Monday, February 9, 2015

Una Otra Semana en la Obra del Senor

gfdhjjkjjmnbvfceeh./;-0unb vdcfrtghae;uaebifqb078v4139hbpiqot.   Didn't know how to start this week’s letter so I just banged my head on the keyboard a few times.

ANYWAY, this week was great!  Vanessa our 9 year old investigator said she's ready for baptism on the 15th and Brianda has finally received an answer to her prayers!  She's going to be baptized and she's going to tell us when she wants.  So I was real excited until she said, "I'll tell you when."  That's what she's been saying for the past six weeks...  This time is different though!  I have faith!!

We had an awesome Family Home Evening with Presidente Haroldsen's family and the Leonardo family!  It was AWESOME!  President and his family did great fellowshipping them more and we had an awesome time playing 'Corporation' the name guessing game!  Haha they all loved it!!  The Leonardos now have a family they are very comfortable with so I'm betting coming to church won't be so much of a chore anymore!  It's awesome!  We also have baptismal dates for the three Leonardo girls for the 21st of this month!  If we do our part in teaching and they do their part searching and praying they are gonna get baptized that day!!!  YEEEEEEAAAAAAAAHHHHH!  The church is true!

Oh yeah and transfers were this week.  Elder Munzon is leaving for Fresno and our district leader Elder Shafer is going home to North Carolina.  So weird.  Missions do end...  Except for mine!  haha it feels like I'm just going to be doing this for the rest of my life and I am totally AOK with that!!

Spiritual thought.  Read-- Mosiah 5:7-9.  Read-- “The Continuous Atonement”.  Read-- “Believing Christ”.  And your mind and understanding about the Atonement of Jesus Christ will be augmented by 800T%!  Just try to understand Mosiah 5:7-9.  It's turning into one of my all-time favorite scriptures!!!

Love you all!!

Elder Frame

Elder Munzon training us at District Meeting

Making Pero (fake coffee) for our investigator!

Me drinking Pero Coffee (it's fake)!

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