Monday, June 1, 2015

Crazy Juggling Week

Zone Conference 

Hey.  It is hot.  Biking is wretched. But good cause we talk to a lot of people.  But it's still pretty wretched.

Anyways, with that intro it was a crazy week.  We had zone conference with a bunch of hard core chastisement, exchanges with the zone leaders which are always crazy and always leads to something crazy happening, then teaching with President Clark, finding a super solid investigator and helping her prepare to be married and baptized.  The list is longer but those are some cool highlights. 

So yeah, the mission is a gigantic juggling scene.  IT'S GREAT!  I've never felt so alive and full of love for everything and wanting to be better, do more, climb higher, work harder!  I'll never get tired of saying that my mission is the greatest thing I've ever done with my life.  I will never ever ever regret coming on a mission. Ever.  I will always be grateful for everybody's examples that have undoubtedly led me to where I am today. I am eternally grateful for all of you.  Thank you.

So some details on everything I said though.  We found a lady named Lupe last week who wants to be baptized more than anything in life and is living with one of our member families.  She isn't married so we are working on that and she is totally down to do whatever it takes to get herself in the water. So we are teaching her with rapid fire pamphlets and scriptures.  She was a member referral so it always goes back to the power the members have in missionary work.

Other news. Elder Russell M. Nielsen is assigning those missionaries who will be in the California Modesto mission this coming week.  We thought that was already done in January, but I guess not.  So he'll make those assignments and we'll find out this next transfer if we go or if we stay.  THE ANTICIPATION IS KILLING ME!  I want to stay! I want to be able to come back to baptisms of people I taught and got to know here in the California Fresno Mission!  AAAAAAAAAA!  Oh well.  Well whatever happens at least I know I'll be where I'm supposed to be.  Come what may.  I got faith.

Hey!  I love you all!

Elder Frame

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