Monday, October 26, 2015

An update day to day

Well, I am just doing awesome! I am enjoying my last and final week with Hermana Tango as she will be ending her mission. Wow! This is my second companion that I have been with when they finished! But I decided you might want an itinerary for this last week and a few details.

Monday! We traveled to Cusco and had a great pday there! We went to the cristo blanco with my daughter here in the mission and it was the second time I have been. The first was when I had my first day in the field and then now a year later. Made me feel like time went so fast! That night we traveled to Urubamba for more visits!

Tuesday we worked with the sisters there and they are doing well! The sacred valley is so pretty and I love every time we visit, and yes we met a family from Trujillo that were members going to maccu piccu. Crazy how it happens! But it was fun! I went with Hermana David

Wednesday we went to piccu and served with the sisters there, what a blessing. Right smack dab in the middle of Cusco. There was a paro (riot) and so we stayed up in the hills to work. It can get dangerous with people throwing rocks and everything but yeah we did not even see any of it!

Thursday! We stayed in Cusco, which was not our plan… because of the riot. There were no busses to go back so we worked with the Hermana leaders in ttio! Their sector is so little and they are all so rich! But it was good….

Friday we came back and I ALMOST puked on the drive. So grateful I didn’t. But the trips can be a Little bit rough in the mission. And I don’t get car sick so that tells you something. But we went to one of the members houses that night and made ceviche! We can’t eat it in the mission but I learned how they do it. It is with raw fish lots of lime, and other great Peruvian herbs they put in it! I also learned how they do canchita. So good! It is corn that they fry in oil just as the Incans did hundreds of years before.

Saturday we had a lot of visits and a normal day finally in my sector! What a beautiful sector we have and a lot of work to do! We found 2 new investigators that day, and visited many of the people that were in need of a lift so I was so grateful.

Sunday, well we had a conference with Peru and Bolivia and Heard from Elder Christoferson which was a thumbs up!

And today, so deeply grateful for the mission and how it as changed me. I really have learned so much. I wanted to share a scripture from Matt 16:25, yes Reading the bible in Spanish is the best thing ever… ha-ha. It is sarcastic. But it has taught me so much. I have found my life here in the mission. I know my purpose and it is to LOSE MY LIFE IN SERVING THE LORD. I find happiness, true lasting joy. I desire to help others, and my testimony has grown so much. I know there is reason for everything and for all of you…. I just want you to study this scripture. The footnotes and all. See what you can do to lose yourself in the work of the lord. You will NEVER regret it.

Well, have to go! Sorry no description of pictures! Forgive me, and when I get back I am sure I will be happy as ever to explain. Haha!

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