had not come”. It describes how a bishop had a dream that Christ had not come into the world.  Could you imagine that?  What if he hadn’t of come… there would be no churches, nowhere to find peace, there would be no hospitals, no libraries, homes for the elderly, seminary buildings, the orphanages, none of it would be here. There would be no temples… that one breaks my heart… But thankfully he did. He came. We have this wonderful Christmas season because He was born. We recognize His influence everywhere. We become better people, we are able to be with our loved ones forever, and we find true lasting peace. What a blessing. I love this time of year, and yes I miss my family, but because of Him I can be with them forever.

Well, time to go! I love you all! Have a wonderful MERRY CHRISTMAS….
Hermana Frame

Random Facts of this week…
-I found 2 spiders in my bed…. Literally couldn’t sleep for a long time
-I cried yesterday because I realized that I only have a few fast and testimony meetings left in my mission.
-I loved the Christmas devotional last night. If you didn’t watch it… Watch it!
-I listen to Christmas music in every moment that I have in the house…. Jamming to my David Archuleta today.
-We are so excited to have another baptism this Saturday!!!
-There are too many dogs here in Abancay…

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