Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Look out Peru! Here she comes!

Madison is OFF!!!!!
We sent Madison off on her mission on Tuesday morning at 8:00 am to the Lima, Peru CCM (MTC).  She did not arrive until 2:00 am on Wednesday morning.  It was not until 7:30 am on Wednesday that we finally heard from her! She is doing so good!  Airport drop off.  Round 2! Here is her email to us on Wednesday morning....

YES I AM HERE MOM! I love you and I want you to know I am totally fine. I didn't get get robbed and I have all my luggage!
The plane ride was totally fine and I wasn't tired and I am doing great this morning.
Tell everyone I love them and I can't wait to email next week, it will probably wednesday or thursday just be looking!!!!
Love love love you!
We got in at 2 so that was a bit late but I am doing awesome!

Surprise!!!!!  30 minutes later another email comes in.....

So my companions got switched and i am on again HAHA! Blessings already! Funny story though.... All the elders yesterday found out I was 20 and followed me all over and they all knew my name. Yep, I am like a mother already. But it made me miss Jackson! Not in a homesick kind of way but you can definitely tell they are just out of high school. One elder keeps telling me You are hysterically  laughing again? HAHA!!!! I love it. Anyways my companion is great and I love her already. From BYU and loves to speak spanish so I should learn quickly. }
The plane ride was very long but it didn't  feel like it. Lima is very ghetto just like they said and there is Coke signs everywhere! I am excited to send pictures.
please pray for me to have patience and to tolerate these young elders!!! Well and just overall because i will be impatient with the spanish. I LOVE YOU ONCE AGAIN!!! I promise I am not getting back on.

One last wave good bye before entering security.
Another emotion filled day!  It brings so much comfort and joy that my sweet missionaries are where they have always wanted to be.  And they are right where we want them to be!  Let the letters begin! 

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