Monday, February 1, 2016


How's life been everyone?!

Another great week here in the Visalia Zone! We had a good Zone Counsel with our Zone this past Tuesday. We all sat down for an hour and counseled about what we were going to change as a Visalia zone because of what we heard in the Missionary World-wide Broadcast! It was great! There were many many great comments and in the end the whole zone came to the conclusion that we need to be exactly obedient. That was the goal we made as a Visalia Zone to be more in line with the Lord in His work and to be in line with what the brethren taught us. So cool how the spirit just tells you what you need to change.  What a great companion. 

SO, we made 2 sub goals to be able to reach that big goal and they are

1. To be exactly accountable in everything (meaning basically you turn yourself in to your leaders every time you mess up or are disobedient.  It's just like a text saying what you did and what you'll change.) and

2. To correct one another in EVERYTHING. There is change happening in the zone! Everybody was on board with it because they discovered it themselves! They want to have the spirit! They want to be better teachers! The World-wide broadcast taught our zone that to be those things it has to start with exact obedience! It's been amazing to see the effect of missionaries applying what they learn and being what they are meant to be! A fire is starting in the Visalia zone and it's going to be a blaze!  It's been amazing!

Here's an awesome experience we had!  We taught the Sanchez family for the third time yesterday and they had read the whole pamphlet as a family and understood it all! It was so weird!  Usually they don't read or are just too lazy or tired or whatever to sit down and read!  But no!  Hermano Sanchez is adamant that his children will learn about Jesus Christ and he's convinced we'll give that to them!  He's an AWESOME guy.  Full of real intent.  For example he learned for himself that infant baptism is wrong! Just by reading the Restoration Pamphlet! The Spirit is so amazing! It is a necessity in teaching. He knew for himself! He learned that from the Holy Ghost and now the family has accepted baptism and are reading the Book of Mormon as a family. So awesome!  We are excited for them and their learning! They are doing so great and we have high hopes and faith that this family will accept the full gospel and be baptized!

I'm doing GREAT! I don't know what it is but I'm riding the wave of righteousness I'm feeling in my life right now! It feels so good and so right! I cannot deny the goodness I feel in my daily life. I am living my purpose as a son of God and as a representative of Jesus Christ. I am striving my best to live up to that title in every sense. It is so sweet. So great.  I love it.  Thank you all and I hope you are feeling the same thing in your lives!  Those feelings are free!  So take advantage!  Read your scriptures!  Pray!  The Atonement is real!  YOU GOT IT!

Elder Frame.

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