Monday, October 5, 2015


 Well I have soo little time, as always. UGH! Haha I feel like here in internet it is the most stressful things of all time. I am going to be pathetic this week and just describe the pics and add my thoughts. It explains my thoughts well.

Well we went to concilio this week! It is like a council of all the zone leaders and the hermana leaders. It was a great conference, as it always is! We talked a lot about Alma 5. That is a challenge for all of you to read this week. IT IS ONE OF MY FAVORITE CHAPTERS. Think about your conversion and ask yourself these questions. Do I desire to do good? Do I rebel against God? Do I share the gospel? And am I filled with the will of God? Really think about where you are at. What do you need to do to have a change of heart? I loved it. But enjoy the pics! My companions camera was weirdly Green? So sorry!

These are pics from Hermana Coopers birthday a few weeks ago and forgot to send them! Our zone leaders bought a cake and we all enjoyed it! And of course I was the one she trusted the most to NOT smash her face in the cake and who ended up doing it? Yep. I did. HAHA!
While in Cusco I did my papers this week to renew my identification and we traveled with Hermana cooper and Hermana Hanson! What fun we had being in Cusco taking pics of all the cool monuments, murals and random other things. My mission seriously is tourist CITY! Cusco Peru baby! Loving every bit!

I was able to see my daughter and actually help medically with what is going on! She was able to enter a machine that gives her full oxygen… She just got transferred there and needed treatment. So it was so good to talk to her and feel like a nurse for 2 sec.

Hermana Hanson was my nurse this week! I BURNED MY WHOLE FACE OFF! Haha! And my back…… Ouch. It was the worst burn anyone has seen in the mission. You better bet I was using aloe vera (we had to track it down in Cusco), but I bought it and she was putting it on all night! Probably should take care of myself a Little bit more, and do what I tell others to do….

Katy had her baby! Jose Fabio! We had so much fun waiting for her to have it! She called me at two in the morning with questions about contractions and she had him at 9:30 that morning! SO FAST! What a blessing! No complications and she is adjusting. I thought I wanted kids until I have seen her SO TIRED this first week and said…. Uh…. Okay maybe waiting sounds great. Great birth control!

I got bit by a dog again!!!! Haha! And it didn’t even bark to warn me… this is usually what happens though. I felt a sting, looked down and the dog was walking away and boom, blood and everything. Haha it wasn’t too bad but the members felt so bad!

Hey we also had the best time this week with general conference! Made cookies and everything and had a gringo party! It was so uplifting and I plan on working on so much. It is amazing to have a worldwide church. Not even a year and a half ago I was watching it in Utah and now I am in Abancay Peru and get to have the same experience. What a privilege!

I hope you all know that yes, I am preaching the gospel... this week was crazy with traveling and doing a lot of off the wall things but I LOVE IT! As usual. But I will update you more this next week! I love you!

Hermana Frame

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