Monday, February 8, 2016

Strong and Faithful in Puno

I literally just started typing in Spanish! Haha family…. Don’t think you would understand… BUTTT, I am soaking wet, it is pouring outside right now and we just got back from the activity we had for pday today as we were ALL shut inside because of a celebration they have called the Candelaria. It is where they all worship the virgin they have here. It is a huge ordeal; people dancing all day with bands playing ALL day long and then they are all drunk at night, and the ones that are not dancing are drunk during the day too. When the men are drunk they LOVE North American’s. I can just say that they have all tried touching me as I walk by, and say something like pretty woman, come here, and anything that comes to their mind. HAHA, SUCH A DIFFERENCE from Utah. But it is cool to see some of the culture.

But through all of this the missionary work continues. I read so much about how the FEW AND FAITHFUL this week and literally every scripture or conference talk had to deal with it. I LOVE that I am a member of the church. We live clean, and we live to please the Lord. I love living like this. It is so easy to give in to the world’s standards but totally worth it to be strong and faithful obeying the Lords commandments.  I felt like such a minority this week as we walked the streets full of people drinking outside their houses, the dressed up people going to dance, and loud bands playing outside our window but I was at such peace. Peace with myself and the way I have chosen to live. I know that this is where I am supposed to be and the Lord is so happy with me. I feel it each night I go to bed and each day I get up. Such a blessing.

Well, I have to go but enjoy the pics!!!

Hermana Frame

Last Monday we went to “The Puma” translated… THE COUGAR. It was so pretty looking out over Puno and the lake and we enjoyed ourselves taking pictures and just talking about our missions. Haha a few pics make me laugh because my companion was like…. MODEL HERMANA FRAME… as I am inside the mouth of a snake.

Haha, or walking in trash trying to take a pic of Welcome to Puno. Haha!

We did divisions this week and it was so much fun! We made peanut butter and jelly sandwiches the FIRST time in my mission. It was definitely a thrill.

We cleaned a converts messy house… which was an awesome service project.. just imagine the after math picture… I forgot to take it.

These pics are of CHUÑO! It is the potatoes that they used to mash with their feet and then feed them to people. Luckily they now just soak them… But they still taste weird but I feel like I am the only North American that can stand them.

Me in my bed with a million blankets. It has been SO cold lately. Literally I have like 6 on me. Mom, my companion LOVES her pillowcase. She is obsessed with it.

My companion wrote a note to me that says I love you… with M&Ms….. while we were fasting.. She thought it was hilarious. I didn’t… but we took a pic anyways.

AND last but the best pics… We as Sister Leaders put together a pday for all 12 sisters here in Puno and we had relay races, made pizza, played jeopardy, and all kinds of other games. We had a blast. And then it started pouring rain and it is already freezing cold here but it was super fun! They all loved it! I will miss them all so much when we leave.

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