Monday, February 23, 2015

No Se...

Happy Birthday, Jackson!!!!!!
So my district showed up at 6:30
 when we woke up and pounded me with those balloons
 and then they brought a chocolate cake that a member had made
 and started chanting
  Basically, it means: taste it so we can slam your head in the cake.
  It's Latino tradition so yeah.
  They slammed my face in the cake
 and then we had a good ol’ time eating cake
 and playing with the balloons you sent!  Thanks mom! 
So, this week has been great!

Brianda is getting baptized on Wednesday!  Finally!  She's been through so many missionaries it's crazy!  She's finally doing it though!  She has muscular dystrophy so she's been in a wheelchair her whole life and she said she's found solace in the gospel!  It's so awesome to see the change in these people's lives as they just surrender themselves to the love of Jesus Christ!

Angel Leonardo is thinking about a mission still!  We're still teaching him as our recent convert so we're hoping that we can get him out in the field!  That would be sweet!  We are also still teaching the rest of the family and according to their agency and our obedience they are gonna get baptized in March!!  Yeeeeeaaaaaauuuuhhhh!

BIG NEWS!  An apostle will be coming to the California Fresno mission to speak to all of us on March 21st!  Sister Clark asked me to be in the choir for when he comes cause I play the piano.  Whoo.  Choir loves me.  Anyways, it'll be AWESOME to sit right up next to whoever it is that comes and be able to shake his hand!!

Went on exchanges with Elder Bean this past week!  He's a kewl elder!  He came out a transfer before me and so we had some good times trying to figure out what our members and investigators were trying to tell us over the phone.   That's something that is DANG HARD in Spanish.  Talking on the dagum phone!  I can't even do it very well in English let alone in Spanish!

TEMPLE TRIP no March 4th!  Yeuh!  I haven't been for 3 months!  It's gonna be GREAT!  Such a blessing.  If you are not taking advantage of going to the temple at least once a month, you, my friends, are crazy.  That is a HUGE blessing.  TAKE ADVANTAGE OF IT!

So yeah.  My spiritual tid-bit this week is thus:  Don't be a slob.  Translation: Read your scriptures.  Pray sincerely every night and morning and everywhere in between.  Keep the Sabbath day holy.  REPENT CONSTANTLY.  Believe and trust in Jesus Christ.  And maybe you'll turn out all right.  I'm working on it.  You do too.

Love you all!

Elder Frame

SOOO much water!

Sunny California!!!!

Missionary Entertainment
Power of the Priesthood!

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