Monday, June 15, 2015

Face Your Fears

Before my mission I thought I was going to be totally fine. I am a people person and I LOVE being social so I thought that it would all be a piece of cake to walk up to someone and just start talking. Well, to my dismay I have found that I have a weakness. Well, I always have known I have had it but this week I really came to realize that it has paralyzed me a little bit. I am a people pleaser and I do not like it when others feel uncomfortable. Well, unfortunately as a missionary we are put into many situations that are not so very comfortable for us or for the recipients. HAHA!

Last night I was able to teach a lesson to a convert that was about Esther. I wasn’t planning on teaching it but it came up and she asked what her story was. I began explaining what happened with her and the story. I specifically remember one year at girls camp I had to give a spiritual thought about her and her life and it is incredible. I don’t have time to explain her story right now so refresh yourself and get ready for my analyzation for the week.

We enfront different fears every day and in every aspect of our life. Like when I was a child and I was scared to give a speech in front of the class, or when I had a piano recital with a memorized piece, or when I was in junior high and asking if you could sit at a table with friends I admired from a distance or when I was in high school and the decision to try out for a team, take a hard class or just survive walking the hallways in high school took courage. Well, nursing school brought a whole lot more. Starting an IV for the first time. Taking my final that determined whether I would keep going with the nursing program or not, or simply just deciding to be a nurse. Well, right now in my mission I am finding that having courage is in every aspect of my life. I have had to make phone calls to people that speak a whole different language, contact people I have no clue who they are, give lessons in a completely different language, challenge someone to be baptized the first lesson when they were barely told that they NEED to be baptized to be saved, culture situations (too many to write about haha), and just in general BEING A MISSIONARY. Haha no it is not as bad as it sounds. But wow I wake up and you better bet that I have to tell myself. You can do it. You can do it! Haha.

In my setting a part blessing I remember President Dunn telling me 3 times. BE BOLD. Be bold while teaching, be bold while studying, and well just be BOLD. Well in my mind I have realized that in other words… Have faith, and act on that faith. When I feel afraid I remember this. BE BOLD HERMANA FRAME. But, back to Esther. She had to have faith, just like I need to have it. She had a purpose just as I have a purpose. She loved HER people just as I love MY people. She took advice from her family just as I do (thanks family for all your support…). And yes, she had to suffer to overcome her trial. And in the end it all came down to ACT. A realization each week that I have is that we have to find more people to teach. But in order for this to happen I have to talk to people. The members, the people in the streets, my converts, and well basically everyone and their dog! This requires SO much courage on my part at times because of the language and well I just hate making others feel uncomfortable. But you know what. My purpose as a missionary is not to be silent. I need to talk in order to help others get out of their comfort zone and realize that their life really is not complete! Okay as I am writing it sounds like I am super struggling with communication and contacting and blah blah blah. But really I am not. I have just understood really how many times in my life I have needed courage. I don’t think it is that different for you all. My challenge to you is BE BOLD. Do something that will get you out of your comfort zone. Which doesn’t mean go and just stop someone on the street and start talking to them awkwardly. I am meaning…. Visit someone you have been thinking about, go to church if you haven’t been in a while, give the talk that you were asked to give in sacrament, accept a calling that seems hard or you feel inadequate or overwhelmed, go to the temple, talk to the bishop if you have had something bothering you and have trust that it will all work out. Remember the ACTING. We can have the faith but courage is to act on that faith.

I have remembered that the church, the gospel, means everything to me. That is why I am here. I understand the lasting affect it will have but it all starts with the sharing of it. Work with me and have courage. Share the gospel. You will never regret it. When we are out of our comfort zone, that is when we are learning. That is when we are growing. The joy that comes after you have overcome starts with the first step. Have courage to take that step.

I hope you all have a great week. I love you all and thank you for all you send. I am one blessed girl! Please know that this calling is everything to me and I am so blessed.
Have a great week!

Hermana Frame

YES I did it. It took courage to cut abuelitas nails!
 They smelt so bad and smells get to me!
 Nurse Frame at your service!
 Yes, feel bad for me. Haha!
 I think the toilet paper helped …. Wow. I struggle.
Hermana Bazo and I waiting for Wendy to take us to church on Sunday in her moto! Wahoo!
The people lay out their coffee…. Um right on top of the soccer playing area.
 Um, I enjoy the laws in the states where everything is sanitary.
 This gives me shivers to buy anything from the market here!
 But they lay it out to bake it and sell it!
The assistants thoroughly enjoyed their nerf guns while they were checking our room!
 Mom, as always the Christmas gifts have been hit!
Sister Baum! Thanks for the saying that my Mom was able to send!
 I gave it as a gift this week to the family that was sealed this last January!
 It looks awesome… as you can tell haha!
 Families are Forever is what it says in Spanish.
Mom, your package came today!
 Homemade lemon cookies in peru, all the magazines, the trail mix, oh man all of it!
 I was in HEAVEN! Thank you!
Tons of outdated Liahonas!
 My converts new calling is to pass out all of them and be in charge of all that come, and who needs renewals.
 It was a project and a half. WHEW! I definitely took advantage in the states of when I can just pull it off the shelf in deseret book. HAHA!
Ever seen a funeral in a gas station. First time ever in my life!

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