Monday, June 29, 2015

He lives.

So this week I literally can’t really think of what to write but I know you all love hearing how I am doing… As I flip my hair. Wow, humility. I really am learning it. But this week I have really understood how we are literally nothing. When you believe in God you realize that you are nothing without Him.

I have studied so much about the savior this week it has been such an amazing experience each time I sit down. I am Reading in 3 Nephi 11 when Christ came to the Americas. He really did come. I can testify of that. They were able to see Him. He taught them, he loved them, he took time for each one of them to come and touch Him. His journey, His purpose was to help us progress. His purpose was for us to be happy. His purpose was to bring to pass the plan that our Heavenly Father had for each one of us personally.

Each morning I sat down to study I put myself in the shoes of one of the Nephites as I tried to imagine if I was there when all of it happened. The storms and people that disbelieved that he really would come, to the time that a voice came from heaven, to the joy that they all felt as he took each one of them and blessed them. Oh, how I would have felt as He just sat and taught. But it also makes me realize that is what I am doing now. He is here. He is in every page that I read. He is there when I am comforting Abuelita because she feels like she is in her last few days in this life. He is here when I see the beautiful earth he has created for us to live. He is here when I feel like the whole world is falling down and I listen as my companion starts to sing “I feel my Saviors love.” He is here. He lives. I know that. I love hearing others testify of Him.

My testimony has grown so much as I have been here. I was promised that before I left but it truly has. But it has taken lots of hard work, and personal discipline each day to come to know He is everything to me. I am so grateful for our Heavenly Fathers plan. Without it, we don’t have direction. I hated teaching lesson two because it was so hard with my Spanish in the beginning but wow if I can just teach it every lesson I would. It brings the spirit so strong. I love my calling, I love being a disciple of Him, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I am a missionary for the Church of JESUS CHRIST of Latter Day Saints. I love it.

I had a great week filled with ups and downs…. Which is normal right? But the mission life is so rewarding. I will never forget or regret one day in my mission.

This week for a little bit of spice I had to stay in the hospital with Hermana Robinson for a little bit…. UGH! The hospital is a rough one for me here but hey, I survived and Hermana Robinson is in Cusco which is what needed to happen. No freak outs people! But all I have to say is that I am so grateful for the knowledge I have been able to have from coming from nursing school. It has come in handy.

The sisters had a baptism and shout out to Mr. Thacker because Elder Thacker said the only pictures you get is the ones you see on my blog. Oh, elders….. Haha but it was great and our district is working so well together. One of the investigators that got baptized was contacted by Elder Thacker and his companion a few months ago and the sisters we able to teach them. We work TOGETHER. It is the Lords work, and I love the unity we have. It makes such a difference.

Well, the other pics are me and my companion at siete tinajas! My third time going! You would think I get bored but we have fun taking pictures and trying not to jump in…. Haha! It is beautiful!

Well, I need to go! Love you all and thank you for your support!

Hermana Frame

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