Monday, October 12, 2015

A big thank you to my companion!

This week was crazy! We had a lot of visits and well, welcome to the Hermana Leaders in Abancay. All the companionships of hermana leaders are like... we are so glad you guys travel as much as you do and not us Haha GRACIAS! 

But...... we have fun! Helping the hermanas has brought so much happiness. I love doing the work not only in my sector but also in Cusco with the hermanas. 

This week I just want to say that I had a really spiritual experience during studies this week with my companion and the hermana leaders. They asked us to choose two scriptures that described my companion and she would choose two as well. I was SO ready with my scriptures and so ready to tell her where mine were. It went well and wow, she blew me away with the ones she chose. The first was the first scripture in the Book of Mormon. She said..... Well, we all know that Hermana Frame loves her family... Not in a trunky way but I think in every lesson we have had she always has such a strong testimony of how the gospel has helped her family through the happy times and the hard times. I was blown away.... Wow. I didn’t realize HOW blessed I was. I am born of goodly parents, and I love them as Nephi did. He was grateful. I am grateful.

She went on saying that I have seen the mysteries of the Lord and I have relied on Him even though I have had the gospel my whole life I have chosen to follow him. It made me realize so much. She said that I have loved the Lord, chosen to find a testimony, and my conversion is strong. I started crying. Haha I AM SO EMOTIONAL!

But it made me realize how my conversion story is important. I have had so many companions that have these crazy amazing stories of how they found the gospel and wow I was feeling so out of it here in the mission. But it is true. The small and simple decisions I have made have really impacted who I am and the testimony I have.

To all those who feel unimportant because you grew up with the gospel and it’s not something new, or you just need a pick me up. Pray, and just know that no matter HOW you received your testimony it is YOUR testimony. A treasure that is worth more than anyother thing in this world. I love the gospel and I need to go.

Thank you to all who have loved me, and helped me get to this point in my life. Find a scripture that describes you or another person and send it to them! It will make their day! Have a great day!
Hermana Frame

This week I was able to translate again and it was super fun! It was when we were on exchanges with the Hermana leaders in Vista Allegre! I spent half the day translating for a company that gathered optometrists from all over the world. It was interesting to see how ENGLISH was the language they all used to communicate even though they were from Japan, France, Paraguay, everywhere!

The sisters had a baptism and it was crazy getting them all ready. Yes, it as a cute abuelita that I was actually able to visit on my visits with Hermana Cooper, and it was such a sweet moment. Made me miss my cute abuelitos in Quillabamba. But it was fun heating water on gas stoves and putting it in right before. Haha welcome to Peru!

We went to AMPAY today and yes it was SO fun but SO long! We had an adventure scaling up mountains because we got lost. DONT WORRY MOM it wasn’t bad. Haha! No, we were totally fine. 
But it took us 4 hours to get up there but it was a laguna and so worth it! So pretty to see! There was a small and big laguna so it was interesting to see the difference. So much worth it to hike the 2 more hours to see the big one. But I am loving the sisters in my district. We get along so well and my companion is so cute with us north americans. She understands a lot of Spanish so she is so good.

The sister leaders from Ttio came to visit us this Friday and it was crazy but let’s just say prayers were answered and I had a great day with Hermana Salas. We had fun and worked hard. But we were pooped from our trips and then getting back to our sector with other Hermana leaders visiting us. But everything is so worth it!

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