Monday, June 8, 2015


Hay.  We had such a great week this week!  Giselle Leonardo's baptism was changed to the 14th of June so Hermana Leonardo can get work off and come!  We also set dates with Asusena and Susan again!  We finally figured out what was wrong!  They want to be perfect BEFORE baptism!  They thought baptism is for perfect people when in all reality baptism is for imperfect people who promise to STRIVE for perfection.  So yeah.  It was a super cool lesson we had with them because we asked a lot of inspired questions to finally figure out what was up with them deciding they weren't ready anymore.  So glad we have the spirit to help us out.  He's a good guy that Holy Ghost.

Other news.  5 days until we find out if who goes and who stays.  The day we've been waiting for since we found out there was going to be a mission split!  Haha!  We'll see what happens!  At least whatever happens I know it's from the Lord.  I have been giving him my opinion though prayer.  I told him I'd like to stay in Kingsburg until I can baptize the rest of the Leonardo family, but that's not my call so yeah.  I'll just wait and watch.

Sorry about no pictures.  I left my card reader and cords back at the apartment so just hold on for another week with no pictures of my beautiful face.

Love yall!

Elder Frame

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