Monday, February 15, 2016

Random Monday...

Well something short… I am a Little bit out of it today emotionally. Mondays are really odd for me right now. I just want to be out working like normal which is so not like me… BUT….  We had a great week! It was just like our others but I loved each minute. I am taking advantage of all I can. But a few things that are random and that happened..

-We found an awesome couple that has a baby, has plans to be married, and are so willing to listen to us! It was awesome to teach them and to feel of the desire they have to be a successful family… Well, we have the good news for them. Only in the gospel does it happen!

-My companion and I are super chill, more than I thought we would be with us ending together. We talk a lot about our missions and some days it is hard to deal with it all but we talk through it and she has been such a blessing. We have learned a lot together and I know we will the rest of our change.

-I love all the sisters here in Puno! We have a lot of fun together. We as a companionship are always talking about them, we want them to be happy to succeed, and love the work… It has been so good for me to talk with them. They in turn have changed my mission. Each one.

-I am so used to living in Peru it isn’t even funny.

-My face gets sunburned daily. No worries mom, I am FINALLY using sunscreen everyday even though I hate it. Haha

-I love cereal, even if they don’t have real milk here

-I love my calling as a missionary preaching, helping, working, laughing, crying, studying, talking, serving, EVERYTHING! I love each minute

-I am peeing my pants because Elder Holland comes this week to Cusco!!! And he is probably going to be in our concilio… meeting all of the leaders here in the mission. AND president Harbertson called during our personal study this week… Yeah let’s just say I was dying when I saw his name on the caller ID. He was just telling me that the musical number is a go! We are all frantically practicing and trying not to be nervous but I know it will turn out great. The song we will sing is Come Thou Fount but in Spanish. It is super pretty!

Well, I need to go! I hope you all have an awesome week. Read Moroni 7. It is one of my favorite chapters and has helped me these last few weeks.

Hermana Frame

We went to a HUGE slide that is famous here in Puno called Tobogan! It was awesome! The closest feeling of being on a rollercoaster that we could get. 

I heart attacked my companions desk, she loved it!!!! She just started laughing... 

Us randomly taking pics in a valley-ditch we walk through frequently

We made limeade this week! They make it with egg whites, which is awesome and super delicious!

Divisions with Hermana Lozano. She is an incredible missionary! Us cutting out our hearts on the gross Peruvian floor of a mini mall here in Puno. Haha we thought we were hilarious!

I HEART HNA MICELI my other half here in Puno!

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