Thursday, September 18, 2014

Hola mis amigos, familia, y everybody else!

. Me at the Mexico City Templo
First off.  You guys are great. Love you all.

Second.  Here’s all my random as crap thoughts:

     Sunday was a nightmare.  I was called to give a talk.  The way they call on you for talks here is as follows: They tell all missionaries to write a talk on a certain topic then pick randomly on Sunday who´ll give it.  All in Spanish.  And to make it even better the topic was the Fall of Adam and the Atonement.  I can´t give a bloody lesson on The Fall of Adam in English, let alone in my broken Spanish!  Anyways.  Being the prepared missionary I am, I had a third of my talk written when they called me to be the concluding speaker.  I ended up saying that Adam and Eve ate some fruit and died. Then I said they were living on the earth and had about one billion kids.  I was gonna read a really long quote from PMG but I left it at my seat, so I panicked and said Uno Momento then went back to my seat, got it, went back and kept going with the quote. Then I actually did pretty bang up job on the Atonement since I studied some phrases and words for it.  All in all, I was probably red for the whole thing so yeah.  At least I won´t have to give another one for the rest of my stay!!
Me y Mi Compañero in front of the Cristus
    Mexican Independence day was Monday and we had a presentation given to us on the culture of Mexico.  The presentation was 3 hours.  The dancing was cool but it was for 3 hours.  The costumes were super colorful, but it was for 3 hours.  Ok, no, it was actually pretty cool and not half as bad as I make it out to be.  The dudes all tap-danced and it was awesome! It reminded me up Singin´in the Rain for all of you who are sufficiently Americanly cultured enough to know that movie.  There were a lot of ARRRRRRRRRRRREBA´s and AY AY AY AY AY AY´s!  It kinda scared me.  Then we sang the Mexican national anthem at the end and saluted their flag.  I felt super weird and kinda traitorous for saluting but whatever.  Plus their salute is the Nazi regime salute only on your heart and not in the air! 
The Mexicans dancing in the Septiembre 15 celebration for us!
The Mexicans dancing in the Septiembre 15 celebration for us!

 Fireworks were going crazy that night and a bunch of missionaries were getting on the roofs of the casas to watch.  I wanted to also but since I´m obedient, I stayed in my room and wrote in my journal.  I told Heavenly Father I wanted blessings for being obedient and my next thought was that I was grateful for the barbed wire fences that keep all the crazies out.  I then said another prayer and said I was sorry and that could he please keep all the crazy party Mexicans away from us. Ha.

. Me escaping spirit prison (the CCM)
     If you want a really good Mormon message to watch, watch Moments That Matter Most.  Don´t judge me but it made me want to just come home and get married so I could have those moments in the video.

     Also our Tuesday devotional was a live broadcast from Provo. It was Richard G. Scott. Get this.  He basically gave the same exact talk I based my farewell talk on called the Supernal Gift of Prayer.  It was super good to listen to it again and I got a few more things out of it!

     Things I miss but don´t:

     The videos we watch on Sunday nights are one of my favorite parts of the CCM.  I miss my movies. I enjoy every Mormon message and every type of video we get to watch because I miss my movies that much.  The movies I watch now though are guaranteed to lift me and help me to lift others so it´s great!
     I also am reading Jesus the Christ.  I got halfway through it these past 4 days.  I miss my books, but the books I´m reading now are helping me so much!  By reading it I am getting to know my Savior so well and I´m noticing good changes in myself every day! Jesus Christ is the most interesting person I have ever learned about. Ha it reminds me of the Lego movie prophecy about the special.   Rely on Jesus Christ. He is the special.
     I miss my music but the hymns are so powerful, even if I sing them in Spanish and sound like a blubbering donkey trying to pronounce the words.  Also I met an Elder who plays the piano like some really good dude that plays piano.  Me and my comp listened to him play for an hour and a half!  Look up hymn arrangements from Josh Wright.  They were amazing.

Hope you are all doing bueno and always remember to rely on our older brother Jesus Christ!  Love you all!

Oran Siempre!

Elder Frame

. Me and the other Elder Frame from California.  Can´t find any relation to us in our family trees we brought.

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