Thursday, September 25, 2014

2 Weeeeeeeeeeeeekkkkkkkkssss Leeeeeeefffffffttttttt!!!!!!!!!

Left to right.  E. Harrison, Hermano Hernandez (funniest dude I´ve ever met!), me, Hermana Hendersen, and E. Burwell all seeing who can hold themselves up the longest on the desk.  It´s harder than it looks.  1:59 is the record.

So yeah this week has been crazy.

     First off.  The español coming along bueno.  I can have conversations with the natives now and I can catch almost all their words without it sounding like aslñdglñashdgilñhasldhgklasdhguiwerauibk.  Our lessons with our teachers/investigators are going super well!  We have them both committed to "baptism" on October 8th the day we leave the CCM!  So yeah that´s great and to all yall that are learning a language before you leave, learn it as much as you can before entering the MTC/CCM/any other name of a Missionary Training Center, because the Spirit can work with you so much more during lessons when you have the words and grammar already there in your brain.

     Next item of business.  My compañero and I were called as Zone Leaders on Sunday so that has been an adventure figuring out what the heck we are supposed to be doing.  We had some training with the zone leaders that were leaving and turns out, all we really have to do as Zone Leaders is be friends with everybody, conduct priesthood on Sunday´s and keep the Zone unified.  So yeah, it´s been awesome being Zone Leaders cause all we do is go and talk (goof around) with the other districts in our Zone, set up Ultimate Frisbee matches for gym times and just generally let them know that we love them.

     So I got to leave the CCM again this week except this time it was to a private hospital clinic thingy cause the Enfermería at the CCM said I had fractured my foot.  Word from an experienced CCM missionary: Do not play cage soccer, competitively, with kids who loved football and rugby in high school. I was playing with these huge Elders and an Elder and I were both going to kick the ball.  I went to kick the ball but instead of the ball I kicked the other Elder´s bottom of his foot which made him trip and I totally didn´t mean to do it.  Needless to say it hurt like the dickens.  I didn´t want to look like a baby so I kept playing.  The dude I accidentally kicked thought I did it on purpose so he let me know he didn´t like me by bodying me up.  A lot.  Then I guess his "enthusiasm" rubbed off on the rest of his team and I got to know the court floor pretty well.  My foot never stopped hurting so we checked it out at the Enfermería and the Doc said I needed Xrays.  So I took a drive through Mexico City with two other kids one who was getting his knee Xrayed and the other a Ultrasound. I got my foot Xrayed on what was actually a really nice machine and it turned out to be all right.  I was counting my blessings cause the other guys weren´t so lucky.  The Ultrasound kid has kidney stones and the other kid has to go someplace else for an MRI cause they think its nerves or something in his knee.  In the end I just have to wear a boot thing for three days and I have to constantly say thank you to Heavenly Father for helping me out.

       We have paintings in our classroom building by Walter Romes all about the Book of Mormon.  If you guys ever get the chance look those bad boys up because they are super inspiring and very very cool.  Just something random I remembered I wanted to share with yall.

        All right here´s the spiritual paragraph.  And it goes out to all of you who need to feel some love.  You want to know something special?  Well I hope so because Imunna tell you anyway.  It´s you.  You are 110% bona fide special.  You are a hijo de Padre Celestial.   He loves you so much your mortal brain cannot comprehend the love he has for you.  I cannot stress how important that is to never forget.  You have the potential to become a God.  Heavenly Father wants this for you.  You know this deep in your heart, you just need to come to terms with it.  NEVER FORGET IT.  No matter what you do, no matter how you messed up, no matter how much you don´t care.  Heavenly Father is hoping, watching, waiting for you to love him and love him enough to follow our elder brother Jesus Christ´s example.  I challenge you to pray and ask to feel that love.  He is and will be listening and he WILL answer.  REMEMBER ALWAYS that you are loved, no matter what.

                     ORA SIEMPRE!
                                                    Con mucho amor,

                                                                                  Elder Frame

Selfie during TALL time.  Tall is a computer language learning program that is super helpful!

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