Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Love you!

Feliz Navidad… Prospero año y felicidad

Merry Christmas and a prosperous year and happiness to you all! I hope Christmas went well for each of you and just know that I have been thinking of each one of you this Christmas season… But I had an incredible Christmas and it will be remembered for the rest of my life!

I love being here in the mission field and participating in this wonderful work! The only rough part about this week… I am sick. Okay it is only a cold but it has been the worst! Lost my voice, fever, and all! I think the climate caught up with me… Haha! I need to wear warmer clothes. I think I have a rock for a body and I don’t. Haha! But not having indoor heating is an adventure here! But as for this week… Two experiences…

1.       Yesterday we went to a lesson with one of our investigators Mabel… She is married. Surprise! And she is married to a less active. Frustrating! Don’t know what happens here in Peru but NO ONE IS MARRIED haha. But she has so much desire, and faith. We challenged her to talk to her husband last night so we will see what happens. But she asked a question right in the middle of the lesson that really hit me. How can I get to know Christ more? Right before we were talking about how Christ is our friend and how when we come closer to Him, our lives are better, and we receive more blessings… But it hit me. Christ is our friend. Are we doing all we can to be His best friend. Is he our best friend? Do we DO things to become better friends, do we make time for Him? Do we really love Him? It made me really think about my relationship with Him. It was a good moment to reflect.   Each day make it a priority to get to know Him better. The happiest people I know study about Him daily.

2.       On Christmas Eve we had planning for 3 hours in the morning. Believe me… it takes patience for me when I am brand new in the sector and it is hard to give input when I don’t even know the people and the sector… But we planned. During the planning session I was having a pity session of… Ugh this is so long, my family is probably enjoying breakfast together (how pathetic right), I wish I wasn’t cold, etc. Haha!

 And then the thought popped into my head (the spirit), “you will see blessings”. Okay, I changed my attitude and kept encouraging my companion as we planned for the week. During the planning session I put a few names in my planner of old investigators to find and that afternoon we went with a member and I asked her about one of the names.. She said… Uh… I don’t really want to go because he is a drunk and probably won’t progress. I then had the thought. No, we NEED to go. We went and knocked on the door and a woman opened the door. It was her daughter named Vanessa. She was extremely kind and told us that her dad wasn’t there but wanted us to come back that night for a lesson with her whole family. We went back and sure enough 3 new investigators. During the lesson it all became clear. The Lord blesses us when we do those small things. The thought came back into my mind… “You will see blessings.” And sure enough I did. It was my Christmas miracle. We hope they progress and have started teaching them! It was a family as well. Oh how the Lord is in the work. It is HIS work.

Well, I hope you all have a great new year! Thank you for all of your support. I am so happy at this point in my life and it is because I am giving it all to the Lord. We can give it all to him in any season of our lives. I testify that Christ is our brother, friend, and Savior. He loves me and I know He loves each and every one of us. Have a fantastic week!

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We made tacos last week for zone pday! It was super fun to get to know everyone in Puno and the tacos were delicious!

We had various activities in the ward this week for Christmas and we were able to contact many people… we had fun handing out pamphlets and talking with others about what our church does.

The costumes… let’s just say my comp loves them haha! They were used in a talent show that they had.

We caroled in the plaza de armas, in the center of Puno with all of us missionaries. I LOVED IT! It was so fun and I definitely felt the Christmas spirit. It was fun to see all the people clap, sing a long, and stop just to listen. It was a good opportunity to contact as well!

We bought pizza one night and had it delivered to our house! Oh yeah, it was the highlight of the day for meJ

Christmas day filled with lots of Peruvian food and paneton (fruitcake), and hot chocolate… And I got to skype my family… and my brother! 
WHAT A #blessing!

I burned my face… the elevation is extremely high here. Yep, need to wear sunscreen even if it feels like it is 2 degrees outside…

It was cool to find the grave of our recent convert’s mom. We are helping with his family history and we had to go to the cemetery to find the dates… it was a really cool experience for me.

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