Monday, February 22, 2016

Pictures are worth a thousand words.....

Sorry, I kinda sent just a billion pictures this week.  I'm getting transferred and I want to make sure I get every pic from everybody I can because I loved loved loved loved loved this area.  It taught me the most significant lessons I've learned on my mission.  Lessons like exact obedience, charity, love, faith will never be forgotten.  I feel like I've developed the strongest testimony I've ever had here in this area.  The reason is because I've worked hard here.  Putting yourself in situations that convert you is what converts you.  Sometimes not seeing fruit from my work was never easy.  I was shaped by it though and who knows what impact I've had on the people here.  The thing I do know is that I'm going to be leaving a part of me behind here.  The people here are so receptive and loving.  I felt instantaneously welcomed and as easy as it was to settled in, it's twice as hard to let go now.  I know that I'm needed elsewhere but it doesn't make it any easier leaving here.  I'm rip roarin and ready for some new adventures in Kerman California though!  With another native companion!  Whooooo!

I love you all.  The church is true.  I LOVE my mission.

Elder Frame

making crepes

Saying good bye!

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