Thursday, September 11, 2014

Fast Sunday Not so Fast Out Here

So, Qué Pasa mis amigos y familia!

This week went so much better!  Being over homesickness let me just tear it up!  I can speak really well now that my three years before I came out here are coming back!  I can understand just about everything my teachers ask or say but they are speaking about 300 mph slower than normal. I found this out because I tried to have a conversation with one of the grounds workers and ended up telling him I had to run to my casa for the baño because I didn't understand what he asked me around five times.  Ill figure it out.

So our first investigator '"Fernando"" is our night teacher now. Ha.  We werent supposed to find that out until our secondFriday. We figured that out our second day teaching him cause we saw him walking around with a teacher name badge in church clothes with other elders.  Ha. Ha.  So I didnt stress out half as much as before.  We are now teaching our morning teacher, Hermana Santiago, as if she were our investigator named Karina and we are teaching our night teacher, Hermano Salomon, as if he were an investigator named Cecilio.  Fun fact about my night teacher.  He's crazy good at volleyball.  He couldve played for BYU and for the Mexico national team but decided to go on a mission instead and live in Mexico.  He went to Spokane Washington on his mission and learned English.  Blah.  And I think Spanish is tough.

Sunday was sooooooooooooooooo long.  We started our fast on Saturday right after lunch and it went until Sunday right before lunch.  Everybody was cranky. Anywho, we ended up sitting in the auditorium forever after lunch for a devotional.  It was so long but good!  Afterwards I was so ready to leave but my comp wanted to stay for choir.  And I thought my choir days were over.  Anyways we end up singing in the auditorium for another millenium then all the other missionaries started coming back to the auditorium because we had another devotional.  After that devotional ended I expected to go to bed cause it had to be at least 8 oclock.  Nope it was 3.  After 2 more devotionals, dinner, and a district devotional it was finally time to hit the hay and I slept like a log.

We had the opportunity of listening to Elder Holland on Tuesday night.  The man needs to be translated.  He's just soooooo good!!  The biggest thing he talked to us about was that we had better come home with at least one convert and it had better be us.

Always strive to be better and remember to pray always!  I love all of you!

Pray always!

Con Amor,

                  Elder Frame

Elder Frame and some SF buddies!  I didn't end up getting one with hermana Baum but i will next week!
Hermana Warnock and me on Pday because I didnt give a crap about how I looked 

The Hermana in orange, hermana Parkinson

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