Monday, February 23, 2015

I can't live without it!

Well folks! I just made history in the mission! Hermana Hoskins and I are together for another transfer here in Quillabamba! It will make 4 transfers together, 6 months in total in the same place! QUILLABAMBA! Yay! It will be another great transfer and there is SO much to do here so I am extremely excited, grateful, and so pumped! The people better be ready for us gringas! But to be together for more than 3 transfers is UNHEARD OF in our mission! Well, you know me… Bring it on!

Anyways, this last week has been another abnormal week for us as we have traveled to Cusco once again! Hermana Hoskins needed to get her stitches out (which I totally could have done) but she was also having muscle problems. Weird! Beginning last Sunday she was having HORRIBLE pain and could not stand up straight, walk, or sit comfortably. She had NO signs of infection so I was totally confused. But, luckily we made the drive, which this time I had her pop 800 mg of IB profen, well the doctor told her too as well, and to make the drive back to Cusco on Thursday. So, we spent two and a half days in Cusco getting her better and preparing for the transfer that I thought I would be passing her onto another companion but….. NO! I AM STILL IN SHOCK!   Wow I get another transfer with her! YAY!!! But I know this is what the Lord wants.

 I have definitely seen His hand in my adventure especially the last two weeks as Hermana Hoskins has had surgery and helping her through this time especially away from her family. I was definitely prepared as a nurse first of all but also to help in my mission with the last two years as studying as a nurse. Yay it’s paying off!

The Hospital in Quillabamba

 Anyways, we are doing great! She is healing and we are excited to work! But as we were in Cusco we had a very touching experience in the clinic with a woman who was waiting along with us to get lab results back. But, she kept glancing over at us which is kind of odd because in Cusco there is  a lot of white people because it is the tourist city of Peru, but she kept looking at us and I could tell we needed to talk to her. Hermana Hoskins was sitting by her and started by asking if she was from Cusco and we got talking. We found out she had just barely been in a car accident and one of her daughters had died. Oh, it was so sad hearing her tell the story. And she had her other daughter there with her and oh the sadness I felt and to look into their eyes… But it was so amazing to testify that she would one day see her daughter again. It was one of those moments that as a missionary you live for. She knew we had a message she needed. She knew there was something different about us. We gave her a pass-along card and directed her to the ward building in her area and I pray she goes. She felt it. She could see the light.
 I just have to randomly say it because I really do.

We got to pass through the plaza de Armas (main plaza) 
where there was beautiful cathedrals, 
a festival going on with lots of people in traditional dress.

Anyways, this week I had a lot of time to think and ponder as we have been resting for Hermana Hoskins as she is recovering still. But this week I really focused on Jesus Christ and why He is so important. I mean it is so obvious and He is the center of our church and this is such a missionary letter I am writing but REALLY. He is the key to everything. I read the talk from President Monson this last conference about following His path, and becoming a disciple. He described how we need to become like Him. He knows exactly everything we go through. He experienced disappointment, pain, and temptation. He knows how it is to live each day in this mortal world. But he also set the example of being 100% obedient, serving always, and praying to our Father in Heaven. To live a life wanting to be like Him will never leave you with regrets. On my mission I have never regretted coming once. I have always wanted to serve because it really brings a joy no one can describe. I can testify that He is our Savior. He changes our lives. He has and will change my life. But it is all a choice.

Also, as Hermana Hoskins and I talk about our lives we discuss how blessed we are with the friends we have, the family we have. I am so blessed. But I know that it is because Christ is the center of all of it. The people I love to be around and the people that have truly changed my life are those that serve, love, and are trying just like me to be HIS disciples.

 I am so blessed to be here on my mission so that I can continually serve, love, pray, and be obedient to receive blessings. I am grateful for my companion. She radiates in the light of Christ. There is something seriously different about members of the church though. I can testify people can feel that. Being a disciple of Jesus Christ will be a lifelong calling for me and I am so grateful to have been raised to follow His example. THANKS PARENTS! It has truly blessed my life.
                                 I love the view of the valley- our mission seriously is so pretty! 

I was reading a talk my Mom sent me this last week and it talked about how we really can’t live without the gospel. It heals hearts, gives light to your life, and you can live a life with purpose. I love this quote… “I cannot live without he doctrinal truths and ordinances restored by Joseph Smith, I cannot live without the priesthood of God to bless my family, I cannot live without knowing my family can be sealed for eternity. That is the choice we face- a few unanswered questions on one hand versus a host of doctrinal certainties and the power of God on the other. And for me, and I hope for your, the choice is an easy one and a rational one."   Make the decision to follow Him. I promise it brings happiness more than you could ever imagine.

 Well, I need to go! Have a great week!

Hermana Frame

THE BEST PART was we went to McDonalds! 
My companion
 LOVES it so we went and enjoyed our American fast food and of course I had my Ice Cream! YUM!

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