Monday, October 5, 2015

Good Week!

Wow. It's been an amazing last couple days.  General Conference was a surreal experience.  3 new apostles.  I don't know if that's ever happened in church history!  It was awesome to listen to them when they gave their testimonies and to have spiritual confirmation that these three men really were chosen by God.  They really are the Lord's servants here on the earth chosen by God to serve in that holy office.

Here are some highlights I felt were key and I loved:

- There is a life after death.  Knowledge of the gospel of Jesus Christ brings peace and joy to us in this life and the next.
-Do not complicate your discipleship. Focus on the simplicity in Christ and his teachings.(Uchtdorf)
-Exaltation is our goal. Discipleship is our journey. (Uchtdorf)
-Perfection is a long ways away. The spirit is our most honest friend and corrector and he'll let us know how we can improve step by step every moment of every day by us asking, what lack I yet? (Lawrence)
-Obedience is the first law in heaven. God loves us.  The commandments are there to safely guide us home, not to make life complicated and unhappy. Find the joy in discipleship and keeping the commandments.
-#newapostles (Rasband, Stevensen, Renlund)
-Straighten up and fly straight. (Hales)
-Love you mom. (Holland)
-Resisting temptation now will strengthen you to resist temptation in the future. (Cook)
-The Lord will multiply our efforts in His work as we magnify our calling and do it His way. (Eyring)
-Faith is a choice. (Andersen)
-The devil is relentless.  We have to have equal and even more tenacity in our relentless effort to reach our goal. (Monson)
-We should do everything in our power to have the constant companionship of the Holy Ghost in our daily lives. (Eyring)
-A church is a necessary part of God's gospel on the earth. The institutions of the church and family support and strengthen each other, not replace each other. (Christoffersen)
-#ponderize (Durrant)
-Whatever level of obedience and conversion you have right now, it will not be enough for what's ahead. You always need to be progressing and growing to meet the challenges that you will experience. (Clark)
-When you cannot do what you've always done, you only do what matters most. (Bednar)

It's been a spiritually rich couple of days and from listening to conference, here are my goals:
-Read the Book of Mormon entirely again before the year is out.
-#ponderize a scripture every week for a year.
-Ask "what lack I yet" and fix or do what I'm told by the Spirit.

What will you do in response to these words you've heard from the Lord's annointed?

In other events from the past week we've been teaching Francisco, Saul, and Mercedez a lot.  We really want the three to be baptized within the month and each have varying degrees of problems.  It's been amazing to see the changes in them though as they decide to start down this path of discipleship and start doing those spiritually essential things like reading scriptures, praying, and attending church meetings.  My testimony is strengthened each and every time I see them putting forth that effort.  You can literally see the Light of Christ burning brighter within them as they choose to follow the "enticings of the Holy Spirit" and change those things that are holding them back from all the blessings God has in store for them.  I love my mission.  It means everything to me.  I am so grateful for the opportunity I have to be out here.  I am constantly changing for the better as I allow the Atonement of Jesus Christ to change me. Charity has become a close friend as I've served and worked with the members and people here in Visalia.  I love it so much.  Thank you all for helping me get to this point.

Love you all!

Elder Frame


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