Wednesday, September 24, 2014


WOW WHAT A WEEK!!! I will probably say it each time I email. But first things first I want to let you meet my comp Hermana Jesperson!

Physical: She is a cute blonde, short athletic rugby player at BYU. She is so so so cute and I swear all the boys will be after her when she gets off the mish. She has a surfer girl look and totally rocks it.
Emotional: Okay this is where she is completely opposite of me. It is the funniest thing. The whole CCM knows this. I am so emotional and I wear my emotions on my sleeve and this girl is SO laid back... she is the perfect comp for me here in the CCM. I was so freaked out that I overwhelmed her with my break down the 1st week here but wow she is so compassionate and loving.
Mental: Holy cow this girl is SO smart. Like 31 or 32 on the ACT. She is literally the best one at Spanish in the district. She had 4 years in high school and her cousins speak Spanish so she knows it really well. #blessing because I am the worst and she is the best so we balance each other out perfectly! HAHA
She has been a blessing since being here and we get along so well. I thank Heavenly Father every day for her friendship, love and strength.

My district is CRAZY! I have to remind myself that they are 18 years old and barely on the mish and still learning. Oh goodness, coming from a nursing program with a bunch of adults to these funny, crazy -in the process- maturing elders. But my favorite thing is that I am called the -Mom- or I am the -Hermana Mom- Oh goodness I don’t know if it’s a good or bad thing:) Oh and Mom your binder that you sent with me is the talk of all the Hermana’s here. When we were all at the airport all of them asked what my binder was for and the freaked out because I told them it was to stay organized. HAHA. They flipped out, rolled their eyes and now call me -Hermana Binder- Oh my goodness. So to the girls I am freakishly organized and to the elders I am -their Mom- HAHA

Proselyting happened this Saturday which was the CRAZIEST thing I have done since being here. I don’t think the CCM in Mexico or Provo do this but they took all 100 missionaries out and had us proselyte in Lima! Wow! The newest missionaries were paired with the Latinas and we actually went to visit less active members, street contacted and taught lessons. LIKE WHAT!? Okay when I found out I freaked out. First I know practically nothing in Spanish-well I know how to pray, bear my testimony, and how to give out a pamphlet-- so you can just imagine my worries. Oh man, oh man the stories I have from this! Just a few included on Hermana getting bit by a dog, speaking to 2 drunk guys (me not having a clue what they said but I got their contact info so we are gucci) and practically me looking like a complete idiot while the Peruvians spoke 200 times faster than I was taught and me just nodding and saying -Si- or -Bueno!- (which is not so good when a less active member is telling you how the son died and he is having  a hard time with it. Ha-ha not to self... THANK HEAVENS I had a comp that spoke fluent Spanish. Goodness m eis you could have seen me. You all would have died laughing. But the amazing part of being able to do this helped me realize so many things. One that I am here in Peru preaching the gospel. Wow I have waited so long to do this and I am here. Two that a simple powerful testimony can literally bring the spirit so so fast and three that I love love love the Book of Mormon. I was able to place my first one and I was on cloud nine. But the lady I gave it to live in the most ghetto area of Lima. Literally we couldn’t {t go to tow or our contacts because it was so bad. And it was during the day! But I am alive and well Mom don’t worry. But anyways we were in the most humbling of circumstances and literally my comp turned to me and said give her this and say -para usted- which means -for you- in English. In that moment even though I looked like a two year old I was so excited and I wanted her to read it SO bad. Of course she took it but as I was walking back down this dirt path in the middle of Lima Peru I couldn’t help but stop and realize that I was actually a missionary. I am out proclaiming truths of Jesus Christ. I love saying that. I love this work with all my heart. I so hope she reads it.

The last week I have been studying gin PMG and the BOM. Wow I can’t describe how much joy, peace, contentment and happiness I feel. Each time I learn the doctrines or relearn them it just tastes so good. Just like Nephi said. On Sunday we also had the privilege of listening to 2 apostles. Oh how much I love each and every one of them and the prophet of course ;) General conference is so soon and I am so excited! It is like waiting for Christmas morning here. I know that you will receive answers if you go in with questions and you pray to receive revelation specifically for you. Make it a priority. We all need to hear what they have to say.

Missionary work is hard. It can be so rough.. I never really understood it till I got out here. I have been humbled in so many ways. Just when I think I’m good-BAM the Lord knows I can handle one more thing. From the first day until now I can say I have learned so much. I remember waking up at 6 thinking- oh man another day of not understanding anything, brain cramps, and being with dumb immature high school boys. Oh how my perspective has changed. I feel the spirit everyday here. Even though I can’t speak my feelings or emotions I can still bear my testimony of Jesus Christ which is the most important thing. I know I am doing the Lords work. AND I AM SO HAPPPY. Oh what joy it brings to my soul. I challenge you all to do three things.

1-each day wake up and do the best you can and never forget the Lord in all you do

2-Remember that family is where it’s at. Spend time. T.I.M.E. is the most valuable gift

3-Pray every morning and night. Go to the Lord with problems, with questions, with concerns, and most of all with faith. Then you have to act. It is the most important part.

I love and think about you all so often. Family friends, ward members, etc. I hope you are all doing well! Have a good week in the USA!!!

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